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The end of the 2017 U.S. Open Sunday saw a supremely awkward moment on Fox’s U.S. Open coverage, as play-by-play announcer Joe Buck misidentified champion Brooks Koepka‘s girlfriend Jena Sims as his ex-girlfriend Becky Edwards. And he did so during their celebratory kiss, no less.

Where’d that come from? Well, it’s notable that Koepka’s Wikipedia page said at the time of the championship that he was in a relationship with Edwards. Here’s a screenshot:
Brooks Koepka's Wikipedia page

And one of the since-corrected page: Brooks Koepka's corrected Wikipedia page.

So, either Buck or someone doing research for Fox saw that tidbit and passed it along. It led to this awkward correction later:

Mistakes happen, and at least they did later correct this on-air, but that’s still pretty awkward. It reinforces how important it can be to make sure you’re identifying people correctly.

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  • Lyle Delp

    This is not really why, but why Joe Buck on everything? It is not like he is very good.

  • Keith P.

    That was pretty bush league by Faxon to do that live on-air. Hand the guy a note, for God’s sake.

  • Tony Tan

    Joe Buck could you do some research. And not wikipedia.

  • redeemed626

    I think Joe probably did the guy a favor.

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  • MrBeepo

    If you are getting your “facts” from Wikipedia then you are doing everything wrong. With that said I was happy to see that Fox reigned Joe Buck in this year. The less of him the better. The Irish guy in the morning was tough to listen to though. Anyone who refers to Bobby Jones as Bob in an effort to come off as some kind of golf insider is a bit of a douche.

  • MrBull

    Perhaps Joe Buck thought he was doing a scene from the ‘Brockmire’ Show….

  • pattywagon – SEELE 01

    The Fox crew has gotten better since Chambers Bay, but Buck is out of his element. He constantly had awkward pauses, and struggled to hold a conversation and keep a stable flow on discussing what was going on. Paul Azinger was solid though.

  • kelly

    What this reinforces is that it doesn’t matter who is girlfriend is, whether it be an actress, a soccer player or his high school sweetheart

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  • sarah413

    I don’t recall how many timesaver the last three holes we had to be told that Koepka was within 1 stroke of setting the all time record to par at a U.S. Golf Open. I think we heard it the first 100 times!
    Golf coverage, as a whole, has slipped over the years. Whether it’s CBS, Fox or NBC, the overall quality of the announcing has deteriorated. I guess the one bright spot is not listening to Grandpa Chris Berman doing golf. He. Was. Dreadful.

    • elprez

      Amen! Fox might not be very good, but no one is worse than Berman.

  • sportsfan365

    That’s what they get for trying to identify her in the first place. Just refer to her as “the girlfriend” and be done with it, as its not like she was a contributor in any way.

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