While it might be easy to think ESPN has become too big thanks to the dozens of layoffs for prominent on-air talent, perhaps the way forward for Bristol is to think bigger.

Two major developments from the ESPN layoffs are the impact on SportsCenter, which is the predominant programming for ESPNEWS, and ESPNU. Those networks should be under the microscope as ESPN looks to its future.

First for ESPNU, ESPN is moving its studio programming for its college sports channel from its Charlotte office back to Bristol. While the SEC Network programming and some production will remain in Charlotte, most of what you’ll see on ESPNU airwaves will resonate from Bristol. Several ESPNU on-air personalities were also involved in the recent round of layoffs.

The future of ESPNU should be something ESPN is seriously deliberating. The channel has gained significant increases in carriage in recent years, up to 69 million homes. And while the impact of layoffs might leave some wondering about ESPNU’s future, the bigger question is what ESPN can do with all of its college sports rights.

Although there were some fears over its future with ESPN’s budget cuts, President John Skipper has confirmed the network will launch in 2019. Combine all that ACC inventory with ESPN’s involvement in the SEC Network and Longhorn Network and there’s some dilution of rights that will naturally happen. Combined with ESPN’s decreasing share of Big Ten rights with Fox and ESPN has even less power five games for its main channels of ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPNU.

Will ESPNU have enough premier, attractive college games to justify its current strategy? Or will the network need to go to a deeper well of college sports rights and tap into some of its ESPN3 inventory online which features a ton of games from across the spectrum. (Seriously, go check it out some time just how much sports ESPN shows online from across college sports and international sports and it will make your head spin.)

Second, several SportsCenter anchors were also laid off by ESPN last month. Now, there is still a very robust depth chart of anchors that ESPN can use to staff on ESPNEWS and the remaining episodes on ESPN not dedicated to personalities like Scott Van Pelt and Jemele Hill and Michael Smith. However, if SportsCenter is a franchise in transition and deemphasizing highlights, how much sense does it make to have a network that was created to focus on highlights?

In fact, the SportsCenter episodes that were once on ESPNEWS all day long are already being minimalized. Today for instance, ESPNEWS will only air 3.5 hours of SportsCenter with most of the programming being replays of other ESPN studio shows and radio simulcasts. It’s really only “ESPNEWS” in name only at this point, so a rebrand makes a lot of sense.

For years now ESPNEWS has been showing live sports overflow from other ESPN networks. Especially during the college season, ESPNEWS features a multitude of games. ESPNU has also seen some interesting programming during special events. Just last weekend during the NFL Draft, ESPN aired a Wizards-Hawks playoff game on ESPNU because they needed to show two playoff games and the draft on the same night. ESPNEWS has also aired NBA playoff games in past years when Bristol was faced with a scheduling overload.

Taking into account the current sports media landscape, is it now time for ESPN to pull the trigger and recalibrate and rebrand these networks?

In all likelihood, an ESPN3 or even an ESPN4 television channel would be a lot more valuable to consumers and cable companies than ESPNEWS or ESPNU. Especially in the case of ESPNEWS, it’s an outdated name from a past time when people actually got news from television instead of their computer or smartphone.

What makes more sense for ESPN’s future – continuing forward with “U” and “NEWS” as is or taking a proactive step to increase the viability of both channels in a constantly changing environment? The value in being a sports network is live sports rights. The biggest thing working for ESPN, and the thing that will always secure its place as the unquestioned top dog in the industry (and maybe all of cable television) is live sports. It’s the games! It always has been and always will be. But it’s never been more important given how challenging the current climate is for ESPN and other sports networks.

It doesn’t take strenuous mental gymnastics to see a scenario where ESPN turns “U” and “NEWS” into ESPN3 and the ACC Network. The ideal scenario would be ESPNU becoming ESPN3 with its superior reach and carriage and eventually turning ESPNEWS into the ACC Network. That would give ESPN a head start on carriage negotiations for the new conference network that could potentially get contentious given the bearish sports market and a nationwide footprint. If ESPN really wanted to get aggressive, they could create an ESPN3 and ESPN4 and try to strike deals for a newly created ACC Network all on its own.

Does an ESPN4, halfway to the Ocho, sound a little crazy? Maybe so, but when you think about it ESPN already has seven channels – ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, SEC Network, Longhorn Network – and that’s not even counting what’s online or on subscription services. ESPN has way more than enough sports rights to go around and can stock an ESPN3 and even an ESPN4 with wall to wall live sports.

Imagine a future where ESPN3 shows not only college sports, but international sports like the World Darts Championship or Super 14 rugby (both of which ESPN has shown online). Yes, streaming rights are different than television rights, and this would be a serious rebrand, but think of all the possibilities. ESPN could send a message to FS1 and all their competitors that while things might not be as smooth as they’ve ever been, they’d be doubling their commitment to live sports and showing the world that they still intend to be known as the self-proclaimed worldwide leader. If ESPNU and ESPNEWS are going to show events like real live NBA Playoff games, they’re already acting as ESPN3 and ESPN4 as is.

Of course, it’s not just live sports. There could be 30 for 30 marathons, replays or simulcasts of the existing studio shows like we see now, and so much more. ESPN wants a future where their talent is more multi-faceted and able to check multiple boxes, so why not do the same thing with their programming? ESPN wouldn’t have to lessen their focus on college sports or news, but by opening up the gates to ESPN3… and maybe even ESPN4… they could give themselves more options for the future. And right now anything that can give the company more options should be strongly considered.

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  • guestwho2

    Sky Sports has at least four ‘numeric’ iterations of its namesake staton/title (Sky Sports 1, 2, etc.) and people manage to navigate their programming just fine so all the tortured branding talk may be immaterial as the author suggests. As always, the event (content) is more important than the gift wrap even though broadcast executives trying to justify their compensation may try to pretend otherwise.

  • Deon Hamner

    I like the idea of Espnnews being rebranded as ACC Network or ESPN3. I think ESPNU is fine with their name and coverage. Now what they need to do now is get rid of Espn Classic. That channel has died on the vine a long time ago…

  • John Danknich

    Matt, you make way too much sense. So, you can guarantee ESPN won’t be doing any of this. 🙂

  • James Johnson

    I just want an ESPN 8 The Ocho. Forget the other numbers and conference networks. Just The Ocho so I can watch ADAA Championship and lawn mower racing.

  • Matthew

    I agree that the value is live sports rights but does ESPN agree? It seems that they are more concerned with being NFL Network 2 instead of promoting other leagues that they invest money in. I know the NFL is popular but it only gives you 16 games. Since they are paying for rights to show other games, why not use the talk shows and SportsCenter to talk about them?

  • Karl

    It’d be interesting to see them do more “Megacast” type broadcasts on the current ESPNews. For example, during the NBA playoff doubleheader tonight on ESPN, ESPNews is showing Sportscenter, why not instead use the channel for an alternative camera angle or use the traditional broadcast with the audio from ESPN radio? Could even do a few coaches/players/analysts just talking in a casual environment about the game like they do for the CFP or do the “stat cast.” The NBA Finals at a minimum should be using some of the smaller ESPNs for this.

    • Matt Galvin

      Could use local crews coverage on other channels so if the Magic were in the Playoffs get David Steele and Matt Goukos. Also Hassel,Haynes should have been kepted and Briscoe and other Ladies Anchors let go.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      Because they are more interested in having high ratings on one channel than above average ratings on 2 or 3 different ones.

      • Royberto

        That hasn’t stopped them from doing exactly what he says for the College Football Championship.

        • Shawn Diiorio

          That’s going to get big enough ratings regardless though. It does not worry them as much. If it did, they wouldn’t do it.

  • Lewis

    I believe they should follow the template BEIN Sports has created. BEIN Sports has a linear TV network, and through its BEIN Sports Connect app, has nine additional streaming channels branded as BEIN Sports 2-10.

  • “Imagine a future where ESPN3 shows not only college sports, but international sports”

    That’s not happening. Hey, how many non-college events does ESPN2 air?

    ESPN barely airs any tennis, golf or soccer. They don’t air any motorsports at all. They don’t air rugby, or cycling, or volleyball.

    • Raymond Chuang

      Pity ESPN didn’t successfully bid for English Premier League rights–but then, that would have interfered with College Gameday and NFL Sunday Countdown during the fall.

      • Waquoit

        A pity? It’s a gift to all sports fans that the EPL is on NBC.

        • Raymond Chuang

          NBC got the rights because it didn’t interfere with other programming on NBCSN.

    • Mike

      Heck, I miss when they used to air Australian Rules Football (yes, I’m old).

  • Respected Citizen

    “ESPN has way more than enough sports rights to go around and can stock an ESPN3 and even an ESPN4 with wall to wall live sports.”

    Except those 18 hours a day when there are studio shows and reruns on ESPN and ESPN2.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      but streaming rights and TV rights are different. TV rights will cost more than online streaming, because they broadcasters will demand more.

      • Respected Citizen

        Mr Yoder is talking about rebranding U and News as ESPN3 and 4.
        “In all likelihood, an ESPN3 or even an ESPN4 television channel would be
        a lot more valuable to consumers and cable companies than ESPNEWS or

        So, I agree with you. ESPN doesn’t have enough sports during the day to stock its main 2 channels.

  • MrBull

    Keep espnu for college sports and programming as it is….turn espn Classic into the ACC network…espnews who cares since espn does not care about sports news otherwise they wouldn’t have dumped talented people over ‘cheap paying and weak talent’ people…

    • SchenectadyJohnson

      ESPN Classic broadcasts in SD only. The ACC won’t go for that. Right now Classic is just a placeholder. It could be shut down and nobody would even know it went away.

      • MrBull

        Then upgrade it to HD and not give up the channel space that already exists

        • whittx

          That would require the providers to provide the HD channel as part of their package, something that Comcast has been unwilling to do with other sports channels. Look at how Comcast has treated Be IN and FS2 up to this point.

  • sportsfan365

    The use of studio announcers instead of on-site announcers for some sporting events tells you the direction ESPN is headed, i.e., contraction.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Will this mean Roller Derby will be shown on the Ocho?

  • Steve Repsher

    I’ve had thoughts that NEWS would be better off as a place where any and all radio simulcasts would be shown. And, Greenberg’s pending transition to his morning SportsCenter show would be just the point where they could rename NEWS as ESPN3, move the new Trey (assumedly) & Mike morning show there and have a morning/midday radio block of T&M, LeBatard & then either SAS or Russillo.

  • Raymond Chuang

    I think ESPNU will become ACC Network, but ESPNews will turn into ESPN3, designed specifically as an “overflow” channel for ESPN and ESPN2 in case live sports broadcasts run way long.

  • Will Henderson

    i’m surprise ESPN has not still decided to enter the RSN business where they have a local regional sports channel devoted to local sports in a region (example, the DFW area has Fox Sports Southwest, they air all the local sports teams in the DFW area like the Rangers, Mavs and Stars as well as local college and high school sports, especially cover High School football which is the bread and butter of Texas Sports culture and lore). i wonder how ESPN would fare if they did their own version of a RSN type sports channel.

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