Even though the Patriots won Super Bowl LI in remarkable fashion and got the last laugh over Roger Goodell, the fanbase still isn’t ready to bury the hatchet and move on.

After the DeflateGate saga raged on for months, even fans who have rooted against the Patriots dynasty for years hoped to see the awkwardness of Goodell handing the Lombardi Trophy over to the Patriots on the Super Bowl stage.

And the awkwardness is just beginning.

For the Patriots’ season opener of the 2017 season, which traditionally doubles as a celebration for the reigning Super Bowl champions, online outlet Barstool Sports will provide Roger Goodell clown nose towels to fans at the stadium. Lots and lots of towels. Just how many? Try thirty thousand towels.

Barstool (and founder Dave Portnoy) has been a thorn in Goodell’s side for a while standing up for the Patriots and trolling the commissioner. All the way back in 2015, Portnoy and other Barstool employees were arrested after staging a sit-in at the NFL offices. Portnoy was also seen with a “Goodell is Hitler” sign at an anti-pope protest. (Apparently there are anti-pope protests?) The NFL fired back when Barstool had their credentials pulled from Super Bowl week this year.

Here’s what Portnoy wrote at Barstool about the next step in the Barstool v Goodell feud:

So we know Roger Goodell is going to be at Foxboro for the NFL Season opener. We also know our Clown shirt drives him bananas. Just sends him into a blind rage. Hmm, what oh what should I do? Hey I got an idea! I think I’ll order 30 thousand of these towels to give out to all my closest friends and family on Thursday September 7th. And if my friends want to bring these towels into Gilette and wave them in Roger’s face who am I to stop them? Now I’ve seen lots of scuttlebutt on how we’ll do this? That the league won’t allow it. Well let me say this. I’ll figure out how to get the towels to the people. The people will figure out how to get them in the stadium.

And yes, in case you were wondering, Goodell is still planning to be at the Patriots’ season opener. Imagine the visual of Goodell on the field being greeted by a stadium full of waving towels with his face and a clown nose on them. Even if they don’t get in the stadium though, the fan reception for Goodell in Foxboro is going to be quite memorable.


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  • newdog301

    I love how Barstool complains about FS1 and ESPN’s “hot takes” but then does something like this. I’d rather listen to the trillionth LeBron vs. MJ debate than hear about how bad a job Roger Goodell is doing, because it is the “cool” thing to do.

    Roger’s done a very good job as commissioner, and as you can see from my avatar, I have no problem saying that as a Patriots fan. I hate what he did to Tom Brady, I think it was a ridiculous overreaction to missing the ball on Ray Rice, but if you look across the league, from a player, fan or owner perspective he has made a positive impact.

    • StoJa

      Get the actual fuck outta here. You’re the only human being in America, who doesn’t own an NFL team, that believes what you just wrote. And I doubt you actually believe Roger Goodell has done a good job.

      Players fucking HATE him. Fans DESPISE him. What planet do you live on to make such an asenine statement?

      • newdog301

        Fans don’t like him because it’s the “cool” thing to do. They don’t actually dislike anything he’s done.

        Giving LA and Vegas fans a team. Giving us another night of NFL football. Giving us and keeping NFL RedZone when other leagues wouldn’t (MLB Strike Zone or whatever it is called is not the same thing).

        The NFL has also made big strides in dealing with players who engage in off the field shenanigans under his leadership. Just because it didn’t happen as quickly as social media hoped is not entirely his fault. Same goes for marijuana. They’re well ahead of the other leagues.

        Player safety has improved under Roger Goodell, as have pensions for former athletes. They also continue to invest in programs to help players manage their money and enter broadcasting when their career is over.

        Again, it’s the “cool” thing for players to dislike Goodell. They think he is the source of their problems in life when he really isn’t.

        And I don’t need to explain why the owners like him.

        Also, stop using the expression “the actual fuck”. What’s next, are you going to say THIS CAT VIDEO IS EVERYTHING!!!???

        • StoJa

          You ARE Roger Goodell, aren’t you? I literally don’t even know how to respond to you because never in my lifetime did I think I would come across someone as delusional as this. What. The. Actual. Fuck. — sorry, just got swept up into doing the “cool” thing, like everybody else, except, apparently, you. Which, ironically, makes you so cool.

        • StoJa

          1) So, you’ve actually talked to every single NFL fan and come to the conclusion that people all really love Jolly Roger? Nobody dislikes anything he’s done? What fucking planet do you live on?

          2) And gave a giant fuck you to fans in Oakland and San Diego. Not exactly a feather in your cap there buddy.

          3)Thursday Night football fucking SUCKS. Players and coaches hate it. Fans hate it, judging by TV ratings. It’s a watered down, garbage product. But that’s just all of us being “cool” I guess.

          4) Literally every single league, including the NCAA, has some variation of RedZone. Is it the exact same thing, no, but it has the same principal. In fact, ESPN Goal-line IS the exact same thing. NBA, NHL, and MLB all have a very similar product on their networks.

          5) The NFL is wildly inconsistent with their handling of “off field shenanigans.” Their ridiculous with how they handle most ON-FIELD shenanigans.

          6) Ahead of other leagues with marijuana? They’re behind the NBA and barely in the same spot as MLB and the NHL. Every time he’s asked about it, especially when presented with the overwhelming evidence that it helps with CTE, his answer is always the same – “we need more studies.”

          7) Player safety has improved superficially. They take away certain plays on the field yet they continue to have 4-5 preseason games and push for an 18 game regular season. That sure seems like they have the players best interest at heart, don’t it?

          Eh, what do I know. I’m just trying to be “cool” like everyone else.

          • newdog301

            And yet people continue watching Thursday Night Football. If it “sucked” you wouldn’t watch it, would you?

            No, no league has a comparable product to RedZone because no other sport can have the game shift in seconds (outside of the final few seconds in an NBA or NHL game). The 3rd quarter of Timberwolves vs. Lakers irrelevant. A touchdown in the 3rd quarter of the Browns vs. Jaguars could decide the game.

            No, they handle on-field incidents fairly. It’s up to the Players Association to stop challenging suspensions when competitors clearly take illegal shots. The hypocrisy falls on their side, complaining about player safety and then disputing a fine when you target a wide receiver’s head.

            Roger Goodell: We need to look into, maybe change it. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/02/01/nfl-marijuana-policy-change-roger-goodell/

            Adam Silver: No need to change it. http://nba.nbcsports.com/2017/07/30/adam-silver-no-need-to-change-nbas-marijuana-policy/

            Has anyone ever publicly come out of support of the 18 game season? I think this is just a rumor that keeps popping up to take shots at owners. And the argument against it makes no sense. If you think an 18 game season is dangerous then you think a 16 game season is dangerous and a 14 game season is dangerous and a 12 game season and so on. You’re randomly making the cutoff point 16 games. No one is forced to play football.

            What they are doing is consistently looking at helmet technology, listening to players during the offseason about rule changes and improving the medical attention players can get in game. These are tangible things, not intangible things like deciding how many games a player’s body can handle.

            People think they hate Goodell but can’t actually name a single thing they dislike that wasn’t a judgment call. As I said, he’s made a few questionable suspensions in terms of length, but if you look at every thing he’s done throughout his tenure you have to give him high marks.

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