I’ve been telling friends for years that I was going to start a site where I vented my frustrations on Sports Announcers, Color Commentators, and SportsCenter Hosts. This is that attempt…hope you enjoy. (and if you don’t please send good hate mail)

What finally sent me over the edge was a comment from the Biggest Offender of Awful Announcing one Hubert Jude Brown or Hubie as the basketball world knows him. For those of you who don’t know Hubie he is an ANCIENT announcer for the NBA, a former coach in both the NBA and ABA, and apparently does not know how to form sentences.

In the first playoff game in the Wizards/Cavs series the Wizards decided to not guard UCONN’s own Donyell Marshall….who at some point in his career decided to gain 60 lbs. and stand in the exact same corner of the floor every offensive possession. (This Wizards trend of no defense continued throughout the series) Well Mr. Marshall proceeded to hit back to back threes, and the Wizards called timeout.

Now normal blunders during live play are somewhat understandable. Well besides the fact that these Champions of Industry are paid millions of dollars to be on television. Our friend Hubie had an entire commercial break to warm up his telestrator and come up with this gem……

(Circling Donyell Marshall in white) “Now what Marshall is showing us here is something that is important within this series. Wideopenshotability.”

Oh you think?!?! You think taking wide-open shots with no one on you when you’re the slowest guy on the court with an American name (Zydrunas Ilgauskas does not count) is a key to the series? Come on Hubie…….

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