ESPN’s long-term plans for its SportsCenter franchise are beginning to crystallize.

On Monday, the network announced extensions for several prominent anchors and outlined a new lineup of SportsCenter programming.

Here’s how it will shake out:

Mayne, Levy, Anderson, Buccigross, Steele and Storm have all signed new extensions to remain at ESPN, according to a release.

ESPN says this realignment will further the network’s goal of having personality-driven SportsCenter shows. The Worldwide Leader theorizes that consumers can go anywhere for sports news and that the only way to stage a successful highlight show is to build loyalty to individual personalities. Gone are generic SportsCenters with anchors you may or may no recognize (many of whom were laid off last month). In are branded SportsCenters with highly visible hosts.

ESPN has pushed this strategy for several years now, with mixed results. Scott Van Pelt’s highly personalized SportsCenter seems fairly popular, while SC6 (at least judging by Awful Announcing’s Twitter mentions and Facebook comments) seems less so, though ratings for both are fine.

Regardless, ESPN is clearly all-in on this concept. It seems that if the SportsCenter franchise has a future, it will feature lots of personality-driven formats.

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  • Saber Khai

    SVP at 11 CST is the only Sportscenter I watch. It’s fun, personable, and has minimal shouting. A marked contrast to the Midnight CST version with Ev-Verrett shouting “HOWZIT” to start the show and just going downhill from there.

  • Ford Festival

    It blows my mind that Neil Everett has had such a successful career. He’s the hackiest announcer around.

  • Jake Snakobson

    Swapping Duncan and Steele for Sabrina and Sire, short of an on air cat fight or personality transplants, is a net loss. Throw in the 2 Golics and/or the nebbish (sp) one running against them and I’ll watch Boomer and Carton on CBSS. At least Le Batard, Russillo and SVP still punch in. And just found out about Sara Walsh canned on maternity. geesh

    • alnc

      They canned Jade McCarthy who is pregnant again now. Walsh was on vacation and returning to work instead of calling her to say bye they let her come in and turn around. But, Linda Cohn and Hanna Storm, Steele and Morales are useless.

  • alynch3

    Off the top of my head, SC anchors that haven’t been laid off (as far as we know) yet aren’t mentioned anywhere in this new announcement: Lindsay Czarniak, Nicole Briscoe, Lisa Kerney, Cari Champion, Kevin Connors, David Lloyd. Should we assume they’ll all be utility players or that some of them might be done?

    • Bill Gordon

      Linda Cohn?

    • Matt Galvin

      Coachman,Bretos,Virk,Ravech who does Baseball Games,Doug Z.,D. R. and 2 others. Davis/Cotter do College Sports. Charley Steiner calls Dodgers.

  • mike illingworth

    Who still watches Sports center? Why? Karie and Charley was the last time for me. Haven’t heard of most of these names mentioned.

    • PatHobby

      Shut-ins, the unemployed, wasted community college students, people in bars with the sound turned off, relatives of the announcers…

  • GomarNahasapeemapetilon

    Doubling down on low-rated and boring.

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  • MrBull

    How did Kenny ‘No Talent’ Mayne survive not getting cut?..would have thought espn would have dumped him seeing how they exiled his sorry butt after DP left…
    Saw Mayne’s sorry act at the Breeders Cup at Santa Anita last year walking around wearing a suit minus a tie, but, wearing flip flops…real classy attire from a clown….

  • Tit Lurker

    Anything about getting Bucci off the Frozen Four telecasts? College hockey’s Marquee event and they ruin it by trotting that clown out every year.

  • alnc

    Come on, you leave Steven A Smith, the 6, the Golics which are doubling, Max Yellerman, Linda War Horse Coen, Steele, and Finebaum but drop talented Sara Walsh, Jade McCarthy, Ed Werter and Jamie Sire for these tools. UGH!!!

  • rben408

    They got rid of a good chunk of their white female sport center anchors. Can imagine the outcry if it was Steele, Champion, and Hill instead of Walsh, McCarthy, and Sire.

  • Aplethora

    This strategy is already failing on some fronts because SVP and SC6 numbers are not “fine” In fact, they’ve been a disappointment to date, especially SVP who seems to have lost his momentum from his really good radio show. I can’t take SC6 seriously with Smith who is Ok, but tries a little too hard at times and Hill who laughs at anything. Trust me. None of this will work and they’ll me more upheaval and changes in a year or so.

    • ChalupaB

      Don’t leave us hanging. What are the actual ratings for SVP and SC6?

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