While not maybe at a “make or break” point, NASCAR poured a lot of effort into trying to reverse their long-suffering ratings slide. There’s a brand new points system, races have been fundamentally changed, the series has a new sponsor, and drivers are getting into fights on pit road.

NASCAR has been trying almost everything. And thus far, nothing is working.

It’s still early days in the 2017 season but after the Daytona 500 the sport has seen its poor ratings continuing to slip slide away. While Daytona viewership increased 5% over last year to 11.9 million viewers, each race since has been down versus last year. And the last three races have been down significantly.

Here’s the race by race statistics thanks to numbers from our friend Paulsen at Sports Media Watch. The big picture is that NASCAR is staring at another season of serious declines.

Atlanta – 3.8 rating, 6.6 million viewers, down 7% and 3% versus last year. Lowest rating since 1998 for race after Daytona 500.

Las Vegas – 3.6 rating, 6.0 million viewers, down 18% and 17% versus last year. Lowest ratings for the race since joining the circuit in 1998.

Phoenix – 3.3. rating, 5.4 million viewers, down 18% and 19% versus last year. Fourth lowest rated NASCAR race on Fox ever.

California – 2.9 overnight rating, down 17% versus last year

If these trends continue, NASCAR is looking at losing almost one-fifth of its audience this year after several seasons of sinking ratings. That’s not good!

What is the sport to do at this point? Unfortunately, right now there’s not much they can do and that’s the biggest problem. NASCAR has already made some huge changes to this point and they have to see how fans respond over the long-term. What’s clear in the short-term though is that the new and much-publicized racing format hasn’t exactly jump started interest in the sport. At least not yet.

Sure, maybe you could say that the NCAA Tournament has brought increased competition and things will be better in the summer time. But that’s optimistic at best because there’s always going to be something going up against NASCAR in the ratings like the NBA and NHL Playoffs, MLB coverage, and then the NFL season.

In the grand scheme of things, NASCAR ratings are still very good for every sport not named the NFL for their regular season games. But at some point NASCAR is going to have to find a way to do something to turn this around because right now it’s an uncontrollable slide that is still ongoing.

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  • sportsfan365

    Auto racing is about passing other cars on the track – be it through guile/guts or through better technological innovation than the other teams. NASCAR seems to have forgotten that. They think it is all about how fast you change a tire.

    • Daryl M

      And don’t forget about “fuel strategy”. Is there anything more boring than a race that is being determined by “fuel strategy”??????

  • Phantastic

    If NASCAR wants me back, they need to get back to their roots. Get rid of the million-dollar cars driven by million-dollar teenagers. Bring back STOCK cars. The same cars we can buy at the dealerships. Let the guys who have paid their “dues” at the Friday and Saturday night bullrings work their way up into the top competition. Stop handing the keys to kids who haven’t even finished high school. That’s what they’ll have to do to get me to watch again. I haven’t been to a race or watched a race this year and don’t plan to. They’re running NASCAR like a game show.

    • I literally have no idea what you’re talking about. Cars have always been in excess of the million dollar range since idk the early 90s, probably even earlier.

      You couldn’t ever go the “dealership” to buy the same cars they were racing, so idk where you got that either.

      Drivers still pay their “dues” by racing in the lower tier series and typically only come up to the top level if A. they have won at a lower series or B. Have the sponsorships to move up… It’s always been that way since I was a kid watching in the 90s.

      I just really do not understand any of your points, because it hasn’t ever been like that. At least not since like the 60s or 70s. Which if you’re that hellbent on bringing it back to the time, well then maybe its just best you dont watch.

      • lilpete

        If you’ve only been watching NASCAR since the 90’s then you are simply not old enough or haven’t been watching long enough to understand what Phanstatic is talking about.

        • veerkg_23

          Honestly if the argument that a fan of 20 years is too young to understand NASCAR, that’s not a winning argument. The sport needs to appeal to young people too.

          • Daryl M

            The sport did appeal to the young and old at one point. Now, they appeal to…….. well, they appeal to very few by the looks of the stands and the dismal TV ratings.

          • lilpete

            I wasn’t saying he’s too young to understand. I was saying he’s either too young to have not been watching NASCAR back in the 70’s and early 80’s or he’s an older person who wasn’t watching the sport at that time. I was 10 years old in 1979 and I can remember being so excited that CBS was going to show the entire race for the first time. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Nowadays I could really care less. How the times have changed…

    • Daryl M

      I am in 100% AGREEMENT with you. Dale Earnhardt was one of the last “working man” drivers. Many of these “kids” are kids – and little more. NASCAR also wanted rid of us “southern redneck” fans, so me and my wallet obliged their wishes……

  • Walt_Gekko

    One move NASCAR needs to do is go to an ALL Saturday Night schedule, requiring any track that doesn’t already have lights to install such or lose their races (including Talledega and Pocono among others). You could then have a Saturday night schedule with races usually starting just after 7:00 PM Eastern Time when there usually isn’t as much competition, especially in the summer.

    • Dale Moog

      Stupid Idea they need to run on Sundays in the Summer when NOTHING is on they need to run 24 races not 36 they need to scrap the CHASE or “Playoff” they need to have the season over on October 1 not December 1 they need to have 1 or 2 more road races they need to scrap the EVERYONE races 36 cars make the race crap they need to stop the stupid 3 segment crap and they need to have Saturday night races in the spring

      • Ray Gordon

        Many people are out on Sundays doing family activities, especially in warmer weather. They are more likely to be home Saturday evening (late Saturday afternoon in the west) when such races would be going as well as a lot of young adults who often don’t even start out until 10:00 PM or so (many clubs, especially in NYC don’t even open until 10:00 PM and don’t really get going until Midnight for instance). That’s why an all-Saturday night schedule would be better.

      • I like everything you’ve said but the segments. Segments have actually been surprisingly welcome. I thought the old format was getting old. This really keeps the field tight or from it being a long boring no-caution raceday.

        Mainly, just shorten the schedule. I don’t really care about the night racing thing. I dont see how that makes any difference, but yeah the season is way too long. Its like easily the longest season of any sport. Which is certainly not needed at this time. And definitely fuck the playoffs. It was good at the end of the season, but tbh i still just really dont give af. Reward consistent driving throughout the year like old school.

  • Dean Endress

    live 35 miles from CMS used to go to texas, talladega , chicagoland, mich, rockingham, and sometimes atl. But as Phantastic put it haven’t been in 2 years and don’t plan on going again! Million $ cars and teenagers on cookie cutter race tracks. Nascar spent years ruining their sport while fans tried to tried to tell them them. The funny part is it so bad that most drivers could put on street cloths, loose their logo,s and anterage and walk out the front gate with the fans and nobody would notice

    • Beata Merckx

      I so agree..lol

  • David S

    Cookie cutter cars on cookie cutter race tracks. I used to watch it religiously, now only if there is nothing else on… it’s boring.

    • BadgerBacker

      Agree on this, too many tracks that are “D” shapped

    • Agreed, the single biggest problem is most of the tracks are lame af. Look at how good Martinsville has been so far. Shouldn’t have cut out all the short tracks. Now they’re paying the price.

      • Daryl M

        Bruton Smith is one of the grand idiots to blame for the tracks. He wanted rid of Rockingham and North Wilkesboro for these cookie-cutter tracks…..

    • Daryl M

      Like watching a VERY LONG practice session is what the races are now……. wake me up when it is finally over.

  • BadgerBacker

    The reason the ratings are down is obvious, but nobody wants to admit it. It all started when NASCAR went to the “one network” contact with FOX start with the 2001 season (which they sublet some to NBC). You don’t intentionally limit your exposure/coverage! The ratings have been backsliding slowly since.

    Before that you had races on CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, TBS & TNN, plus they were not in group blocks, so each network reminded you to watch NASCAR while promoting their next respective race in a couple weeks. Plus each network had a vested interest to have some kind of coverage even if they did not have the race that week. Currently the coverage is on FOX and NBC who do not promote NASCAR except when it is their turn for their races. The other remaining networks have no need to cover NASCAR since they air no races, hence the downfall in ratings.

    The NFL has CBS, ESPN, NBC and Fox. The NBA has ESPN, TNT and about 20 regional networks. MLB has ESPN, FOX, FS1 and 20 regional networks which are constantly promoting. None of these sports limit themselves to 1 network. All NASCAR needs to do is bid out the individual races again and the people would return slowly but surely because they would be reminded to watch.

    • Daryl M

      Yeah, and if they to take your “advice”, they would be pulling the trigger of the gun pointed at their head even faster. My god, you really have absolutely no clue as to what you are blathering about.

      • BadgerBacker

        Really? Was the NFL more or less popular when only one network was covering it like in the 50’s and 60’s? Was the NBA more or less popular? Even Soccer is more popular because they have more coverage/networks. Do companies succeed through a good advertising campaign or because they go silent or reduce their brand exposure? You are truly ignorant if you don’t understand how this sports Marketing/Advertising thing works

  • souvien

    C’mon, when Monster Energy Drink is yer series sponsor, yer running on fumes!
    Speaking of which, they should’ve embraced their roots and found a vaping company.
    How have they never been able to develop their own Tiger Woods?

    • bbbbb100

      They’ve got Jimmie Johnson, but he has all the charisma of an artichoke.

      • souvien

        Something is really wrong when your most charismatic mid-career driver, Carl Edwards, just up and retires…and yer left with a pack of bland mannequins, dweebish nerds, or Buschs

      • Sergeant2

        You owe artichokes everywhere an apology, artichokes are Beyonce, Mick Jagger, and Brad Pitt rolled into one compared Jimmie Yawnson.

    • Daryl M

      Winston was a sponsor of NASCAR for 33 years. Now, they can only get Monster to sign on for what – 2 years and nothing more? Should definitely be a big blinking sign to them.

  • riraho

    I just got into NASCAR this year. I was kind of drawn in by the the southern style and the history. Which is funny because it really seems to lack that southern style and the drivers these days are nothing like the good ole boys that populated the history.

    • Daryl M

      Trust me – get “back out” of NASCAR. You are going to be sorely disappointed. You would be better served watching paint dry – or perhaps watching re-broadcast of old races if you can find them.

  • atl1224

    Some really g ood comments here. I like the different channels one. I see a couple things also. The same tracks with 1 grove racing. Kentucky, Kansas, Vegas, texas. couldn’t tell them apart. Some people hate to admit it but Jimmie Johnson is not a popular champion. He won it again last year and more ratings drop. The one good thing that seems to be coming along is good young drivers finally. Larson, Elliott, Blaney, jones, Suarez NASCAR needs them

  • Dave Sorter

    Two very popular drivers, Tony Stewart and Carl Edwards, retired, and none of the younger drivers have shown the same type of charisma yet. And fan favorite Dale Jr. has proven he can’t win on a regular basis. Voila! Ratings down.

    • Getuponthewheel

      What he said. Carl and especially Tony have been my favorites…the new personalities are pretty bland along with much of the racing. Harvick and Keselowski are still around for a little spice and wins. Joey and Kyle are just nerdy as hell. Danica is driving in around back in 3rd tier in 1st tier equipment. And don’t get me started on Jimmie Johnson….blah. Too many drivers are so rehearsed and corporate that I just don’t care. At least there’s some scantily clad babes in victory lane lately…so tired of politically correct BS.

    • Daryl M

      With Dale Earnhardt Jr. leaving, the most interesting thing will be the opening of the 2018 season, what ratings they have, will the stands be even more empty, etc.? Time will tell.

  • Aj Mattei

    One word: “Republicans.”

  • Sergeant2

    NASCAR needs to stick to their guns (no pun intended) with the 3 stage racing. The races are much more exciting now, no longer can drivers be content to run in the back of the pack until the last quarter of the race. Winning each stage is a worthwhile effort, and motivation to hammer down at all times. Give it time and when enough fans see the races in action they will come around. All sports need to attract new and younger fans to remain relevant, NASCAR is no different. I am looking forward to this weekend’s race at Martinsville, gonna be a lot of paint swapping going on. Gonna be fun watching the talented new hotshot drivers giving as good as they get from the veteran drivers.

  • Sergeant2

    BTW- Good points on NASCAR finding a dedicated network and sticking to it. Every weekend it is quite the chore to find out which channels the pre-race shows are on, and which channel is broadcasting the actual race.

    • Its Fox Sports the first half of the season and NBC Sports the second half. Super easy.

      • lilpete

        What Sergeant2 is saying is that at times the race and prerace are on FOX Sports One and at other times the prerace is FOX Sports One while the actual race is on FOX’s local affiliates. Same goes for NBC. You never know where the races are going to be.

  • Beata Merckx

    4 potential team owners capable of winning the championship…Multi car ( i can live with 2..but 4 ???) ownership. That makes for roughly 16 potential championship candidates. ( and I am being generous now). The other 20 or so are just there to fill the track. It has all become way too corporate, it’s actually getting annoying ( look at the new EBay crap segment)…I feel like I am watching like 3 hours of marketing with some racing in between. The 3 segment crap feels sooooo artificial. It’s almost like…ok..we’ll give those small teams a chance too to race for some points. It does little or nothing to change the outcome of races. Your only female driver has added zero racing value, Nothing against the gal, but the only reason she is still deserving of her nice income is because of her marketing value. It’s also all way too nice, too many rules. Yea..I agree with phantastic..back to the roots with your rules and packages…where is the stock ..lol….. Attracting millenials, lol, good luck with that. They propably prefer drone racing. The big names left or do not deliver anymore. The drivers obviously will praise the sport changes, will claim they got a huge young fan base, what do you want them to say, they are in the business of keeping their sponsors happy. People’s sport…oh well, used to go see races in Chicago, not anymore, gotten a bit pricey. Season too long…for sure…too many D tracks….for sure…not enough banged up cars at the end…for sure..Why is it that Daytona/Dega/Bristol/Martinsville still are the top attractions….because of ” the big wrecks and the banged up stuff and the bumper to bumper…. Dedicated network…lol….well..that ain’t gonna change a lot….no matter who broadcasts the races..their ratings keep dropping across the board since almost 3 years now…..proving it’s not the networks..it’s the show itself.

    • BadgerBacker

      The ratings have been dropping since 2001(when they started the dedicated network contract), not 3 years. Was the NFL more popular when only CBS had it in the 60’s or when you have multiple networks covering football like today?

      You have CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN all with vested interest in the sport, therefore there was coverage all around.

      • Daryl M

        Actually, I am not so sure that is true anymore. The networks don’t seem to be clamoring to get the broadcast rights anymore…..

        • BadgerBacker

          Really? Is that why NASCAR changed from FOX to Fox/ESPN to Fox/NBC? In the end the rule is, DON’T INTENTIONALLY LIMIT YOUR EXPOSURE!

          • Daryl M

            Again, you prove you know nothing about NASCAR or its history or just about anything. There was a time that NASCAR was split across THREE networks. Not happening these days. I just love it when the unintelligent and inbred comment on things they know nothing about.

          • BadgerBacker

            Ok lets go 3 for 3 tonight and see if I can pull you off the Ignorant Express train to Crazyville.

            I do know what I’m taking about, NASCAR started to grown in the 70’s when partial races were being shown on TV, then about CBS showed flag to flag racing in 1979 which increased it popularity further because it exposed more fans to racing. Then NASCAR added ESPN in the 80’s, now you had three networks showing NASCAR (ABC, CBS and ESPN) which INCREASED its exposure, then races were added to TNN, NBC and Fox which ADDED viewership in each case. Until NASCAR went to the single network contract, only then did the viewing numbers go down.

            Let me put it to you this way, do you want six people talking about and promoting your business or just one?

  • WadeBaker

    When I started watching, many races were on TNN with a 12:30 pm start or 1:00 at the latest. Loved Darrell Waltrip as a driver, but he’s become poison to me as an announcer. I didn’t keep up with offseason news this year, and I don’t understand the segment racing, and I realized I don’t care. It can’t ever be what it was. I gradually lost interest when Rusty retired in 05, and I’ve just about closed the book on it. They don’t even give a field runddown after the checkered flag.

  • lilpete

    I think it’s a combination of a lot of things that have killed NASCAR. In my mind it started in 1996 when they took those races away from Rockingham and North Wilkesboro and gave them to New Hampshire and Texas. Many loyal fans felt betrayed by that move. Another factor is the there’s No Darrell Waltrip, Richard Petty, Cal Yarborough, Donnie and Bobby Allison, Neil Bonnet, and Dale Earnhardt. These guys were race car drivers not Hollywood movie star wanna be glamour boys. Another factor is Political Correctness. Some nut job shoots up a church and a picture of him with a confederate flag gets out on the internet. Next thing you know NASCAR is releasing a statement that reads Please don’t bring that flag to our races. That FLAG represents southern pride not the hatred politically correct liberals would have you believe. I had a former NASCAR fan from the south tell me one time “the ratings are low and so is race attendance” NASCAR hates their fans and their culture, what did they think would happen? This statement may not be true but it’s how some NASCAR fans in the south feel, so truth in this statement is irrelevant. Of course there’s other factors too but they’ve been mentioned by others so I’ll leave it at that.

    • Daryl M


      i am so glad to know that somebody else sees how political correctness has totally f-up-ed something good!!!!

      • lilpete

        Yes it has along with ESPN which I no longer watch because I don’t need their politics shoved down my throat. I have my own thoughts and my own opinions and I sure as hell don’t need some offended by everything liberal telling me what I can and can’t say, think or do.

        • Daryl M

          ESPN is the liberal sports wing of the media. The Weather Channel is now an extension of PMSNBC. Guess that explains that I don’t watch either of them.

      • BadgerBacker

        The Confederate flag represents a painful part of history for the United States of America in which a part of the country split away from the rest for a multitude of reasons. Flying that flag is disrespectful to the United States and its flag today as it promotes division and rebelling. If you want to fly that flag so much you should have won the war. Flying that flag is just as disrespectful as flying the Nazi flag or the Japanese rising sun flag (both also lost their wars too)

        You all uneducated flag waving Pro-Trump tiki torch carrying nut jobs talk out of both sides because I’m sure you are the same people who rip the NFL players for their peaceful protesting by taking a knee to highlight the injustices and racisism in America today, then do the same thing (by taking a sydo-knee) by flying a diversionary symbol which flagrantly fly’s in the face of everyone that fought and died for our freedom.

        The courts have previous stated that flying the flag is a 1st ammendment right and I’m fine with that, but just as ranting against someone is legal, it is not respectful and has no place in NASCAR. NASCAR’s issues are not a PC one, its a expoure on TV networks issue. If they would expose there races on multiple networks, shore up some of the repetative tracks, the fans would come back.

        I’m sure this comment will not mean a hill a beans to you and I’m sure you will make up some lie or call this fake news, but remember that every time you fly the Confederate flag, you are taking your knee right on top of the Stars and Stripes.

        • Daryl M

          And as a veteran, I think the fecal matter you love taking a “peaceful knee” are traitors to this country. If they hate it so much or think they are being maltreated in their Mercedes and million dollar mansions, GET OUT OF THE COUNTRY. Your statements of the flag show your true ignorance and hatred. But then again, you liberals claim you are so full of love, compassion and acceptance – as long as it is somebody you dictate is the norm. It is also weak fans like you that NASCAR can have. You will not stick with it like the fans of decades ago did until they were crapped on by the France family and Mike Helton. Now get back to watching PMSNBC.

          • BadgerBacker

            And there it is, the problem with the flag waving right wing side of the spectrum. I respect you service to this country in keeping this country free, upholding the words of the constitution and the laws of America. One of those laws is the First Amendment, which states that people are allow to free speech without prosecution from the Government and to peacefully protest (which makes you the true ignorant person that you forget this fact). There is no allegiance test in America to the government, it is a right that was fought for by our forefathers in the Revolutionary War so that we did not have to “God save the Queen/King” on command. The flag is more than the military, it stands for equal rights for everybody. When those rights are infringed upon, it is our right to bring the injustice to light and peacefully protest (not mow down people in a crowd by a car then the tiki torch carrying person is not denounced by an racist orange Republican President). I’m sure when you signed up for your service, it was not to support racism.

            I do not drive a Mercedes nor do I have a million dollar mansion (funny enough, that are the traits of right wing flag waving race baiting Republicans like yourself). Also I will not leave this country, I enjoy this country, what the Constitution stands for and the equal treatment for all.

            Yes, us “liberals” do peace love, compassion and acceptance which is more than the right wing can say right now (provoking DPRK, kicking out *legal* residents and equal rights for all).

            Now get back to your slanted-insaine view point-far reaching-fake spreading Fox News & InfoWars

  • Mark

    If the cars had more technology in them and didn’t strive to look like uninspiring family sedans, I might start to get interested. One of the reasons I like F1 is the cars look like fighter planes on wheels and are on the bleeding edge of technology.

  • Respected Citizen

    I get Corvette vs Charger vs Mustang vs whatever, but I don’t get M&Ms car vs 7-11 car vs Tide car.

  • Eric Thiessen

    1-The most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr, is rarely a factor. 2-Jimmy Johnson is not seen by most as a legitimate champion and there are those who feel rules have been bent and caution flags manipulated to help him win. 3-The get your lap back Lucky Dog and the endless parade of manipulated race ends (Green/White/Checkered) add nothing. 4-Many feel the multi-car teams have an unfair advantage over less affluent teams. 5-Too many cars-one reason, along with lower and lower ratings, that advertisers aren’t putting up the big bucks anymore. One solution would be to cut the field to 24 cars and only award points down to 12th – therefore advertising on cars that consistently qualify for each race would be worth more. The lesser talented drivers who manage to crash during the last 10 laps of every race causing cautions wouldn’t be there anymore. To get laps back you’d have to race, not be given the Lucky anything. No more than two cars to an owner. No former champions provisionals – you qualify or you go home.

  • DeLaun Fifield

    I’ve been a fan of NASCAR since 1987. This makes 2017 my 30th year as a NASCAR fan-and I’m only 50! With that said, in 1987 I was a Chevy guy that concentrated on watching drag racing on TV. When a buddy of mine
    told me “…You are such a die-hard Chevy guy, you need to watch this guy Earnhardt who drives a Chevy in NASCAR”… I thought “why not”…the following Sunday I sat down to watch my first NASCAR race, in this case
    Michigan, and sure enough, Dale Earnhardt won in exciting fashion over a bunch of men who looked “dyed in the wool, salt of the Earth” blue collar types. I was hooked.

    Again, as a “Chevy” guy nothing looked cooler to me than seeing that Black Monte Carlo SS at 200 MPH+ racing against the T-Birds, Buicks, etc., that I saw every day on the street. The drivers themselves seemed like the kind of guys I could find at ANY auto service station. And they looked TOUGH! Ageless as well. The Championship was simple and there were ALWAYS full fields. It felt like owning a team was doable for those of us who were
    entreprenurial and determined enough. And as a 20 year old “new fan” I began to dream about becoming a driver or owner. I felt very much like I could relate to owners and drivers, and maybe even be one!

    Fast forward to today.

    NASCAR owners are now “franchised” like the NFL. The generational stars of NASCAR, which have successfully carried NASCAR through transitional periods before (examples: from Lorentzen and Jarrett, to Petty and
    Yarborough to Waltrip, to Earnhardt, Richmond and Wallace to Allison and Kulwicki, to Gordon and Stewart etc) just don’t exist today and will disappear entirely when Dale Jr retires in the next 5 to 8 years.

    Dale Earnhardt SR’s death also devalued the sport immensely as he was certainly getting ready to transition from driver to owner with the building of the now non-existent DEI. What would the sport be like with Dale Jr. driving for Sr who is now in the elite group of owners? With Sr’s influence I am CERTAIN that the sport would have held onto the “old school fan” that its bleeding out now. Mainly because I believe that several of these “silly” changes would not have been done by NASCAR because he would have advocated against them. And if Dale Sr. were still alive his MERE PRESENCE as an owner would mean his fans would still be rabidly supporting his teams. (BTW-What IS going on with Teresa Earnhardt and DEI now anyway??)

    Unlike the NFL where fans root for “teams”, NASCAR fans root for drivers. And today’s drivers, save for Dale Jr. ,
    just do not have the mass appeal of past drivers. And cannot “carry” the sport like the aforementioned drivers did.

    And they certainly can’t carry the sport thru all of the silly changes that have occurred in NASCAR since “the chase” was introduced. Football is still played for the most part the same way it was played in 1912. The Champion is the team that wins the Superbowl. With NASCAR every championship since the “Chase” was introduced should have an asterix.

    And the Kyle Bush championship pretty much “killed it” with lots of old-time fans. How can someone miss as much of the season he did-but be “the champ”?? It felt very contrived to a lot of us who remember the “SEASON LONG”

    Many “old time” fans I know have basically “tuned out” NASCAR BECAUSE of the new points system. They recognize it for the gimmick that it is and have chosen to walk away. The data on the recent TV ratings effectively proves my point for me and is impossible for NASCAR to try and argue away….

    I believe that NASCAR needs to “reach back” to its “base fan”. (Part of why Dale Jr. is so popular is his respect and reverence for NASCAR history. What we now have has NOTHING to do with what the sport used to be…) They need to “dance with the one who brung them”. Appealing to the lowest hanging fruit, ie: the person who WAS a fan before, is MUCH easier than trying to create a “NEW” fan. The “pre-existing” fan is much easier to sell to and will influence NEW fans (their kids, friends, etc.) and much more likely to re-grow the sport. I really have no idea how NASCAR is going to create “new fans” among millennials or any other demographic…

    I just don’t think that NASCAR has the kind of hindsight to see ANY of this at all…..

    No business model is too big to fail. NASCAR continues to miss the mark when it comes to the sports recent rapid decline. That’s the reason we are even having this discussion. Just my 3 cents worth…..

  • LeRoy

    For me, I lost all interest in NASCAR, when they introduced the Car of tomorrow. That is when it all started to go down hill. The cars became harder to adjust on during a race. It was all done back at the shop, so what you got on the track is what you got. So if you are driving a 25th place car, no amount of adjustments was going to get you higher on the race.

    The other thing, is that the first place car would always just drive away. This is because of the Aero package and how it benefits the cars in the front vs cars in the pack… so they would try to make it exciting on a restart, but it really wasn’t because that first place car always had an advantage.

    Last thing, most of the interesting drivers have left the sport. I think they saw the writting on the wall that this isn’t really going to get any better. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy Johnson leaves soon.

  • Jim Stone

    It’s not stock car racing anymore.

  • Vicki Lynnette Beasley Cline

    Nascar should run at noon, and quit running night races……Racing should be during the day, not at Bedtime……..Mike

  • Michael Conrad

    I know what the problems are and it starts with the family that owns NASCAR and how they regulate and manage the cars and teams. Its not about the speed its about cars being able to pass.

    They want the cars to all look the same and to have them within millimeters on a laser setup. The rules are to strict and you get cars all the same and the front car has the most down force. The rear spoiler is small and cars can only run one groove. They need to take a look at the rules and change so cars can be more adjustable on track by the driver and off track in the pits. I would not worry about if the car looked like the showroom car as most people own SUV’s anyways.

    I would put on a bigger spoiler and let the pit bang away on it on pit stops like they used to do. Would have several driver adjustment like air intakes and some wedge and roll bar that could be done on track or pits. I would work on cars until the down force advantage of the lead car was no longer there. I would build cars that raced side by side on all tracks and it track can’t support side by side its off the circuit, The tool box needs to be opened up . Cars going around one behind the other and only passing when tires wear or in pits. The announcers can pretend all they want to its boring.

    LOL three stage racing just means three boring races.

  • Mark Brown

    nascar has been destroying their sport for a long time. Stupid detrimental rules and fines, shaming the confederate flag, drivers and teams have become nascar puppets, they can’t speak their mind with out being penalized severe fine… 10g to 100g fines greedy blind stupidity. The Saturday nite at the races has been forgotten. Now it’s the nascar puppet carnival and the french connection are the puppet masters.

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  • Guthrum

    June – Ratings continue to fall.
    Cars look the same.
    Three manufacturers.
    Top drivers retiring.
    Long races, late starts.
    Young people not interested in cars, engines, or horsepower.
    Too many commercials.
    Boring tracks.

  • Ted Hall

    Run two races a year at night on dirt.

    • Daryl M

      Interesting idea. What dirt track do you have in mind? How big is it?
      And would today’s modern day NASCAR car be able to do it? They are so ‘ground hugging’ today, the texture of the track would rip the underside right out.

      • Ted Hall

        I don’t know what track but I guess there are some top notch national level dirt tracks. They would need to build special cars like they do for road races. It would cost the teams a lot of money but I bet it would be the most viewed races of the year.

        • Daryl M

          I would be good with that with one very big condition. NASCAR and the sponsors need to be told that the racers are going to bang and bump into each other. It isn’t mean spirited. It isn’t bullying. It doesn’t soil your reputation as a sponsor. Don’t worry that they aren’t “racing clean” [I hate that phrase]. It is a dirt track – they are supposed to not race “clean”. It is as Robert Duvall said in ‘Days of Thunder’ – “He rubbed you. And rubbing in racing!” Man, I wish those days would come back. As long as this condition was met, I think you are right.

  • It all started years ago when they tried socialism and trying to make every car the same and driver the same with no personality and political correct and removing the rebel flags from the speedways https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d745cd5d19bad588c55378d92a72f8ebc6a67c7adc87ffae513a0be863130d0d.png

    • Daryl M


  • Richard Unterberger

    same teams win they should call it toyota racing

  • Daryl M

    Humpy Wheeler has a series of videos on YouTube about what has happened to NASCAR. They are definitely worth watching. NASCAR is getting EXACTLY what they wanted. They wanted rid of the “white, southern rednecks”. They wanted to go politically correct and “bring diversity” to the sport. They wanted the big MONEY and have allowed the sponsors to wuss up the drivers and prevented any true rivalries on the track (remember Earnhardt and Wallace going at it perhaps?). So, they wanted all this – and drove off fans who sustained them for DECADES. These changes in the point system and championship have only served to confuse everybody and really just dumb down the whole point of winning. So, congratulations, NASCAR, you put the bullet in the chamber. You cocked the gun. You pointed it at your temple. And you pulled the trigger. Live with what you have done. Meanwhile, my wallet and I won’t be back – EVER.

  • Barrett Shantal

    since Ive been a Tony STEWART fan since 2003 and he retired. I cant get into it anymore. No one new even sparks my interest