Fox Sports had a regional NFL singleheader for Week 4 and with separate games involving the Dallas Cowboys and New England Patriots, it was able to garner high ratings. Fox averaged a 12.6 overnight for its regional action and it was up 19% from last year’s Week 4 singleheader which aired on CBS.

Sports Media Watch notes that the 12.6 rating for Fox was the highest for NFL Week 4 regional window coverage since 2011, which had a 14.9.

To top it all off, Fox’s single regional windows at 1 p.m. and 4:05 p.m. were the highest-rated of the day, beating the CBS national window at 4:25 p.m. and NBC’s Sunday Night Football. It’s rare for regional coverage to out-rate the national and primetime windows, but thanks having both the Cowboys and Patriots in its regional windows and sent to almost half of the country, Fox was able to bring in very good numbers.

For NBC, its game involving the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks drew an 11.0 overnight rating. That’s flat from last year’s Chiefs-Steelers game, but still down from from 2015’s Cowboys-Saints game, which had a 14.8. Colts-Seahawks tied for the lowest-rated Week 4 game on Sunday Night Football since 2007.

CBS drew a 10.8 overnight for the only game in the late afternoon national 4:25 p.m. ET window. That’s down 27% from last year’s national window, which aired on Fox and had the Cowboys-49ers as the featured game. CBS’s overnight rating was the lowest for a Week 4 national window dating back at least ten years.

But CBS did get some good news for Week 4. The 1 p.m. ET window received an 8.1 overnight rating and that was up 9% from 2016’s 7.4 for the early games.

The New Orleans Saints-Miami Dolphins game on Fox from London got a 4.8 overnight rating, the lowest-rated 9:30 a.m. window since the NFL began playing at 9:30 a.m ET.

So overall, the NFL’s TV partners can say for the most part, they’ve remained above last year’s numbers since the protests during the national anthem became more prevalent.

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  • Bscotch Bscotch

    How, for the most part, can they say they are above last year’s numbers? Based on the data you cited?

    • Andrew Singer

      Last Monday night that competed with presidential debate. It’s down otherwise

  • Joseph Crowder

    And last year’s numbers were down. Figures lie and liars figure – it helps when you compare games to the same “slot” last year (worst yet) – regardless of the teams that played or lots of other mitigating factors. It all really means very little -attendance is DOWN. But ALL the networks have a horse in this race and do not want you (or their sponsors) to know sales and attendance are also DOWN. Don’t act “surprised” when it all hits the fan!

  • John Wyatt Virgin

    Spin, spin, spin. Lie about the numbers, then lie about what they mean, then throw in some ephemeral “for the most part” crap. Bottom line, you and your sponsors are loosing your asses. Better tighten your belts and rewrite your resumes.

  • Mongo Only Pawn

    Yeaaaaahhh…I’m going to go ahead and not believe this. Sorta like the Killary poll numbers during the election.

    Empty stadiums, low ratings….deal the NFL a final lesson.

    We’re done watching the NFL in our home. It’s been building for years and this pushed it over the edge.

    Chiefs players still taking a knee after what happened in Vegas. DISGRACEFUL. That doesn’t even fit into your persecution narrative, which was designed to create division and foment violence.

  • JSpicoli

    Keep tracking the Cowboys numbers, and acting like overall the league is not tanking.

  • Mark Brousseau

    Where is the article on the lousy numbers for this week’s Monday Night Football game?

  • krl97a

    “CBS’s overnight rating was the lowest for a Week 4 national window dating back at least ten years.”

    So the honest headline is “CBS rating sets record low”, not “CBS meh”. Basically apart from the Cowboys, who have always stood for the anthem, giving a boost to whatever network they’re on, the NFL is tanking.

    • Super Mateo

      I guess a 27% ratings drop is no big deal…