Last week, we polled the Awful Announcing readers on their opinions of each local broadcast team around the majors. The polls were broken down division by division to gain the perspective of both fans and rivals for each broadcast team.

The votes are in, and we weighted your grades on a four point scale for each broadcast crew and sorted them to determine who your favorite and least favorite broadcast teams were. Each “A” vote received 4 points, 3 points for a “B” vote, down to 0 points for an “F” vote. The total points scored were divided by the total number of votes to calculate what amounts to a GPA for each broadcast booth.

If you’re interested in the full vote tallies, you can click here.

Here are the rankings from 2014 and 2016 when we previously polled out readers.

31. Chicago White Sox (road): 1.26

-Hawk Harrelson (play by play)
-Steve Stone (analyst)
-Tom Paciorek (analyst – select)

Previous rankings: 30 (2014), 32 (2016)
Previous grades: 1.37 (2014), 1.26 (2016)

Most popular grade: F (48.61% of the vote)

Analysis: Our readers have made it three polls in a row at the bottom for Hawk Harrelson and company, to the shock of absolutely no one. The White Sox road crew’s score was the same as it was last year, and they also picked up the most F votes out of any team (as you’d expect).

30. Washington Nationals: 1.37

-Bob Carpenter (play by play)
-FP Santangelo (analyst)

Previous rankings: 27 (2014), 31 (2016)
Previous grades: 1.79 (2014), 1.48 (2016)

Most popular grade: F (41.14% of the vote)

Analysis: While the White Sox retained the bottom spot once again, the Nationals crew returned as the second-worst crew in baseball for the second straight season. Bob and FP picked up the second-most F votes (behind the White Sox), and were the only other team to have 40% of their votes as the low score. Given their drop in score compared to last season, and some possible nostalgia votes for the White Sox in 2018, could this be the team that brings up the rear next season?

29. St. Louis Cardinals – 1.48

-Dan McLaughlin (play by play)
-Al Hrabosky (analyst)
-Ricky Horton (analyst – select)
-Rick Ankiel (analyst – select)
-Tim McCarver (analyst – select)
-Jim Edmonds (analyst – select)

Previous rankings: 28 (2014), 30 (2016)
Previous grades: 1.67 (2014), 1.50 (2016)

Most popular grade: F (37.16% of the vote)

Analysis: Cardinals fans still aren’t homers about their broadcast team, and that’s reflected in the subpar score for their crew. The Cardinals finished third from the bottom for the third poll, and it’s tough to see them improving much without some massive changes. St. Louis was the third of three teams to receive at least 30% F votes.

28. Texas Rangers – 1.64

-Dave Raymond (play by play)
-Tom Grieve (analyst)
-CJ Nitkowski (analyst)

Previous rankings: 22 (2014), 28 (2016)
Previous grades: 2.02 (2014), 1.90 (2016)

Most popular grade: F (26.67% of the vote)

Analysis: A new analyst in CJ Nitkowski didn’t change much for the Rangers, who saw their total score decline once again. However, while the team did draw more F votes than any other result, they nearly drew as many C votes, and their total of B and D votes were equal. They did receive the second-fewest A votes of any team, though.

27. Miami Marlins – 1.75

-Rich Waltz (play by play)
-Todd Hollandsworth (analyst)

Previous rankings: 24 (2014), 26 (2016)
Previous grades: 1.95 (2014), 1.98 (2016)

Most popular grade: C (35.63% of the vote)

Analysis: The Fox Sports Florida crew just can’t get any love. This is the third different partner Rich Waltz has had in our rankings, and the results just don’t end up changing all that much. Mediocrity reigns in Miami, as the Marlins received the most C votes and second-highest percentage of C votes of any team.

26. Boston Red Sox – 1.86

-Dave O’Brien (play by play)
-Jerry Remy (analyst)
-Tom Caron (play by play – select)
-Dennis Eckersley (analyst – select)
-Steve Lyons (analyst – select)

Previous rankings: 13 (2014), 16 (2016)
Previous grades: 2.44 (2014), 2.34 (2016)

Most popular grade: F (27.68% of the vote)

Analysis: If this result comes as a surprise to you, you won’t be surprised to know that the Red Sox received the fourth-most votes of any team behind the Phillies, Mets, and Yankees, who flooded our polls in record numbers and likely didn’t miss a chance to slide their rivals down the rankings. That being said, it’s not as if the Red Sox crew pulled in great ratings anyway – they received the second-fewest A ratings and second-most C ratings out of any team in the AL East.

25. Tampa Bay Rays – 1.88

-Dewayne Staats (play by play)
-Brian Anderson (analyst)
-Orestes Destrade (analyst – select)

Previous rankings: 16 (2014), 24 (2016)
Previous grades: 2.20 (2014), 2.10 (2016)

Most popular grade: C (29.52% of the vote)

Analysis: Speaking of the AL East, the Rays’ overall rating was similar to that last year, though their score fell. All five of the grades for the Rays landed between 12% and 30% of the vote, meaning that they don’t really stand out in any way – good or bad.

24. Colorado Rockies – 1.91

-Drew Goodman (play by play)
-Jeff Huson (analyst)
-Ryan Spilborghs (analyst – select)

Previous rankings: 29 (2014), 29 (2014)
Previous grades: 1.63 (2014), 1.66 (2016)

Most popular grade: C (43.16% of the vote)

Analysis: The Rockies (comparatively) soared in our ratings, though their 570 total votes was the lowest among any team in our polls. As such, the Rockies received the fewest number of A grades (44) and the lowest percentage of A grades (just 7.72%), but the lack of F votes (just 13.33%, lower than any team we’ve seen so far in the rankings) helped pull them up in the rankings.

23. Atlanta Braves – 1.91

-Chip Caray (play by play)
-Joe Simpson (analyst)
-Dale Murphy (analyst – select)
-Tim Hudson (analyst – select)
-Tom Glavine (analyst – select)

Previous rankings: 21 (2014), 13 (2016)
Previous grades: 2.06 (2014), 2.41 (2016)

Most popular grade: C (27.71% of the vote)

Analysis: After a year that saw them move into the top half of the rankings, the Braves fell into the bottom third. An A was the grade given least often to this club (156 times, or only 12.53%), and their 345 C votes were tied for the second-most of any team.

22. Pittsburgh Pirates – 2.08

-Joe Block (play by play)
-Greg Brown (play by play)
-Bob Walk (analyst)
-Steve Blass (analyst – home)
-John Wehner (analyst – road)

Previous rankings: 14 (2014), 14 (2016)
Previous grades: 2.28 (2014), 2.40 (2016)

Most popular grade: C (33.09% of the vote)

Analysis: The Pirates are at the bottom of the third tier of our rankings, where a handful of teams generally reside every year. A few votes can flip things in one direction or another, and they just weren’t on the Pirates’ side this year. With just 10.41% of users giving them an A and 13.09% giving them an F, most of their ratings were clustered in the middle.

21. Toronto Blue Jays – 2.08

-Buck Martinez (play by play)
-Pat Tabler (analyst)
-Matt Devlin (play by play – select)
-Dan Shulman (play by play – select)
-Joe Siddall (analyst – select)

Previous rankings: 20 (2014), 8 (2016)
Previous grades: 2.06 (2014), 2.58 (2016)

Most popular grade: B (29.17% of the vote)

Analysis: At first, I wondered what caused the Blue Jays’ rating to slip so much from last year (aside from the surge of Yankees fans voting). Then I looked at their 2014 rating, and realized that maybe the high 2016 rating was actually the outlier. Toronto 29.17% B votes is the highest of any team in the lower half of our rankings, but their ability to climb higher was held back by their 20.35% F votes, the second-highest among any team in the top three-quarters of the rankings.


About Joe Lucia

I’m the managing editor of Awful Announcing and the news editor of The Comeback. I also made The Outside Corner a thing for six seasons.

  • Dan Pfeifer

    The Brewers are probably in good shape, even if Anderson decides to go national full-time. Lepay is a well-liked, very established voice in the state, having done Wisconsin Badgers basketball and football games on radio for decades. He’s had to do a little work to get up to speed with baseball, but the fans were going to give him every benefit of the doubt and, to be honest, he hasn’t needed much of it, as he’s become solid baseball-wise quickly.

    It’s fairly safe to presume Lepay would slide into the chair full-time if Anderson would depart, and most local fans would probably be totally fine with it.

    • DM61

      BA did sign a multi-year extension prior to last year, so if he does leave it won’t be for awhile.

      Schroeder gets overlooked in these talks, but man is he good and just as big a part Brewers having one of the best teams in broadcasting.

  • Kathy Agel

    Be glad Michael Kay mentioned the poll on his show and on Twitter — it brought your website a lot of new eyes. A lot of his faithful listeners and viewers (I watch the simulcast on YES, because I’m a retired Jersey Girl living in Florida) had never heard of your site before. Now I visit at least once a week.

  • What it means to be a Yankees fan: unflaggingly loyal, even to those who might not deserve it. (Kay is a good, but not that good.)

    What it means to be a Mets fan: unflaggingly grumpy, to the point that nearly 1/5th of the fans somehow decided the stellar broadcast team is awful. (I really sometimes hate my fellow Mets fans.)

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  • Christopher Bates

    It would be hard to be a Yankees fan. Too many of them are paedophiles.

    • Kathrynjpalmer

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    • Clint

      Just like most of the politicians you support Chris?

      • Christopher Bates

        Nope, not a Trump/Pence supporter.

    • Lynne Ferrigno

      What the hell?

      • Christopher Bates

        I know, I was surprised too when I found out the extent of it.

  • NoNotTellingYou

    Not even close. I’ve watched both the Mets and Yankees. Great, Keith and Ron run circles around the Yankees homers.

    • Lucky


    • Aaron Liranzo

      Kay cone and O’Neil are mets level

      • nbtx27

        Cone is fine, O’neill doesn’t really stand out to me. Kay is just a terrible player caller. i will say this though, he is better than the radio crew who should go back to their nursing homes. And you wonder why there aren’t any young fans. Listen to that nonsense for a few minutes.
        The Yankees should have the best, most professional, polished announces in the game on radio and Tv. Sdly that is nowhere near the case.
        the Yankees brand deserves so so much better.
        (And I personally hate the Yankees, though I know how important they are to the sport.)

  • Danangme

    I miss Jim Katt on Yankee broadcast. Guess they had to make room for the homers

  • eltaraval

    Scrolled slowly through rankings wondering where my beloved Giants broadcasters would appear. My surprise, but no real surprise, is that they are #1. Kruk and Kuip are such a pleasure to listen to and their friendship with each other comes through in how they interact and how they call a game.
    Kruk’s health has found the Giants searching for a part time replacement and Javy Lopez looks like the likely choice. Good voice, cadence, knowledge of game (and team) should see his stock rising slowly over next few seasons. One bright spot in an otherwise dismal season.

  • nbtx27

    Most of this poll seems valid. Padres broadcsts are very good due to Orsillo, while Red Sox suffer greatly from the unexpected change of O’Brien for Orsillo. Big downgrade, glad Orsillo land on his feet in beautiful SD!
    Only standout crazy ranking is the Yankees. Those broadcasts are almost as bad as their radio broadcasts, which are unlistenable. Michael Kay has the worst voice and worst calls of any of the broadcasters in this story, by far. He is absolutely dreadful.

    • TBradleywrites

      Here in Vegas, we get lot of Padre, Diamondback, and Angel Games (but no Dodgers–Cox, our benevolent cable provider, screwed the pooch, so we missed Vin’s last season). IMHO, the D-Back and Angel crews outperform the Padre crew due to the mere presence of Mark Grant. Orsillo is good, yes; but I’m trying to figure out how to mute Grant whenever he opens his mouth.

    • Aaron Liranzo

      I don’t get the Kay hate. You clearly haven’t seen him do a game with cone or O’Neil

      • nbtx27

        IMO he’s boring, very repititious, too concerned with pitch speed, has now renamed home run balls “she” , as in”she’s gone!” What the heck is that?
        Overall nowhere near as conversational or the great play caller Orsillo is.
        I put up with it, but it isn’t as good.
        I understand he also has a tough job with this boring team, Front office is to blame for a team with lack of drive, and incredibly for the Red Sox, lack of hitting, especially power- in a year where home runs are way up.
        And they wonder why ratings are down so much, last we saw down 20% from last year.
        Not a team to like. Bad when the Celtics are still lead story many days in the Boston Globe Sports section, a paper with the same owner as the RS!
        Wait until the Patriots camp opens.
        What has happened to baseball in Boston?

      • NYCIslanders

        His voice is horrendous, his calls almost seem mechanical. Everything he does is predictable. Always in search of his tag line. Baseball announcing should be natural, conversational. Kay can’t do that.

  • Len Corben

    I happened to stumble across this site and was stunned to see the Yankees broadcast crew way ahead of the Blue Jays, the TV team I see day after day. Sportsnet will sometimes show MLB games other than the Blue Jays and a few days ago it had the Yankees game vs Angels. I couldn’t believe how bland the Yankees’ crew were. They hardly said anything. Basically no information. The Blue Jays crew calls the game with knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of almost every batter. How pitchers will/should pitch to them, often predicting the next pitch, that sort of thing. Same with the pitchers strengths. I can understand Buck Martinez, a former catcher doing this, but Pat Tabler is extremely good at this as well. (And Dan Schulman is a refreshing addition when he is on.) My only downside with them is that if you watch every game as I do, the analysis gets to be a bit repetitive. But how many watch every single game? When I was watching the Yankees’ broadcast, I thought, “I can’t believe the Yankees have a crew that tells the listener virtually nothing.”

    • J-Bomber

      Gotta agree here. Not only that but in my opinion the Jays crew is one of the most unbiased in all of sports. They are very complimentary of players on other teams and their coverage is very even. They do a good job of adding little tidbits of info from both dugouts, not just the home team.

      • Keith P.

        Seriously? Maybe that’s true for Shulman, who is a real pro, but Tabler and especially Martinez are the two worst homers this side of Hawk Harrelson. The Jays TV team when Shulman is absent are virtually unlistenable for anyone other than a rabid Blue Jays supporter. Martinez and Tabler are just flat-out bad. That explains all the F votes they received.

    • Aaron Liranzo

      Who were the broadcasters? Kay, cone, and O’Neil aren’t dull

      • nbtx27

        Kay isn’t dull? Even his home run call will put people to sleep.

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  • Steve

    I like and don’t like this poll at the same time. Wouldn’t it be more valid if you only allowed people to vote for their regional broadcast team? Otherwise you just get people randomly scoring based on the team, the looks of the announcers, if they recognize them, etc… I mean, has anyone honestly listened to a full broadcast by all 31 teams?


    As a NYC native, Directv subscriber & Yankees fan I can say that The Mets have the best game broadcasters in the business. Listening to Ron Darling trash not just The Mets training staff but training methods in baseball the other night was nothing short of amazing. You would never hear that on any other broadcast. That type of honesty makes them great/ I think I speak for most Yankees fans when I say that the games Kay misses are the best. Singleton & Leiter provide more insights when they work together. Too much laughter when O’Neill & Kay work together. Don Orsillo is missed in Boston that is obvious.

  • Frank D Misaege

    There are a few I don’t understand their ratings…first is the Rockies’ dreadful team of Gooden & Huson/Spillbourg. They’re as big of homers as exists in sports broadcasting. Here’s a quote from Gooden in their recent series with the Giants. “Hitters can’t wait to put their helmets on when Cain’s pitching”. That statement violates so many “rules” of broadcasting…it’s classless, clueless and tasteless. I’d put ’em a lot closer to the bottom. Another head-scratcher is Marty Brennaman…talk about your homers, he’s nauseating. How he ever won the Ford Frick award is astonishing. Lastly, I don’t get how the Dodgers’ crew made the top 10. Understand, they’re following a legend in Vin Scully. Hershheiser’s horrible…takes every opportunity to slam the Giants. Granted, they’re not having a good season…lest he forgets, they have 3 WS championships this millenium. LA has zero. I do like their chances for this season…they have a terrific team. Their broadcasters, especially Big Oral, are much less than terrific.

  • Brian Goodrich

    This list was invalid once the giants’ announcers were named #1… they are some of the most bias announcers there are in the game… the only team i will flat-out mute when watching the game.

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  • NYCIslanders

    Michael Kay is just flat-out AWFUL. Horrible voice. Predictable, boring calls. He’s all about getting his catch phrases into his broadcasts. Who stuffed the ballot box for him?

  • Bubba1971

    The Oakland crew is better than this poll ranking. Watch them !

  • Cindy Melucci

    Please somebody tell Paul O’ Neil to shut up! He has the most annoying voice but what really drives me crazy is his useless comments. He dominates the booth. Michael Kay is silent and that speaks volumes.
    Bring back All Leiter. At least he dialogues with Michael Kay. Anyone right now could replace O’ Neil.

  • Taylor Harrison

    Online polls are inherently bias in that people who even answered this are a small fraction of baseball fans that use this website to talk shit on announcers. “Grades” given are undoubtedly influenced by the team’s current performance as well as the number of fans for a given team (unless this was adjusted; which the article doesn’t mention)- not as much the quality of the broadcast team. It’s a fun article but the numbers here are essentially worthless and riddled with systematic error. I couldn’t even take this with a grain of salt. But it’s a great way to piss people off in the comment section. ; )

  • Lynne Ferrigno

    The Yankees at Number One? Are you kidding? Leiter is great, but Singleton sounds like he’s reading stereo instructions.