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Hot mics have caught plenty of broadcasters’ slip-ups over the years, from Tony Dungy to Jim Nantz to Keith Hernandez, and ESPN college football analyst Tommy Tuberville and play-by-play commentator Mike Patrick appear to be the latest hit by this. ESPN regularly does “instant analysis” segments with their broadcasters after games, which are usually taped and shown later.

Somehow, extra air time of Tuberville and Patrick talking before and after the actual hit following Saturday’s Oklahoma State-Iowa State game made it out into the public realm, so we get to hear the two mocking each other and possibly the crew in rather scatological terms not intended for air:

This starts with Tuberville saying “I know, we always knock this out the first time, yeah, come on, let’s go,” and it then turns into him doing the actual segment, which goes perfectly fine. The camera then cuts off and Tuberville says “Mike’s got to do it by hisself now. That’s no fair, y’all make me do this shit.” Patrick then says “I don’t even take a dump by myself, alright?” and Tuberville laughs. Tuberville then has a conversation with someone who isn’t miked up, and says “What? Oh, thank you. Thank you, dickhead. Slappy.” Patrick laughs and goes “Aw, geez.” Tuberville then says “This is going to take forever. These damn folks stay here till the end, they’re not going anywhere. That escort we’re getting out here, Barney Fife with a little bubble on top.” Someone else then says “One bullet, and it’s in his breast pocket.”

There’s nothing really objectionable said here, unless you’re strongly against profanity in all circumstances, and this is pretty typical behind-the-scenes media conversation. And it’s better than Tuberville saying, for instance, that Lubbock “looked like Iraq.” (Which was in an actual on-air interview!) And these comments probably won’t haunt him as long as, let’s say, what he said about pine boxes.

Plus, Tuberville’s ribbing of Patrick for making him do this one alone is interesting, as these segments have often involved both broadcasters; it’s not clear if it was Patrick’s call or a producer’s call to have Tuberville fly solo here. In any case, the extra scatological commentary isn’t exactly what ESPN wants publicized to the world. It’s not clear who’s fault it is that this leaked, but it’s one more reminder to be very, very careful while wearing a microphone, whether you think it’s hot or not.

[Harold R. Kuntz on Twitter, via Reddit CFB]

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  • Inyoface

    This is bullshit. The mic is not “hot” here. This is not live at all. This is all recorded to tape and some asshole at ESPN thought it would be funny to deliver it to the internet. Tommy doing his breakdown looked like it was just for fun for the crew until Mike came back. The only person who did anything wrong here is the leaker. Layoffs coming up right? Everyone associated with this leak needs to go.

    • mike illingworth

      It could of been someone watching backhaul feeds on G16 cband or G17 ku band that posted it?

    • Dale Latimer

      [dingdingdingding] Youuuuarecorrectsir!


  • Bragar

    WTF? This is a story?

  • Gigem

    shit is what Mike Patricks announcing is