It’s been quite the week for Barstool Sports, which announced new CEO Erika Nardini Tuesday and now is making its presence felt at the Republican National Convention. Particularly notable is founder and editorial leader Dave Portnoy joining a group of anti-Pope, anti-Antichrist protestors with a sign that reads “Goodell Is Hitler”:

It’s not the first political venture for Barstool or their staff, as PFT Commenter has been heading to conventions and rallies since even before he joined Barstool in March, but it’s interesting to see them show up at the RNC. Here’s a better shot of Portnoy’s sign:

And here’s the other side of the sign:

This wasn’t the only ridiculous sign at the RNC:

And MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tweeted that he debated Joe Flacco’s eliteness with PFT Commenter:

So, Portnoy and his Free Brady protest is probably one of the more reasonable ones (apart from, you know, saying Goodell is Hitler). It’s certainly getting him a lot of attention, too, which is definitely a goal for Barstool Sports. If he keeps this up, he might eventually surpass another Portnoy in fame…

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