The stars were shining this past Saturday. Here are your full chronicles, please submit your vote here (or in the comments if you’d like a write-in winner).

1. “It’s certainly probably going to be reviewed” Chris Spielman (via The PItty)

2. “There’s the second ‘Boom Goes The Touchdown.” — Rece Davis (via Rick James Bible Owner)

3. “Grass hasnt had a compeletion in the history of the game” — Chris Speilman (via The Pitty)

4. “3rd and short is a lot easier to convert than 3rd and long.”– Bob Griese (via Peter Johnson)

5. “So he Persa-vered is what you’re saying?”  — Dave Pasch calling the Northwestern game (via Rick James Bible Owner)

6. “I guess it’s safe to say Michigan State is being Persa-cuted.” Tim Brando (via 49er16 & ak482)

7. “The key word? ‘wide open.'” — Gary Danielson. That’s two words. (via Sctvman)

8. “If that guy threw a better pass it would have been completed.” — Matt Millen (via Sctvman)

9. “Brent, you & I have called a LOT of Missouri/Oklahoma matchups, dating back to ’07.” — Kirk Herbstreit (via Sctvman)

10. “It’s tough to win…when you don’t score much.”–Todd Blackledge (via Sctvman)

11. “Let’s put some balls deep” – Gary Danielson during the LSU v. Auburn game (via Sctvman)

12. “Their offense looked like a dance group: 1, 2, 3, kick!” — Verne Lundquist (via Sctvman)

13. “Johnson-Koulianos wasn’t the intended receiver, but he was the intended picker.” — Matt Millen

14. “That’s the Great Wall of China in those orange jerseys.” — Dave Lapham (via Rick James Bible Owner)