Gordon Hayward suffered a horrific leg injury (initial diagnois is a fractured ankle) in his debut for the Boston Celtics on Tuesday night in Cleveland, after the All-Star forward signed a four-year, $128 million deal with Boston over the offseason.

While Twitter has been (mostly) full of players, fans, and media showing support for Hayward after the gruesome injury, Skip Bayless had a very, well, Skip Bayless-esque tweet.

That drew plenty of response from Twitter, including NBA stars DeMar DeRozan and Rudy Gay referring to Bayless as a clown.

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  • Amihigh

    At least nobody is overreacting

  • Karl Kolchak

    Attention whore twits something horrible to get more attention. Other twits react predictably and give him the attention he so craves. Attention whore wins.

    Congratulations, twits.

    • StoJa

      Cool story, twit.

  • Skip Bayless? I will skip him every chance I get.

  • John Danknich

    Skip is probably giggling like a school girl because everyone is paying attention to him now because of his tweet. Just ignore him and he’ll go away.

    • newdog301

      Do as I say not as I do?

  • Bourob

    I won’t say anything about this ***** ** **** and talk about another subject : The Kevin Harlan call was spot-on. For someone who was listening while doing something else, like the dishes, that was the right feeling of urgency. He made us feel the injury, like it was supposed to be feeling. Great call by Harlan.

  • Dan Mundell

    Journalism 101 – Do not add any insight or original thought. Simply re-tweet outraged responses on social media. Well done!

  • newdog301

    Oh, the irony of this tweet:

    “do you ever check your mentions to realize what a piece of shit you are?”

    So, all of those mentions about fans saying things to him on a daily basis are okay, but his tweet isn’t?

    I’m not defending Bayless or what he wrote, but I bet you’ll find plenty of other similar posts on Twitter the last 15 hours.

  • Richard Hannon

    ” … Honestly forgot Skip Bayless existed since he moved to FS1 until that tweet.” And that, my friend, explains all one needs to know about why Bayless does what Bayless does. And I’m the ninth guy on this site to prove that it serves his purpose well …

  • BK

    OK, for the millionth time…Skip doesn’t care what you think. This is just a fact. Look at his Twitter feed. Follows: 0. He puts stuff up there to get a reaction, and then will put something else up to get a reaction. He’s not reading one response. Ever. I don’t know why people get so mad…and better yet, why people follow him. You’re never going to have a dialogue with him, nor will he read what you tweeted back.

  • sportsfan365

    Using Tweets as the basis for an article is not journalism.

    • StoJa

      Thanks, professor. You should write an article or teach a class instead of commenting on a message board.

  • MrKTE

    I want “Go hump sandpaper you prick” on my tombstone now. That is the best thing I’ve ever read

  • Jack C. Catalano

    I can see both sides. I think Skip was talking from purely a basketball standpoint. But I do understand showing some respect for a guy who just broke his leg.

  • MrBull

    Skip just hit the ‘Lower then life form’ when using another player’s gruesome season ending injury to take another shot at Drama King James…