Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg have been together on ESPN Radio since 2000. Now with speculation that Greenberg may leave Mike & Mike for a new SportsCenter morning show, there’s the possibility that Golic will require a new partner. In an interview with the Sporting News’ Mike McCarthy, Golic doesn’t appear to be all that worried about the future or breaking in a new on-air teammate.

Golic himself hasn’t heard anything concrete about Greenberg leaving, but he’s aware of the rumors stating that “Greeny may go in another direction.” Golic said he would like to remain with the morning show where he’s been since 1995:

“I would imagine I would continue to do that show. We haven’t gotten that far, quite honestly, as to if the show is going to end, when it’s going to end, and when it ends, and if it does end, what’s going to happen with the show?” Golic told Sporting News in an interview Thursday. “I would imagine I would still be doing it. I would imagine I would be doing it with somebody else. Who that is? I don’t really know.”

If Greenberg leaves, Golic would love nothing more than to have his son, Mike Golic, Jr. take Greenberg’s place. And if that happens, ESPN Radio would not have to change the name of the show.

“Oh, it would be awesome. He’s on our show every Friday now. I’ve done other things with him. We did a bowl game last year together. We’ve done some radio bowl games. We did the Pinstripe (Bowl) for ESPN, Northwestern against Pittsburgh, this past bowl season. What wouldn’t be great about that? He’s fantastic. He’s way beyond what I was when I first started in this business. He’s way smarter than me. He speaks better way bettter than I do. I’m still better-looking than him. That won’t change. It would be great. We’ll see where it goes. Either way, I’m sure we will still share some desk time and studio time and booth time.”

But it appears that Trey Wingo is the main candidate to replace Greenberg. Still, no matter what happens, Golic knows that ESPN will move on:

“…if Greeny is going to go do his thing in New York, I believe, it’s not like the show is going to end,” he said. “ESPN keeps going. People have gone on to other networks. People have gone on to switch shows. And shows still keep going. They keep going. If I do it with another partner, I look forward to it. I love doing the show. I enjoyed doing it with Tony Bruno for a year. I certainly enjoyed the 18 years with Greeny. If we move on from that, I’ll enjoy it if I do it with someone else next.”

The future may be a little sketchy for the current incarnation of ESPN Radio’s morning show, but Golic seems to be ready to pair with a new partner if Greenberg leaves.

[Sporting News]

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  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    Who watches this tripe?

  • Raymond Chuang

    I believe that ESPN has for now temporarily shelved the plan the end the current “Mike & Mike” because it’s one of the small number of shows that are really making money for ESPN. Given ESPN’s money troubles lately, why end this major revenue source?

    A more likely possibility–in my opinion!–is a more radio-friendly version of the morning SportsCenter program, where Mike Greenberg hosts from New York City and Mike Golic hosts from Bristol, CT. In fact, the “SC6” program with Michael Smith and Jemelle Hill may be a “testing ground” of what this new morning SportsCenter will be like in many ways.

    • Mgo Azul

      It is not that financially successful at all…And it should have ended for good long ago.. or at least kick delusional,petty, clueless Golic to the curb…..He’s not worth the ESPN salary …In their cuts they need to cut that ” fat” ….

      ESPN needs to keep Dana Jacobson , and Corso, and especially the articulate, intelligent. Charismatic, handsome Desmond Howard!

      Case CLOSED!

      • Tim Moran

        Reopen the case bro. Dana Jacobson has been long gone for over 5 years. Corso is likely gone next year, as he is almost 80. Desmond may be handsome, but charismatic? You may be the only human alive that thinks Dez is charismatic. Hell of a football player mind you, but about as exciting as tap water.

        • Raymond Chuang

          Tim, I think a lot of the old-time personalities at ESPN will be leaving over next few years–Chris Berman, Bob Lee, Dick Vitale, Lee Corso, and several others are likely contemplating retirement, especially with Disney’s generous retirement packages.

      • Raymond Chuang

        Mgo, Mike Golic might sound a bit clueless on air but off-air, he’s actually much smarter than people think. The “Felix and Oscar” matchup of Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic has proven to be quite popular among morning drive listeners on the US East Coast.

  • crs44

    Check out this screenshot from a show that is more interesting than what Greenberg’s show will be:


  • CreightonRabs

    Dear god, no. One douchebag Golic is bad enough, but two? Only reason Junior has his job is because of his dad; other than that, he sucks.

  • 60feet6inches

    Oh PLEASE God, not Golic Senior! Junior is not bad at all, but his father is as outdated on this show as the Gremlin I bought as first car in the 80’s.

    He’s the sports talk-equivalent of your father telling you he walked 20 miles in a blizzard to get to school. He spews forth on football like it was still his playing days, not realizing that both the game and today’s millionaire millennial players have long passed Golic’s experience by.

    He can usually only spew forth his under gunned arsenal of bromide phrases: “…and oh by the way..” (about 35 times an hour), “I get it” (about 38 times an hour) and when he’s completely taken on and destroyed by a guest with an opposing position, reduced to blabbering “then we just agree to disagree” (about 35 times a minute. For wincingly embarrassingly fun, find the exchange between Golic and Jay Bilas several years ago where within 90 second Jay had Golic sputtered as he completed gored Golic’s prehistoric arguments for not paying college athletes a salary. Ouch – even I almost came close to feeling sorry for the Notre Dame alum…who clearly opted out of Debate and Logic courses during his playing days).

    What ESPN really needs to do is junk the entire show and replace it with something more in touch with the era. Mike and Mike has the sports knowledge nutritional value of a Twinkie; time to build something more in keeping with today’s audience.

    • BetweenTheBuriedAndMeatloaf

      “Mike and Mike has the sports knowledge nutritional value of a Twinkie” more like Mike and Mike has the sports knowledge nutritional value of an Applebee’s burger, fries, and a Pepsi – now only $9.99 at lunch weekdays, brought to you by Progressive, the Subway Fresh Take hotline, and the 1-800-Flowers inbox

  • 1Mojo_Risin9

    Two guys fast-talkin’ in the morning? I can’t tell the difference, who’s who? They’re both yelling and trying to out clever the other, can’t listen/watch!

  • A r gent O r a n g e

    omg, hire mike junior and then just put the key in the door and walk away, he is awful, nepotism’s finest hour. the show was supposed to move to nyc a while back and then their money troubles put that on the back burner/graveyard, i would bet that greenberg was pretty disappointed to have to stay in bristol, which is a dingy backwater, instead of nyc where greeneberg is more at home.

    they kep losing popular talent to other networks and they are stuck with the pathetic mike juniors and even more pathetic quota hire jemele hill’s of the world.

    trey wingo would be a good replacement for greenberg, but junior would be catastrophic and probably be the end of senior’s morning show career too.

  • Phuc Yu

    I really enjoy listening to “Mike & Mike” every morning–so I hope it doesn’t break up.
    But Greenberg has often ventured into other things (“Duel”, anyone?)…guest slots w/Golic on “Regis & Kathie Lee ” & Letterman –and actually started at ESPN doing those overnight/late-night SportsCenter TV shows. He frequently mentions this–mentions that TV was his first “love” and that he accidentally stumbled into radio. You get the impression that he had stars in his eyes when doing those TV guest-slot appearances; whereas Golic simply goes along for the ride.

    If Greeny goes, Wingo would be a good fit…as would Schlereth if he comes back…and so would Adnan Virk.

    But I hope the duo stays together, because Mike & Mike is really good. I sure beat the hell out of anything on CBS Sports Radio…and any of the local sports talk shows.