attends ESPN The Party on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California.

On Wednesday, ESPN laid off many prominent writers and broadcasters for everything from hockey to predictive analytics.

Starting early Wednesday, now former ESPN employees began to notify the industry mostly through Twitter that they were being laid off. On TV, ESPN personalities who weren’t given the axe took the opportunity to pay tribute to their former colleagues.

Meanwhile, both ESPN employees who weren’t fired and writers and broadcasters at other networks took to Twitter to directly praise those who unfortunately lost their jobs and lobby for them to get new jobs quickly.

Jayson Stark:

Ed Werder:

Trent Dilfer:

Jane McManus:

Brett McMurphy:

Danny Kanell:

Dana O’Neil:

Jaymee Sire:

Jay Crawford:

While those names listed above were some of the biggest, many other notable ESPN broadcasters and writers were let go as well. Additionally, many still at ESPN and those outside of Bristol decided to both address those who lost their jobs directly on Twitter and take the time to thank everyone at once for their work at ESPN.

There were many other posts and there will continue to be over the coming days. It’s a rough and sad day in the sports media industry.

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