Tony Gonzalez is leaving CBS’ The NFL Today. He’s been an analyst on the show since 2014. CBS brought in Gonzalez and Bart Scott to replace Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe as a way to revitalize the network’s NFL pregame show.

According to, it was Gonzalez who chose to leave saying he wanted to spend more time with family and reduce his travel to and from New York each season.

CBS has issued the following statement confirming Gonzalez’s departure:

“We have very much enjoyed having Tony as a member of the CBS team for the past three years and we thank him for his hard work as he developed into a strong analyst,” said a CBS Sports spokesperson. “We respect Tony’s decision as he prioritizes family and we wish him nothing but the best.”

Gonzalez has issued a statement through CBS:

“I have had an incredible and rewarding three years at CBS and wish it could be more, but traveling to New York each week during the season is not what is best for my family at this time. While I hope to remain in broadcasting I will look to do so in the L.A. area. I can’t thank CBS enough for their support.”

By saying he will look for TV work in the L.A. area, it means two or three potential landing spots for Gonzalez. One is Fox Sports, which has been based in Southern California since its inception. Second is NFL Network, which is always looking for new analysts to join its roster. And a third choice could be ESPN, which already has Keyshawn Johnson based as a Los Angeles analyst for its West Coast editions of SportsCenter.

So it means that CBS has a vacancy on The NFL Today. It could choose to bring an analyst from That Other Pregame Show on CBS Sports Network or go outside the CBS family. One name that has been brought up by is former Oakland Raiders executive Amy Trask, who has been on That Other Pregame Show since 2013.

CBS certainly has some time to find a replacement.

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  • DrewShervin

    Cowher thinks his job with CBS is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s why he has turned down ever offer to return to the NFL. He has refused offers with 4-5 years guaranteed at 5-6 million per year. He has to be earning at best about $2 million a year on CBS. You rarely see anyone walk about from these network pre-game show spots. In virtually every case their contract isn’t renewed. Maybe the salaries are higher than I estimate. On the Fox pregame show it looks Terry, Howie, Michael and Jimmy will be there until they are in the ground. Terry is supposedly retiring in a few years but when I see it I’ll believe it.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      Terry, Howie, Michael and Jimmy basically have tenure. They could do something dumb like say something sexist or racist and be caught on video, but i think they are smart enough to know better.

    • Sergeant2

      Where are you getting your info that Cowher has turned down several job offers? (not being snarky, just asking)

      • Matt Galvin

        Wants full power and East Coast Team. Ray Rice? Other Retired guys?

  • Sergeant2

    I think CBS is letting Gonzalez save face by letting him claim it was his decision to leave the network. Truth is Gonzalez wasn’t that good as an analyst, he did ok, but not good enough to hold off those waiting in the wings to replace him.

  • Justin_Herrick

    Agree with the other person who commented on Tony’s talent. He’s just not that good in the studio. His tone is dull, and he doesn’t seem to give any real analysis.

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