CBS mic sharing

Michigan’s 92-91 win over Oklahoma State Friday went right down to the wire, but broadcaster CBS had to make as many late-game adjustments as the teams. Inside the final minute, announcers Jim Nantz, Grant Hill and Bill Raftery suddenly went quiet before a commercial break. At first, it seemed like they might just be letting the crowd noise tell the story:

But when they came back, there was only the court audio:

Reporter Tracy Wolfson then came on and announced “We’re having some audio issues right now.”

She briefly filled in on play-by-play until the next spot for a commercial:

When they came back, Nantz, Hill and Raftery were on the air again, with Nantz explaining “We’ve taken a little bit of a power hit here courtside.”

Nantz then talked about how they were huddled around one handheld mic (presumably Wolfson’s):

And the broadcast then showed that, with Hill dropping a “I feel like one of the Temptations.”

Look for the next album from Nantz, Hill and Raftery to drop soon. With their mic-sharing skills, they might be able to challenge Manfred Mann:


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  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    The only good mic in front of Jim Nantz is a non-operable one.

  • CarolinaHurricanesFan

    Shows how utterly untalented sideline reporters are. Wolfson can’t even identify one player and roughly tosses it to break. Nantz may not be Marv Albert, but shows he’s pretty smooth when getting back on air.

    • Shawn Diiorio

      In defense, she wasn’t really placed in a position to call the action, and i’m sure she of all people would have done her homework if she knew she was being put in that position.

  • DrewShervin

    Tracy Wolfson’s amazing mole. In her spare time she is a comedian at funerals.