On Wednesday morning, the day that many at ESPN were dreading arrived. The expected layoffs at the company would begin, claiming upwards of 100 jobs.

ESPN is still reeling from previous cuts that occurred in 2015, an estimated 350 behind-the-scenes people were let go in that round.

We’ll be updating this post as the day goes on with all of the confirmed cuts. We’ve also wrote about possible landing spots for ten of the more prominent individuals to lose their jobs.

A variety of ESPN shows paid tribute to their departed colleagues on Wednesday, while the sports media world also reacted with sympathy.

Over at The Comeback, Dave Lozo argued that the layoffs on the hockey side say a lot about the NHL and how it markets itself.

An underreported story on Wednesday was the news that ESPN would be moving production of ESPNU studio shows to Bristol from Charlotte.

Twitter confirmations from the personalities laid off  on the second page.  We’ve put individuals who appear on television in purple while those who work mostly off-air in the yellow sections.





Click over to page 2 to see the various announcements of those affected by the layoffs.

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Ken has been covering the sports media in earnest at his own site, Fang's Bites since May 2007 and at Awful Announcing since March 2013.

He provides a unique perspective having been an award-winning radio news reporter in Providence and having worked in local television.

Fang celebrates the three Boston Red Sox World Championships in the 21st Century, but continues to be a long-suffering Cleveland Browns fan.

  • MrBull

    Ed Werder? What the heck is ESPN doing?…I get dumping those who are talentless and lousy, but, Ed is a pro…and how dumb is it to drop the reporter who covers the Dallas Cowboys…
    Look for Fox or CBS to hire Werder….

    • Austin Hernandez

      Not sure if trolling but he hasn’t covered the Cowboys in 2 years. He covers the Saints full time now. Well now hes been fired but he was covering the Saints. Weak troll job. 4 out of 10

      • Raymond Chuang

        Werder will land at NBC, CBS, FOX Sports or NFL Network very quickly. There’s going to be a major bidding war for a lot of ex-ESPN talent now–especially with FOX Sports’ Jamie Horowitz wooing a lot of them (Horowitz was a manager at ESPN for many years).

        • MG the DJ

          Horowitz hired or promoted many of the people getting fired today. He will help them get gigs

  • Goodbye, ESPN hockey coverage. ESPN NY’s Don LaGreca and Rick DiPietro might end up the only guys paid by ESPN who care about the sport.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      I think Di Piertro is still getting paid by The Islanders so I won’t worry about what he does if he gets let go, although I do think he’s not half bad so they should hold onto him.

    • Austin Hernandez

      well nobody watches hockey so its all good!

  • PeteF3

    Just in case anyone hails this as a triumph for ESPN getting rid of its “liberal agenda,” it’s the on-the-ground reporters who are getting the brunt of all this.

    • Raymond Chuang

      I think Russillo & Kannell will stay on ESPN Radio–it’s still got a dedicated audience that really likes the show. No more working ESPN Radio during college football weekends for Rusillo, though.

      • NeedsAShave

        well, kannell is now gone, so….

        • Raymond Chuang

          But not for long. I wouldn’t be surprised that FOX Sports 1 offers him a contract almost immediately–and a lot of ex-ESPN talent have landed at FS1 lately, given ex-ESPN manager Jamie Horowitz is now leading much of FOX Sports’ operations.

          • NeedsAShave

            i always thought russillo/kannell was truly terrible radio. russillo was a good foil for svp, but after kannell arrived that show became unlistenable. i guess since fox is the next destination for espn’s unlistenable “talent” that would be a perfect spot for him to land.

          • MG the DJ

            Russilo is a sidekick, not a show host. He got his ass kicked by his old boss Colin Cowheard, Russilo was Cowheard’s producer before teaming up with Scott van Pelt. 18 months going head to head with Cowheard and Russilo loses his show. Kannel will be headed to LA, or back to Florida on some regional or local outfit.

          • Son of Rusty Shackleford

            You misspelled Colin’s last name. It’s Cowpie.

          • Jim

            Not just Cowherd, but they were also going head-to-head against Jim Rome for two hours who, love him or hate him, still pulls in a large and dedicated radio audience (CBS just gave him a long-term contract extension in February). I’m often out on my lunch hour at 1pm, and when it was SVP vs. Rome I listened to both shows equally depending on who had the more interesting segment going. Russillo, OTOH, is my definite third choice for that hour, often listened to only when both Rome and our local sportstalk program are already on commercial.

          • MG the DJ


          • Ranger 93

            For some reason I have always liked Jim Rome. Can’t think of a time when I heard him go off the deep end on some non-relevant social issue. Cowheard, on the other hand, made it a habit and I quit listening.

          • 09 81

            What? Russillo was never Colin’s producer. Wtf are you talking about?

          • MG the DJ

            On Cowheard’s show around 2010-2011 I would see Rusillo in the control booth many time, and interacting with Cowheard. It gave me the impression Rusillo was the show’s Executive Producer. I stand corrected.

          • Austin Hernandez

            Huh? Why would? Ryen was never in anyway Cowherds producer. Why would you hurt your whole post (which was pretty good) but throwing in a random lie?

          • MG the DJ

            On Cowheard’s show around 2010-2011 I would see Rusillo in the control booth many time, and interacting with Cowheard. It gave me the impression Rusillo was the show’s Executive Producer. My mistake, I stand corrected.

          • Steve Repsher

            It seemed quirky that they had TWO radio shows going at 1:00 — Stephen A and R&K. Stephen A even got ESPN Radio’s main channel on the SiriusXM lineup. We might be facing a consolidation to just the SAS show.

          • MG the DJ

            Fox Sports does the same thing. Rich Eisen and Cowheard run at the same time. Oh, and at ESPN both Bomani Jones and Paul Finebaum have shows airing at the same time.

          • Dale Moog

            They had three shows in the time slot Stephen A, Russillo and Kannel and Finebaum. Stephen A is only on in LA and New York on radio but on the main Sirius feed plus on the App or online while Finebaum is on the main feed as well and on the app and online and the SEC network they have too much overlapping space. in radio

          • Dale Moog

            You are a moron he NEVER worked on Coliin’s show we was a weekend fill in durring the non Football season and hosting College Game Day radio before teaming with SVP SVP needed a sidekick when Mike Tirico left radio to focus on Play by Play exclusively. Russillo also worked in Boston doing radio and Celtics pre and post Game on CSN New England. I would agree he may not be the best solo host, but he can drive a show he would have been better if they found him a better co host. I always though he and Adnan Virk could have worked

          • MG the DJ

            If you scrolled down you would have seen I admitted i was wrong. Have a nice day

          • OneOfOne

            fox is the b team. in case you havent noticed. no one watches their channels anyway except for champions league which thank god turner sports has taken from them. no more usmnt drones talking about something they know nothing about

          • Dale Moog

            But they are killing it in radio with the deepest roster. Love him or hate him Clay Travis is gold on radio, then Dan PAtrick even though it is more a TV show than a radio show and on 11 platforms. then Colin or Rich again Rich is more a TV product and also on 11 platforms, Rich and Colin are still huge draws. Then you go to the new Guy Doug Gotlieb and you have a long time radio stallworth JT the Brick and the underrated Jason Smith to round out the day. FSR for the win

    • Mike

      As opposed to the zillions of ex-jocks they employ (Kanell seems to be an exception). They gave upon hockey when they got outbid by the Outdoor Network or whatever it was back then. Buccigross and Cohn are the last ones standing, alongside Melrose, it seems. Lots of talented people gone and lots of blowhards remaining.

      • AugustineThomas

        Yep. All the “personalities” are remaining and all the talented reporters get the ax. The hardcore Secularist Leftist shmuck who runs ESPN was actually bragging about it today. These people are so invincibly ignorant.

    • QuixoteReborn

      The reverse is true because the list is heavily Caucasian.

      Bias lives.

      • Bob

        Except well, now it’s not.

        • Mike

          Heavily Caucasian. Not exclusively, but very heavily.

      • Mook

        It has free rent in you trollish mind blocked

    • FR2011

      Yep, the list is extremely disappointing. Was hoping for Greenberg, Screamin’, Van Belt to be on that list.

  • Salty Dog

    We’ll see who else gets chopped, but of those announced so far, all 15 are white and 13/15 are men (counting Adam Rubin, who left ESPN when told he was going to be let go). Methinks ESPN believes they need to target millennials and that the way to do it is a more colorful and diverse array of talent.

    • David

      Does anyone know the percentages of the total talent pool they are firing from? For instance, 21/23 men seems to be proportional to the staff.

      • Trump Smash

        They fired some good ladies too and apparently are keeping some who are terrible.

  • Scaed17

    Add Jim Bowden to the list. Former MLB GM tweeted his dismissal.

  • Realist

    ESPN finally admitting it doesn’t care about hockey – something every hockey fan has known for a decade

    • Parts

      Beat me to it. One of the main reasons I quit paying attention to the self proclaimed “worldwide leader” years ago.

      • Deep State 1984

        I thought that was N.Korean Ding Dong whatever-is-name is…

    • Craig

      ESPN only cares about sports if there are no politics to talk down to the little people about.

      • RalphEllison

        You and FarmboyDuke run out of heroin, so the reality of your pathetic lives hits home and you vomit up bitter dregs here in the comment section?

        • jekyllisle

          Hey look a troll..

      • Frank Booth

        Yep. They’re just a libby hell-hole; no reason to watch anymore.

    • Raoul Duke

      They would promote greyhound racing if rights fees were invested – no skin in the game for ESPN to promote a sport it does not broadcast

    • Union Lacktivist

      Too many white folks…too many non-libtards involved with the sport on both sides… ESPN can’t overlook this.

    • FarmboyDuke

      Hockey is a white man’s sport and the fans are generally white blue collar guys. These are two groups of people that That ESPN feels are beneath them.

      • RalphEllison

        You and Craig run out of heroin, so the reality of your pathetic lives hits home and you vomit up bitter dregs here in the comment section?

        • Mook

          Ad Hominem and insult spraying troll blocked

        • cjkcjk

          Maybe if you get off your daddy’s back and get dressed you’ll be able to think rationally. Lol

        • Dan

          WOW @RalphEllison:disqus Don’t you know that when one resorts to name calling, ad hominem attacks, yelling, profanity, insults, etc…. you are just out of intelligent things to say?

          • RalphEllison

            Uhh, no. I was just pointing out that they are on heroin and are bitter.

          • Dan

            @RalphEllison how do you know that? And, I might suggest you look up ad hominem.

          • Kobie

            No, maybe it just means you’re a fucking idiot.

          • Dan

            Kobie, might I suggest a reading comprehension class.

          • Dan

            @Kobie, I’m sorry, did you say I was fucking an idiot? Sorry, you don’t appear to be my type…. NOT THAT THERE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT though!!!!

        • Inspector Todd

          Gee, you forgot to call him “racist” while you were at it. You trolls are all alike.

          • RalphEllison

            Inspector Todd (RIP), I don’t know if FarmboyDuke and Craig are racist. I DO know they are heroin addicts and bitter.

          • cjkcjk

            When I told you to get off your daddy’s back I didn’t mean it was okay for you to corral your mom and sister into the bedroom!

          • RalphEllison

            Upvoted for “corral.” Lol

          • cjkcjk

            Glad to see you gave your sister a breather.

      • OneOfOne

        you are an embarrassment to humanity. mom should have swallowed

    • StichFace

      Honestly, based on how horribly they botched every single aspect of the World Cup of Hockey last year, I’m glad they are waving the white flag rather than pretending to be actual players in hockey coverage.

      • Realist

        Agree with that. Just find it humorous that their last hockey story posted overnight, and three of the four writers (Burnside, LeBrun and McDonald) were fired 12 hours later. I’ve been getting most of my NHL news from other sources for years now anyway, but today really shows that they aren’t even going to try anymore. Same with baseball actually with BT being reduced and Jayson Stark getting the axe.

    • guestwho2

      ESPN doesn’t care about sports period. It’s a political operation and has been for some time.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      Hockey does not really make money for them, The World Cup was a bust, even though they did make money off of it, but all they need is probably Barry Melrose to talk about it, and that’s it.

    • kj

      Who can blame them?

  • OldManPar

    It’s going to be VERY interesting to see who ESPN DOESN’T lay off.

    • Raymond Chuang

      Would the gumption to fire Mike Golic and his son?

      • MrBeepo

        It was reported earlier this month that Mike Golic had signed a new contract.

        • Son of Rusty Shackleford

          I like Golic but not his offspring—what’s he done to deserve a gig on the Especially Stupid People Network? And I think Greeny’s gonna bomb once he and Golic split—unless you’re a narcissistic metrosexual like him or ☪ظ☭ma nobody’ll watch.

          • Raymond Chuang

            Signing a new contract may not shield Mike Golic from termination.

        • MG the DJ

          His son stays, his son’s podcast partner has been axed.

  • souvien

    Yet no doubt Danny Kannell and Darren Rovell will survive this…proving once again the staying power of cockroaches…

    • Florida Fish

      WRONG lol

      • souvien

        DAMN! The war on football claims another casualty!

        Is Kannell on FSR/FS1 already? Seems a natural fit for the “ESPN wouldn’t let me tell you the TRUTH” crowd they’re basing their business model on…

  • C-Sharp

    Since this is Disney they’ll probably keep all the “characters”.

    • Trump Smash

      Like the shitshow that is SportsCenter at 6?

  • DrewShervin

    Where all the big names the bloggers have been talking about being cut. Other than Werder not one name that is widely known.

    • Dale Moog

      Danny Kennel is Co Host of a show on ESPN Radio that also airs all 3 hrs on ESPNEWS as well as a top Studio Host of CFB and former game analyst for Friday night games he also has been on College baseball games including Saturday’s BC NC State game from Fenway

      • ua2

        i watch some espn every day and i have no clue who this guy is before today.

  • Florida Fish

    Did they literally fire Kannel right before he was going to go on air?

    • wowww

      Based on the timing of his tweet it sure looks like it – WTF is ESPN doing? Kannel isn’t my favorite on-air personality but to fire someone like that reeks of institutional incompetence.

  • newsknine

    Typical. They cut everybody involved in covering hockey, then will claim no one is interested in it. Of course many Americans aren’t interested: There’s nobody available to tell any good stories about it.

  • John Danknich

    Sucks that so many people are losing their jobs because ESPN has no idea what it even is anymore.

    • Arsene Lupin

      True. I wonder if some of these people wished they’d spoken up earlier about ESPN needing to focus on sports rather than “social justice”.

      • Deep State 1984

        Social Justice = More white players in the NBA

        (To reflect the communities for which they play)

        • OneOfOne

          this is the dumbest comment of 2017. congrats

          • hill875

            2nd dumbest. Yours is the winner !

          • Deep State 1984

            Isn’t that the same principle, that talent must take a back seat to social expectations?

            You must have voted for Hillary..,because she’s a woman…

    • newdog301

      Or these jobs were replaceable and they were overstaffed.

      There were a few talented individuals and anyone losing their job is upsetting, but ESPN does not need a Dodgers writer or an SEC Recruiting Analyst. There are specialized websites out there that can cater to those niches much better than ESPN can, no matter how much money they throw at it.

      ESPN needs to get back to core reporting, big games and highlights. You don’t need an expert on every team and every conference. That was the reasoning behind a lot of these cuts.

      • mexiapolis


      • Realist

        They need to get back to reporting. Totally agree with that. Unfortunately most of the cuts today were the reporters, the writers who actually did the reporting. Most of the talking heads and guys like Stephen A. Smith who do nothing but yell and be controversial are still there. But, Jayson Stark and Ed Werder – arguably the best MLB and NFL reporters in the business are gone.

      • RalphEllison

        Thank you for a somber, non-political response (unlike crybaby Trump regretters Arsene Lupin and BA Demonte).

        • BA DeMonte

          I’m not a Trump regretter and it was ESPN that injected politics into sports. Maybe they should have concentrated on sports instead of joining the anti-trump/never-trump political group.

        • Mook

          The plain fact ESPN is committing suicide.

    • BA DeMonte

      Since these are the very people promoting the the left-wing socio-political agenda they are getting what they earned. No sympathy here at all.

    • FR2011

      What’s most disturbing is that they didn’t fire the worst ones. Van Pelt, Greenberg, Screamin’ A., Sarah Spain- get them off the air!

      • Dale Moog

        I like Van Pelt the rest you named I could do without

    • Deep State 1984


  • Deon Hamner

    Feel terrible for the impacted employees and their families. Anybody gloating about a person losing their job, needs help…

    • E Deplorabus Unum

      Gloating is one thing and in poor taste. But a little schadenfreude at a business that is failing because of its contempt for their customers is another. All of these people getting laid off have seen the downward spiral and should not be surprised and should be prepared for this. The smart ones already have a new job lined up. Wake up and join the rest of the world where results matter. The saddest part – the cancerous ones will still be there.

      • Son of Rusty Shackleford

        What will be schadenfreudelicious is when the upper management get axed because they turned it into the Especially Socialist Propaganda Network.

  • Raymond Chuang

    I think Jayson Stark will land either at FS1 or MLB Network very quickly. In fact, FS1 may snap him up almost immediately, given FOX Sports’ heavy involvement with the MLB.

    • John Danknich

      I’d be shocked if he isn’t hired by one of those networks within the next few days.

      • Raymond Chuang

        I wouldn’t be surprised if FS1 or MLB Network announces tomorrow that Jayson Stark will join that company and will start by middle May 2017.

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  • Trump Smash

    So basically if you’re a f****** white male, it’s “So sorry buddy and best of luck.”

    • theflanman420420 .


      • johnnyrh

        “Dumbing down”

      • Mook


  • UmpsRule

    This network is badly out of touch with the fans and I don’t think this is going to fix the problem.

  • John Danknich

    Trent Dilfer! Huzzah!

  • voiceofreason

    Overwhelming folks who got pink skipped are of the ‘lighter hue’.

    • FR2011

      Not relevant. What is relevant is that many of the worst are still there: Van Pelt, Greenberg, Screamin’ A.

      Clean house, ESPN !!!

  • They frelling fired Jayson Stark?????????

  • UmpsRule

    And now Jay Crawford is gone.

  • Butte Grubman

    So glad to see Dilfer go. What took so long?

    • John Danknich

      It shouldn’t have taken a mass layoff for Dilfer to be shown the door.

  • John Danknich

    Len Elmore? He’s the first college BB analyst I’ve seen. More to follow, I guess.

  • Viator16

    I only recognized one name on this list. It was someone I didn’t like. I stopped watching ESPN due to all the anti-Christian and anti-white propaganda. If it weren’t for college football, I wouldn’t ever turn into ESPN. I’m working on trying to work around ESPN college football.

    • ADHDJ

      “anti-Christian and anti-white propaganda”

      This is a hilariously insane suggestion.

      • OneOfOne

        until you actually listen to whats being said constantly on the air. but then you dont listen

    • Shawn Diiorio

      “anti-Christian and anti-white propaganda” Really?

      Do you even know what that means or did you copy and paste it from somewhere.

      Fine example of how a person is smart, and people are idiots.

  • mexiapolis

    Trent Dillfer? He was one of the educated and informative hosts.

    • MG the DJ

      He was not a main part of NFL coverage in 2016. He was on the way out. He will land at one of the other networks

      • MetaphysicalMan

        He was on Sunday Countdown! Granted the new incarnation of Countdown was horrible, but Dilfer was prominently featured there.

        • MG the DJ

          I didn’t see him on Sunday Night Sportscenter, where he was a regular, and the MNF pre-show was so crowded he didn’t get much airtime

  • robert franklin stroud

    SJW-thinking is terrible for business. I won’t support a business that is anti-free speech and that hates anyone that isn’t a mindless Liberal … and I suspect others feel the same way. Seeing how disproportionately the firings are hitting white men, I think it is not a coincidence and more of the same. Cord cut and not missed.

    BUILD. THAT. WALL….. and put ESPN on the other side of it.

  • Chip

    Well Disney will probably bring in cheap foreign newscast personal and have the fired newscasters train them.

  • sixwhitehorses

    Almost all white. Not surprised.

  • Son of Rusty Shackleford

    This is what happens when you go full Lupica.

    • Brigid

      Sounds like he’s running the place. They certainly have modeled themselves on his agenda.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Never go full Lupica.

  • Attila

    When ESPN came on they were going to be the best sports show in town, now they are nothing but a talk show with politics.

    • OneOfOne

      its economics. they used to re run games from earlier in the day or the previous day. now they just have jackasses sitting around desks talking about libtard causes. and they surely lead the world in gay hosts. nothing against gays at all but they are really pushing their agenda of being the rainbow diversity network when they should be about….. sports

  • American Freeman

    Stopped watching ESPN a long time ago and don’t know who’s who any more. Didn’t even go through the whole list. I do wonder though if they got rid of the SJW’S pontificating their politics or not. They are the ones who caused ESPN’S downfall. Get rid of them and concentrate more on sports and many viewers would return. A sports station focusing on sports. Imagine that.

    • BlueHousen

      The big cheeses are the ones that need to get fired. It starts at the top.

  • sktuc

    ESPN ” Entirely Sports Political Nonsense” good riddance to the Political Sports Casters.

    • BlueHousen

      If I may: “Entirely Sportless Political Nonsense”

  • BlueHousen

    I quit watching ESPN long ago and many joined in after it went political. Politically left that is. They are entitled to go their way and the audience is entitled to go the other way. Stay neutral and grow. Pick sides and lose. This wasn’t a layoff, it was a massacre.

    • NeedsAShave

      by stay neutral you mean stay white and conservative i’m guessing.

      • UmpsRule

        Bizarre guess.

      • BlueHousen

        On the contrary. By neutral I mean Neutral. Sports and a nice blend of sportscasters is what, at one time, made that network great. Black and white both males and females. But nice try by you.

      • nocommzone

        Stop with the white b%*llsh*t. If you’re a liberal you’re an idiot. Capisce?

        • NeedsAShave

          i rest my case, adolf.

  • NeedsAShave

    this is my first venture into the comments section for this site. is it always a bunch of white people complaining about injustice toward white people? or did i just luck into a strange den of stupid i-love-playing-the-victim conservatism?

    • nocommzone

      Truth hurts snowflake? Liberalism is problem.

    • John Danknich

      Len Elmore is black. He was laid off. Very sorry to see him to go. He was one of the best CBB analysts ESPN had. So, don’t give me this BS.

      • Russ

        Len Elmore had lost about 2 steps in the past couple of years. He used to be sharp, especially before he started representing players, then when he came back to broadcasting he lost his edge.

    • BlueHousen

      People fired were white and some black and female. You contradict yourself with your other post. This is not about race, it’s about a network that decided to put politics above sports. They are likely hurting in the revenue department. Try to Keep up.

      • NeedsAShave

        i can see how you can mistake the removal of mostly superfluous team-specific correspondents and objectively awful radio hosts for white genocide. go back to being persecuted, your rage will make all the difference.

        • BlueHousen

          Where did I say this is “white genocide” One more time, it’s NOT about race buddy. But since you insist on making this about race, they need to fire some more including awful black hosts. Happy now.

    • Usually, no one comments much at all. So draw your own conclusion.

  • Chester

    As a general tv news photographer for 38 years, I had to work alongside these guys whenever I had to cover a sporting story. I can tell you unequivocably, sports reporters are the biggest bunch of a$$holes I ever ran into, aside from Federal Police.

  • Disgruntled2012

    Maybe all these people who’ve been laid off can now get jobs at the DNC, where their hearts have obviously always been,

  • nocommzone

    Keep up the liberal retardation and more cuts will come.

  • Retired military

    Here’s a thought. Maybe the Sports industry should concern itself with ummm SPORTS and not politics.

  • Chief Mac

    Proud to say I don’t recognize a single name.

  • I wish they would cut all those opinionated aholes working on the shows more… Cut some of those former entitled athletes. I cut cable because I got sick of paying into the hate of ESPN.

  • ConnieF85

    You earned it ESPN.

  • nocommzone


  • booboo

    ESPN would not be circling the toilet had they just stuck to sports instead of preaching liberal garbage. When I want to watch sports, I want to escape from all the liberal trash. ESPN insisted on pushing the liberal, social engineering trash. Now they have run off everyone.

  • dv Vaughn

    ESPN still on TV? Who knew?

  • Kj

    Stopped watching ESPN 10 yrs ago !
    Read through the lines and saw Left all the way!

  • nocommzone

    Nobody wants to hear Los Spurs/Los Suns as illegal murders mount in sanctuary cities. This must be too tough for these idiots to grasp.

  • Franz Pantz

    If you are actually interested in athletic competition and their results, ESPN has been on the decline for years. They seem much more interested in what used to be called “human interest stories” and pushing cultural agenda items than reporting on sports. Maybe its me, but who is salivating to hear SVP drone on, much less his hard hitting (hah !) interviews with athletes? Seems they are reducing payroll to balance out income reductions. If not, what? I know I don’t watch 1/10th of the amount of time I did years ago. Suspect their are many people who would say the same thing, and that is affecting their bottom line. FYI – millennials don’t get their information (sports or otherwise) by sitting down and watching TV like older generations do, so alienating their long time core viewers is foolish. The so-called talent they keep rolling out isn’t an attraction to anyone. I’ll continue to seek quality programming elsewhere.

    • BlueHousen

      They are reducing payroll because their revenue streams are on the decline as people have become more weary of a network who has put all else above their main bread and butter; sports. It’s so bad with the talking heads that they ditch out full games to other sites. Luckily people have many options out there.

    • Realist

      They also failed big when they made 1/2 their online content pay-to-see Insider stories. I’ve been with ESPN since its inception, but I stopped using as my go-to site when they expected me to pay for the same stuff I could get at other sites for free. Kiper and McShay draft opinions are fine, but I can google mock drafts and read hundreds without paying for it.

  • itsdeplorablespideyman

    Maybe if ESPN tried showing sport programs……..

    • Shawn Diiorio

      maybe they would have more if sports didn’t ask for zillions of dollars to be on their network. Fox ruined sport’s monetary value by overpaying for the NFL way back in 1994. They did the same to get the NHL, MLB, and more recently The World Cup.

    • Mook

      I see it at a Doc’s office with talking heads but other channels show games.

  • dv Vaughn

    Last time I watched ESPN here is how it went gonna age me a bit.

    Cowboys playing some one preshow was how terrel owens was the best receiver in football..

    Game starts terrel drops 4 passes in the game, best my ass. Which I thought yea Terrel is good but the best on the game? No

    So cowboys cut him end of season and I guess the rest of the NFL did not get the memo Terrel was the best cause he never played again.

    Meanwhile the league’s leading pass catcher (again) some white guy at the Patriots. Got no recognition at all ESPN some more fake news

    • itsdeplorablespideyman

      I avoid it like the plague. Not just because of the constant babble on the tube, but on the website too; it’s an absolute mess.

      • dv Vaughn

        After that show what 4 years ago I was done.
        Quit the NFL after the Arron Hernandez murders.

        Don’t watch sports at all anymore, not the same classy players the NFL use to have on the football field.

    • newdog301

      You reached the problem, but not in the way you think.

      ESPN can be fiscally responsible by either being a truly entertaining source of television, or they can be the true worldwide leader in sports coverage. They can’t be both.

      ESPN can create character-driven content that develops loyal fans like First Take and Michael Smith/Jemele Hill, and weed out the need for big news divisions, roving reporters and traveling sets. The contracts will be costly, but the remaining overhead will be.

      Or, they can eliminate personalities altogether, outbid every network to score every major sports property you can, and have the best writers for their digital platform. This is the option most people on here would want, but it would take 10 years of masterful planning to pull off staking out every TV deal and to bring on the best sportswriters. It would also alienate the people who go to ESPN to relax and just want to hear a familiar voice talk about LeBron James or Russell Westbrook and not have to see a lineup that includes the UEFA Champions League and the NHL Playoffs from 3 PM to 1:30 in the morning.

      ESPN is trying to balance both and in the age of streaming, in the age of divided politics and loyalty, it just won’t work. If people don’t go all in on your service they’ll find someone else. That’s why Netflix continues to greenlight more and more TV shows and movies. They want you to spend as much time as humanly possible watching their content, because if you drift off to Hulu or Amazon, or even go back to regular TV, they fear they may lose you for an extended period of time

      • dv Vaughn

        Screw ESPN and the NFL .

  • Chirs Ryan

    Good to see them going hard on two of their best content producers, BBT and the True Hoop Network. Shows that their really learning a valuable lesson with these cuts……………….

    • AugustineThomas

      They needed more hardcore-leftwing, “personality” stuff, you know, to please Obama, who is still a very important and powerful man and leading the resistance against Trump!

  • AugustineThomas

    This is so heart breaking. I love to see organizations punished for peddling hardcore Secularist Leftist propaganda, but I sometimes forget there’s a human face to these events. I do wonder why they aren’t more angry with their bosses who chose to offend so many of their customers and ignore the obvious trend of “cord cutting”. (Oh I forgot, this is America–we’re all cowards who never tell the truth because we’re afraid of losing our jobs!)

  • Aaron

    John Skipper led ESPN signs RIDICULOUSLY overpriced NBA TV deal, on top of OVERPRICED Monday Night Football package, and all other sports properties, in a time of declining viewership and cable TV households (Net loss of 12 million homes since 2011.)

    Disney isn’t happy, so John Skipper led ESPN (who gets to keep his job) starts a bloodletting of journalists and analysts positions, reduces Baseball Tonight and Hockey staff, but keeps the $3.5M a year contract of Stephen A Smith, Jamille Hill, to scream about anything and everything.

    Oh….and ESPN will increase the per subscriber fee too. They will never learn.

    • Raymond Chuang

      I think very soon, Disney may fire John Skipper and bring back George Bodenheimer (who was highly respected by everyone at ESPN) to clean up this mess.

    • Brice

      When John Skipper gets canned for all of the outrageously high television rights he signed off on we will see how “sassy” Jemelle is on twitter

  • BA DeMonte

    If ESPN had stuck to sports instead of diving into politics this probably wouldn’t be happening.

    • Aaron

      ESPN’s business model is based on dual revenues. Ad revenue brings in a small portion. ESPN currently receives $7 per month per every cable TV subscriber. Yes ratings and ad revenue is down, but cord cutters are the biggest issue facing ESPN. For more, here is a good article on the issues facing ESPN:

      • BA DeMonte

        People are deliberately cutting cable and satellite to keep ESPN from getting their money. To many other ways to watch programing now.

        • Shawn Diiorio

          It’s not just ESPN suffering, almost every cable network on Earth is losing viewers because of cord cutting. No one wants to pay the money because they don’t have the expendable income anymore.

          • Mook

            Sirius radio seems to be doing well.

        • Kobie

          “People are deliberately cutting cable and satellite to keep ESPN from getting their money.”

          Oh, bullshit.

      • Mook

        And one reason I cut the cord was the horrendous coverage by ESPN.

      • Dale Moog

        Case made Clay Travis is a huge asset to FOX. I just wish ESPN did not always blow it on multi platforming. They had Simmons and Grantland so they kill that site and let him walk to go form the ringer and they fail at running that site and lose tons of money on that deal. then they waste millions on a crappy black lifestyle affinity site the Undefeated it has been worthless they should have never brought in 538 another waste of money. if they would have cut 538 and pull the plug on the Undefeated and learned to live with Simmons instead of getting in a pissing contest with him they would be so much better off

    • Jcool

      100% wrong.

  • SSMcDonald

    Never heard of even one of those listed. Maybe if I saw faces, I might recognize……

  • matty

    I couldn’t care less. ESPN has been dead to me for a long time now…

  • Dan

    And yet it appears the likes of Jemele Hill, Josina Anderson and Mike Golic Jr will keep their jobs.

    Certainly disappointing to see good, hard-working professionals lose their jobs.

    Like many, the time I spend watching ESPN has significantly decreased in recent years because of the decrease in highlights and news, their incessant pushing of a liberal political agenda, the seemingly endless lineup of obnoxious personalities offering up “hot takes.” Instead of covering, you know, sports, even the ones to which ESPN does not have broadcast rights, the network has descended to the point where they actually promote an iteration of SportsCenter revolving around “music, movies and style.” I remember when there was music on MTV and we’re not long away from being able to say “I remember when there was sports on ESPN.”

    What’s most disheartening about this news, however, is the list of names includes a lot of serious, professional journalists who report the news and break stories. Jayson Stark and Ed Werder are some of the best reporters, of any medium, in the business. Jay Crawford is a versatile, plug-and-play studio host. A lot of the writers produce high-quality, informative content. But apparently ESPN no longer interested in reporting and covering sports news across the spectrum and instead appears eager in promoting only a handful of leagues/sports (the ones to which ESPN owns broadcast rights) with as superficial of hot-takes as possible.

    Sad day for sports journalism.

    • Raymond Chuang

      Both Stark and Werder will land on their feet almost immediately–there will be a major bidding war for both of them.

  • Deep State 1984

    It’s a hard enough biz already, but when you insist on alienating half your customers with your MSNBC talk, well…

  • FarmboyDuke

    In order to get ESPN on cable or streaming, you have to buy $50 worth of channels you don’t want from your cable provider. Because of this ESPN automatically looses a subscriber when someone downgrades service or cuts the cord. Why can’t ESPN (and ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3) offer it’s programming independently or offer streaming subscriptions without being tied to a cable provider? This would go a long way toward stopping the bleeding.

  • YouCouldBeRight

    What’s next, re-runs of pike fishing from 1983? ESPN jumped the shark.

  • Emil Carstens

    Dump Stephen Smith too. What is wrong with you ESPN?

    • Presto88

      Michelle Beadle needs to go as well.

      • Jcool

        No. She is one of the few worth watching on ESPN.

        • Presto88


  • FiftycalTX

    And now all the wannabe libs will learn what the REAL “minimum wage” is. $0.00

  • JK62

    Overrsaturated network which could care less about baseball and hockey. Way to many football analysts.

  • SunGodAZ

    I’m not happy about anyone losing their jobs, but this mass firing is a natural consequence of a cultural shift. A natural pendulum swing of too much attention paid to Sports in general. Think about it…before 1980, you could only get a 2 minute sports segment on local news or read the newspapers or weekly sports magazines. Go from THAT to 24 hour TV sports coverage, listening to ESPN radio, while driving to an ESPNzone restaurant, so you can sit down and read ESPN the magazine…

  • desselle0010

    ESPN and most professional sports, have become too political. I do not watch football to see men wear pink or to hear about gun control or to see hands up don’t shoot signs or to hear about transgender laws. I watch football to watch football. That is why I, and many other have turned these networks off and get the scores off the internet.

  • MG the DJ

    From a hardware standpoint, they should have moved almost all of their operations to NYC 5 years ago, instead of doing that huge remodel in Hartford Ct. It would have helped them with interviews because you can grab them right outside the door, rather than ship the guest all the way to Hartford. (See Conor McGregor’s rant from several months ago.)

    Now comes word that Christian Ponder’s wife, college football sideline reporter Sam Ponder is taking over Sundy NFL Countdown? Why, just because FOX NFL Kickoff has a blonde female host in Charrisa Thompson?

    The guy running ESPN day to day is indeed an idiot.

  • rugolin

    When I was a kid there was this show called the Wide World of Sports on Saturday afternoons with the best opening credit ever for a television show. I never knew that kind of sports would be on and always sat fascinated when they would have cliff diving from Hawaii. The thing I can’t understand with ESPN is why they can’t fill their airtime with real and unique sports from all over the globe instead of assaulting the viewer with bloviating talking heads non stop.

  • Paul Fries

    If only ESPN had stuck to sports and sports commentary instead of politics, and social commentary this downward spiral could have been avoided.

  • ALovari9

    There are only 3 reasons I even turn the dial to ESPN
    1. World Cup of Soccer
    2. European Cup of Soccer
    3. Sunday Night Baseball

    Other than that, keep the stain away. Make no mistake, Mickey Mouse dropped the hammer today. It would be nice to see the overrated NFL take a hit, but for some people, it just take s a little bit longer.

  • PeteF3

    I doubt “social justice” has 1% to do with the decline of ESPN subscriber numbers, since most of the people cutting the cord are the entitled SJW millennials that older folks are always decrying. And from the whining here about “injecting politics into sports,” it sure seems like a lot of people are begging for safe spaces so they don’t get triggered.

  • 2 Aces

    When liberals lose their jobs, it makes me smile. When you go political on a sports network, you deserve everything that happens after that. Brainwashed fools.

    • PeteF3

      Do you get similarly upset when the national anthem is played before sporting events or one of those contrived military “reunions” take place during pre-game? Or do you only get upset/triggered when it’s politics you don’t agree with?

      • 2 Aces

        No, I’m a true American. You one of those brainwashed fools?? Sucka.

      • Vanceone

        Well, playing the National Anthem used to, you know, not be “Political” Same with celebrating military veterans.

        The fact that you seem to think it was political is the real problem. I don’t think even the French think that supporting their troops and celebrating a happy event for one of them is “bad” like you do. Or that playing their National Anthem is wrong. In fact, they (and every other country I’m aware of) actually likes being their own country. It’s only leftist Americans that hate this country and think that veterans are evil.

        • PeteF3

          I didn’t say they were “bad,” I said they were political. Support for the military is an inherently political position, and these events are often paid advertisements directly from whatever branch of the military is being honored. In the words of George Carlin, I’m not trying to be picky, I’m just looking for a little consistency. There is no obligation for ESPN or any other sports (or non-sports) outfit to cater to people wanting it to be a politics-free “safe space” for them.

          • Vanceone

            Well, why would people be upset at playing the National Anthem, unless they view it as “bad?” Does anyone get upset at the “Take me out to the ballgame” song during the 7th inning stretch? Not that I’m aware. Only leftists have decided that having pride in being American or supporting our military members is “political” and therefore should be opposed.

            I’ll somehow bet though that if, say, the San Diego Padres flew a Mexican flag over the American one you’d be ok and calling for everyone to calm down and not be upset.

          • PeteF3

            People can support the military while also disagreeing over the degree–surely the amount of money allocated toward the military is a political issue regardless of whether you’re pro-, anti-, or neutral–particularly with Trump’s new budget. I also didn’t say these issues “should be” opposed–but I *do* believe you should oppose them if you want to oppose “injecting politics into sports.” The people who complain about that always seem to do it selectively.
            As for the Padres’ Mexican flag, I don’t deal with hypotheticals. Let me know when that actually happens. I’m guessing it won’t.

  • Russ_T._Trombone

    I’m only a bean counter who makes a living by detecting patterns, but there seems to be one pattern that emerges in terms of the demographics of those who lost their jobs. If there were only a European-American version of Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, La Rasa, CAIR…

  • Michael K

    Does this mean I will miss the Pool and tidily winks and poker championships as well a long distance knitting?

  • MekongDelta69

    If ESPN hadn’t turned into a bunch of leftist hacks, this wouldn’t have happened.

  • guestwho2

    As expected, members of ‘diverse’ Protected Classes sailed through.

  • Matthew Blake Anderson

    Jesus, who do they have left.

  • Bubba1971

    ESPN needs to lay off more of the so-called on-air talent. Too many showboats and clowns acting stupid instead of just reporting the story or delivering the copy like a professional.

  • PAI

    Jayson Stark leaving gives me zero reason now to ever click on the MLB tab of their homepage.

    • Raymond Chuang

      Stark will land on his feet in no time flat. I wouldn’t be surprised if competing contract proposals from FOX Sports 1 and MLB Network will be at his home as early as tomorrow!

  • neocontoo

    Should have politics to politicians.
    ESPN spent a lot of time and energy making excuses for their tanking ratings when everyone knew it was because they stood behind the kneeling racist, Kap.

    • PeteF3

      The electorate couldn’t leave politics to politicians, why should ESPN?

  • texasoutrage


  • Christopher Bates

    How do they get rid of Jayson Stark, and keep Pedro Gomez? Or, for that matter, how do they get rid of Trent Dilfer and keep Herm Edwards?

    • King Dong


  • kwwrg

    Yet the absolutely worst baseball announcer ever Jessica Mendoza is still employed?

  • kwwrg

    but….but….but….we will still get Poker tournaments and spelling bees on the worldwide leader in sports right?

  • I hoped they would get rid of the racist and climate change phonies.
    Still won’t watch espn (small letters)..

  • janger

    At the rate ESPN is going…it’ll be airing Music Videos by the end of the summer! ESPN = Ex Sports Political Network!

  • clayhughes

    i won’t miss dilfer, but elmore was cool….sire was pretty.

  • clayhughes

    all white people?? hmm

  • King Dong

    no joo’s on the list and espn is crawling with them….imagine that.

  • Julian Palmer

    ESPN refuses to implement the real fix to the problem that has alienated and pushed away many a viewer — lay off its daytime talking heads who spew racialism and leftist politics.

  • Big Whiskey

    A network so tone deaf it hires double murderer Ray Lewis, and fascist-leftists like Keith Olberman and Dan Rather, should not be surprised to lose its audience of middle class sports fans.

  • ChangeThis

    ABC / ESPN / Disney….all Leftist Crap Holes.

  • 1CEO

    The very rude arrogant btch Britt McHenry should have been the first to be tossed long ago.

  • ua2

    honestly, I recognize two names on this list – stark and bowden (i didn’t even know bowden was on espn, i know him from his GM time in baseball).

    who the hell are these people?

    Are any known names getting the axe? Jayson Stark is too talented not to get a new gig.

    • Jcool

      You don’t know Trent Dilfer or Ed Werder?

      • ua2

        I know dilfer from his nfl time – didn’t know he was at espn. I thought a lot of the jocks on espn weren’t employees per se but talking heads that come on to give an opinion…i.e. treated as freelance.

        I only know who ed werder is after today. Some nfl guy like schefter?

        I don’t think this is some big realignment – this is just getting rid of excess that probably isn’t moving the revenue needle at all.

        • Raymond Chuang

          Stark and Werder will get new gigs–they’ll probably be fielding offers from WAY too many other companies starting tomorrow! Jayson Stark could start working for FOX Sports or MLB Network within 72 hours.

  • Stephen B

    ESPN the CNN of sports casting. I don’t want politics with my sports. Sports is an escape from the garbage which is politics. I haven’t watched anything on ESPN for more than a year and I will never go back.

  • George Blair

    How does jemelle hill keep her job?

    • OneOfOne

      ask michael smith

  • Destro

    I’ll miss Jaymee’s legs.

  • lpapa

    Boo freaking Hoo. Now maybe you people can get a real job and see what life is like for the people you have so much disrespected for these past few years. I really don’t care as I cut cable years ago and I rarely watch ESPN anymore. AS they say,SUCKS to be you.

  • The frosty one

    Damn. I was hoping to see Stephen A

  • bigal64

    Do a story about this across America every day … My last job was for 16+yrs and boom .. H1 Visa’s took my job… and I had to train them to get $$ at the end. Sorry things end up this way but hey .. it’s the real world unless you work for yourself.. but let’s be honest .. it was more then sports at ESPN.. they were the greatest show to watch in sports just like CNN but then people had a choice to “turn off ” the politics. A lot of innocents had to pay that price to keep the lights on .. but on a side note .. who’s going to AvatarLand? Go Padres!!

  • Raymond Chuang

    Dr. Jerry Punch will likely NOT get severance pay, but more likely retirement pay. He’s worked at ESPN long enough to earn a real pension from the Walt Disney Company.

  • We’llcallitBlackDog

    It sucks to lose a job you love; it’s worse if I’m paying to watch the Everybody Spouts Politics Network.

  • CarolinaHurricanesFan

    This list is pretty clear that ESPN got way too big for its own good. With a few exceptions, none of these names are big-time, front line talent. It’s not like they’re giving Jon Gruden or any top-line analysts or hosts the ax. No one is going to not watch ESPN now that Rufus Peabody and Jaymee Sire aren’t on the payroll anymore. And why the heck did ESPN have a Tennessee Titans writer in the first place?

  • kevin despain

    if only this “down sizing” can carry over to College and “professional” sports… ESPN broadcasting College football spring scrimmages ??? seriously??? nothing against sports, but this 24/7 thing is a joke… now if someone can yank Stephen Smith off the air the world will definitely be a better place

  • Mook

    Ideology has nothing to do with Sports. ESPN has destroyed itself.

  • drno

    new world order is in effect. hail hydra! poor NHL……..

  • Robert A. Murray

    If this once flagship of sports reporting had not scuttled itself on the reef of political correctness, perhaps these layoffs would not have been necessary?

  • Joe

    ESPN is still on the air? Must have missed that channel on the cable box.

  • Matthew Wood

    That’s what ESPN gets for mixing sports with Leftist “Political Correctness” politics.

    These layoffs are just more proof of how out of touch the Democrats are with most of America

    • Jcool

      One word describes this…. Delusional.

      • Matthew Wood

        That’s funny, that’s the same word I was called when I predicted Trump would win the Presidency.


    • PeteF3

      ESPN subscriber numbers are down…just like every other cable station on the planet. The cable model is broken, and that has to do with the rise of streaming services and cord-cutting, not “leftist politics.”

      • Biggiewood

        It GREATLY is due to their BS leftist politics.

        I hope they go completely bankrupt.

        • PeteF3

          So are Nickelodeon, GSN, Cartoon Network, NBCSN, FS1, and all other cable channels “BS leftist politics,” too? They’re all going through the same thing, they’re just not being hit as hard yet because their subscriber fees aren’t nearly as high as ESPN’s.

  • calimani

    Bwahahahahaha!! Ah ESPN, a bunch of victim-peddling, self-serving, liberal hypocrite jock-meatheads crying about faux social justice issues instead of sports. Good riddance.

  • Longshanks

    “Good Night & Good Riddance”!!!!!

  • M McLain

    Stop feeding the beast and kill your TV!

  • MrBull

    How much money is ESPN really saving by dumping many of these people, especially some key people like Stark, Werder?
    Now consider the amount $$$ espn pays Jon Gruden $6 million? And the amount that it is planning to pay ‘Whiny’ Greenberg $6.5 milllion?…
    Cut those fat salaries and you can still keep some key people…and throw in dumping Darren Rovell and there is another two still at espn….

  • Name

    ESPN is like the E network crossed with BET. Have not watched in probably 5 years except for certain sunday night baseball games.

  • Loco

    Interesting all the LOUD MOUTH social justice commenters were spared

  • CenCalDevil👊

    They should remain it E-SJW-PN.

    Better yet. Go even further and hire nothing but illegals and transgenders!

    That’ll boost ratings!

  • jekyllisle

    So some of the best talent in terms of real reporting and writing are gone at ESPN, but those that are vocal, left leaning and have a chip on their shoulder, though are not doing the heavy lifting of reporting, are fine…makes sense.

    Wonder where ESPN will be in 5 years

    • B52

      MSESPN at this rate….

    • Biggiewood

      I haven’t cared where they were for the last 5 years.

      I care even less now.

  • B52

    NO gruden..cohen..greenberg…..?. I hope jets reporter/Sal makes it… is douchegras still in? that boring fuck Mayne? svp? They’re letting go the only tolerable ones-the on the ground reporters. Mendoza line is safe I bet…THEY’RE KEEPING SMITH AND THE PUBLIC ACCESS BOXING GUY?!?!!! LOL
    the 6 is safe I’m sure///these espn fuckers think it’s still 2009….

  • B52

    espn=lgbtqppblmlaraza#resist lol harold reynolds on mlb is great..nhl has great shows,but theres no “one stop” highlight shows since espn got out of sports and fs1 has just abdicated…

  • Blaise O’Connor

    All of these layoffs, while Michael Smith & Jemele Hill still have jobs? This is pathetic. Those two should have been canned. They are AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jeff Bailey

      BlackSPN. That’s what it is now. MTV did the same thing!

    • Dave Bishop

      They’re creepy looking too.

  • Christian The W

    Hope some of the layoffs include those behind that SC@6 thing.

  • B52

    The interracial porn that is Sportsnation goes on, but not the major expertise of Werner and Jason Stark…TRENT DILFERS GONE! wtf! Should have donated more to blm,trent….double down espn..double down…Which sportscenter is Rachel Maddow hosting?

  • The Real Truth

    For too long yes pn analis of interjected politics Into their commentary good riddance to them!

  • Internet Tough Guy

    People get laid off every day. Cry me a river.

  • Jeff Bailey

    But, but, but, where will I get my social justice updates? Golly gee, who will tell me Colin Kaepernick is such a great American now. Oh the humanity!

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  • Commonsense

    ESPN is going to be the NBA channel.

  • Armician

    ESPN may as well merge with BET at this point.

    • Dave Bishop

      It’s already that.

  • Dan

    I not only feel for all the people who lost their jobs today. But I wonder, many of these probably contributed to “Insider” on ESPN. Are they planning to refund money to the subscribers who are going to get cheated out of the “insider” “super knowledge”? Truly I don’t mean to be demeaning to those affected. I just feel ESPN has been cheating us consumers for years. In fact, the only reason I ever watch ESPN is because they so over paid for so many of the TV rights that was about the only place to watch most sports …. OK, I was really only watching college basketball and some college football.

  • Dave Bishop

    I bet these nitwits kept Beth Mowins the worst announcer in the history of all things sports.

    • bevus

      there is plenty of deadwood left, I maybe watch 30 mins. now and then. They fired the good ones back the last few years. Still unwatchable, watch some today, and you got the cry baby social Marxist crap again.

  • bevus

    Maybe if they were sports and not a pedestal for politics, lib, politics only. Jocks never figure out what they are NOT after retirement.

  • Cameron Mataka

    This list is made up of people who did their job…reporting on the chosen sport assigned to them…..not shoving their politics or Caitlyn Sam in your face.Are those responsible for the sinking ship losing their jobs??? Probabley not .

  • neptune

    Sorry guys there isn’t enough jobs at McDonald’s for all of you, Mexicans are leaving the agricultural fields so there’s a chance for some of you to fill those vacant good jobs there.

  • Dan

    I’m glad I quit watching everything but the actually college BB and FB games. From the comments I’m reading, if I wanted the liberal stuff, I’d tune into MSNBC and CNN

  • George

    Cut more ESPNers especially the ones you actually have to watch/ listen to on TV.

  • mosche

    Since ESPN was founded by and presently controlled by jews you will see very little, if at all, fellow jews fired.

  • BotoxBetty

    Afew suggestions off the top of my head: get rid of overrated windbag Berman, Bratt McHenry, and that horrid woman who fails at calling college football games.

    • Raymond Chuang

      I think Bob Ley, Chris Berman and Dick Vitale–the ones that have been around since circa 1979-1980 when ESPN first started–will all announce their retirements over the next 18 months. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that the upcoming 2017-2018 college basketball season will be Vitale’s last.

  • MetaphysicalMan

    What is going on with these comments? Did this article get linked at Breitbart or something?

    • westcoast

      Here’s what’s going on with the comments from people—the truth! You won’t find it anywhere on the network airwaves these days.

      • Jcool

        I am now dumber for having read that.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      It’s what the Germans call Schadenfruede. Many, MANY people have stopped watching ESPN either altogether or only for live sports. They’ve gone too far down the liberal/BLM/Caitlyn Jenner gets the courage award rabbit hole. We tune out, they notice and so do their advertisers. This day of reckoning is what we expected when we quit watching and realized there were so many more like us. For me it was when they fired Curt Schilling over a meme. A MEME!

      • MetaphysicalMan

        Appreciate the response, but I was more asking: where did all these people come from who never comment at AA

        • Rusty Shackleford

          It’s probabaly been shared thousands of times on social media and pretty much everybody has a Disqus account since they’re so easy to set up. A lot of the sites Drudge links to have Disqus comment sections.

          • MetaphysicalMan

            I guess so. It’s a shame these folks don’t read AA more often, they would know this has everything to do with overall downturn in cable subscribers, not anything to do with ESPN specifically (though they are feeling the hurt harder because they spent the most) and certainly nothing to do with Caitlyn Jenner (lol)

  • bapdco

    99.9% of whom I’ve never heard. Why didn’t they ax the likes of A.Smith, Max Kellerman, Chris Bermann, Skip Bayless, etc., etc., etc.?

    • PeteF3

      Bayless was probably saved by virtue of having worked at FS1 for the past year or two. The rest draw. Period. If you don’t like it, don’t be blaming ESPN. Blame your peers who give them viewers.

  • Nick Loret de Mola

    Doug Glanville just outed during the NYY/BOS game. He’s laid off.

  • westcoast

    ESPN is like Hollywood (it figures, being owned by the Disney monsters)—their snarky and snide political spittle against conservatives have alienated half their audience and sponsors. Customers have cut the cord and exited. Now those laid off liberals can look for a new safe space at the welfare line.

    • ua2

      customers are cutting the cord a lot slower than i thought they would. it certainly is a slower timeline than what napster and limewire did to music

  • Hard Little Machine

    I hope they fired all the people who aren’t insane leaving only the people who are. I hope ESPN becomes a BLM riot where on air talent murders white people on air. I hope there are rapes and suicide bombings on air to fight ‘The Man’.

  • ua2

    oh damn david hirshey and roger cossack. hirshey is a very good writer. they’ll find new stuff.

  • Cody Stiles

    And yet Linda Cohn still has a job!? She can’t get through a single highlight without mispronouncing an athlete’s name.

    • Lemmy2

      Older woman? They’re not going to take on that legal battle . . . .

    • Kevin Jones

      Don’t forget about Doris Burke..equally awful.

  • Destro

    Can’t believe they let go of Dallas Braden. His hair deserved a salary.

  • sportsfan365

    Based on the number and tenor of the comments here I guess we can see why ESPN’s ratings have fallen. Looking at who they kept speaks volumes about what ESPN thinks is important – and it isn’t news or facts.

  • Hoss the Magnificent

    Were they able to unload Pam Ryan, aka world’s worst football announcer ever? Who cares, ESPN and money-hungry cable companies cured me of my love of sports years ago. I watch 5 channels, they want me to pay for 500 though. I want a quart of ice cream but you have to buy some fish chicken cereal spaghetti sauce eggs and coffee if you want ice cream, sir. Good business model! Hope the whole enterprise goes bankrupt and maybe we can have a la carte choice one of these days and get into the 2010s.

  • Hoss the Magnificent

    What they really need is to eliminate all men from announcing men’s sports, and have them covered by lesbians and trannies. That ought to fix it

    • Kevin Jones


  • Hoss the Magnificent

    I do hope they took the opportunity to give the sack to the world’s worst football announcer ever, former NFL journeyman and special teams specialist Pam Ryan.

  • Hoss the Magnificent

    I wonder if ESPN used the opportunity to unload the world’s worst football announcer ever, former NFL journeyman and special teams expert Pam Ryan.

  • Robert Schwartz

    they got rid of a lot of white talent.kept many yabadabbado babblers like steven a.once again wrong move to appeal to young black audiences .the old white guys are their biggest viewers and have the most amount of disposable other comments state espn is killing itself.evil empire disney cutting losses!

  • JSpicoli

    This is what happens when content is a 180 from public sentiment. We puke on your ratings.

    Don’t build castles in the sand.

  • could you post the most recent at the top so i don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the article? zz

    • James Johnson

      At the start of comments, change it to sort by newest.

      • wasn’t talking about the comments. was talking about the most recent person discovered to be laid off.

  • Steve Repsher

    Reporter Britt McHenry also gone. No loss. Saw her as a local anchor and she’s a total all-looks no-talent.

    • B52

      Maybe she can get work in a garage…

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  • MrBull

    Seeing more names being let go like Andy Katz, tells me that “news coverage’ going forward will be lousy and non existent just like at FS1…
    It looks like ESPN is going the FS1 way…if ESPN didn’t pay ‘Screaming Stephan A’ $3.5 million a year, but, $1 million instead, look at how many of those let go would still be there…

  • Dan

    Never happy to see anyone lose their job, as I mentioned yesterday. But I suppose Andy Katz got bitten by the way he seemed to come across as talking down to everyone. Just the way it seemed to me!

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  • B52


  • Chili Dogg

    Glad Kanell is gone. Why not Heather Dinich?

  • Pingback: ESPN layoffs reportedly not quite complete; more names could come out()

  • Mike Gergel

    “Awful” that Mark May was let go, No it is a blessing to me. The guy is a moron that was constantly “owned” by Lou Holtz…

  • Pingback: ESPN’s 2017 NFL Draft Report Card()

  • COGowan

    I have little interest in the Patriots or Red Sox vs. Yankees, so I rarely watch Eastcoast Sports Programming Network anymore. Now, without Jaymee Sire, I have absolutely no reason to turn it on until SEC football starts.

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  • Kevin Jones

    It’s only a matter of time before Fox supplants ESPN as the premier sports network. ESPN has so grossly overpaid for coverage rights and then compounded it’s problems by incorporating ABC/Disney’s leftist agendas into it’s format, that it will never rule the sports universe again. I’m disappointed but not sad.

    • brothermuzone

      Same sports network that laid off a bunch of people last year and get demolished by espn?

  • mats wilander

    That thug mark may is finally gone. Goodbye troll

  • Pingback: Sports media layoffs like ESPN's are unfortunately here to stay()

  • OneOfOne

    mike golic jr. michael smith. jamelle hill. michelle beadles. doris burke. pam ward. lz granderson. of course the rainbow divesity channel will never fire them

  • rosetta_stoned

    And yet every, single one of their left-wing loudmouths remain employed.


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  • JL

    I guess we can expect more shows of people playing poker and video games.

  • hill875

    I promise to stop smoking (51 years )…if you please include Step n Fetch-it in the layoffs…..

  • Pingback: AA's @ClippitTV videos of the week: ESPN personalities react to layoffs; CP3 hates a reporter's question()

  • brothermuzone

    So ironic that the people who run around calling others “snowflakes” are too sensitive to watch sports for fear of someone saying something that they don’t agree with. Of course espn laying people has very little to do with politics and more to do wity them over bidding for exclusive Tv rights and cord cutting. FS1 laid off a bunch of people just last year. Are they too liberal as well?

  • Jean H Pierre

    So who’s going to call the Indy 500 if Allen Bestwick is not there. The 500 will not be renewed by ESPN ABC after 2018.

  • Yehuda Hamer

    Does anyone know how much all these salaries add up to?????????????

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  • Tim Jahr

    Andrew Brandt mentioned on his podcast today that he was also let go

  • Ohiowordguy

    Dear ESPN:

    I have never once tuned in a sports broadcast to see a particular on-air host. I have, many times, turned one off because of a host.

    Nobody cares about your opinions OR your politics — especially the latter.

    Broadcast the game, give us thoughtful insights into the game and otherwise SHUT UP.

  • Keanna

    Add Sara Walsh to that list, shame like her a LOT.

  • Bill Cord

    I guess this means less ESPN for me since I watch MLB and never watch the NBA.

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  • Carol Caprio

    Jessica Mendoza needs to be the first to go!!
    A softball player as your expert baseball analyst is laughable, as she has proven over and over again on a weekly basis … listening to her critique Dee Gordon’s base stealing or Chris Sale’s 4 seam fastball, sends me frantically seeking the “mute” button on my remote!
    If the Uber liberal minds at ESPN insist on a token minority female in the booth, make her a play by play chick… not an unqualified “expert”

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