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Being stuck in an elevator isn’t the only awkward situation for Jim Spanarkel this week, but the latest one is of his own doing. The CBS analyst and former Duke and NBA player, who was calling Thursday’s West Virginia – Bucknell game with Verne Lundquist, had a rather odd response to a post-halftime segment from colleague Allie LaForce:

LaForce, serving as the broadcast’s reporter, relayed comments from Bucknell coach Nathan Davis on West Virginia’s offensive rebounding and how the Bison would have to work to negate it in the second half. Then Lundquist asked Spanarkel “And how do you feel about that?” Spanarkel replied “I agree with Allie, I always agree with Allie, though,” and Lundquist chimed in with “I know you do!”

Spanarkel then continued with “Eight offensive rebounds…well, I’ve learned not to argue with pretty women. Like the people in my house, I don’t get in trouble with the people that are in my house either, so eight offensive rebounds, Allie, when you think about it, is really a problem, from the standpoint of Bucknell.” [West Virginia promptly gets another offensive rebound and scores.] Lundquist then goes “That’s a very good philosophy of life, by the way,” and Spanarkel goes “Yeah, isn’t it?”

This prompted all sorts of criticism of Spanarkel on Twitter:

Criticism’s certainly deserved here; this was a terrible choice of words, and it was oddly done in general. LaForce was relaying information from Davis, so it should have been more about agreeing or disagreeing with him, not with the messenger. (And the point about allowing too many offensive rebounds seems like a valid one, especially as another one happened during this clip.)

Beyond that, there’s no call at all to reference LaForce’s appearance, especially as a reason to agree with her. But mistakes do happen, and this does seem to mostly be a clumsy misstep and awkward word choice. It’s a very poor choice of words to use about a colleague, though, and not a terribly professional comment to make. We’ll see if there’s any apology forthcoming from Spanarkel or CBS.

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  • philly97

    Of course you liberals would make this a story.

  • John Vicari

    I agree it was a poor choice of words but he didn’t have any bad intentions behind it. He was trying to complement Allie and he tried to get cute and funny which apparently back fired on him. Unless Allie has a problem with the comments no harm done.

  • ThisGuy22

    AN APOLOGY?! I love this website, but some of these posts are ridiculous. You have way better things to write about Andrew. This is a non story.

  • GameFederer

    Ask Allie LaForce if she gives two shits.

  • Carter_Burger67

    Apologize for calling Allie pretty. Yea, let’s just wait on that one.

  • Racing Fan

    It was awkward, but not that big a deal. Problem was, he knew instantly he screwed up, that’s why he brought his family/house into it to try and make it innocent.

  • CreightonRabs

    No apology needed. This is a fake news story. Shut up and move on.

  • PAI

    When you guys show tweets about this, do you actually take a look at the twitter accounts of such people you put up here? It really harms the argument you’re trying to make when half the people post “white people suck and here’s why” tweets constantly.

  • PAI

    Pretty sure Clay Buchholz could write something more intelligent, and he’s a complete moron and the world’s first Zika baby…

  • Matt

    No story here.

  • YouAreWrongAndDumb

    Oh no! He called a pretty woman pretty! I hope she has a safe space to crawl into to protect her from such evil!

  • CarolinaHurricanesFan

    News flash, looks are a big factor in who does or doesn’t get sideline reporter jobs in TV. It’s not radio folks. Is this perhaps not a good thing…well, likely, but blame the TV execs and a D team color guy.

  • Dave Kreczko

    What are LaForce’s qualifications for getting the job? Did she play college basketball? Did she go to a top-rated broadcast journalism school? Someone please tell me!

    • RadioGuy

      She did play five games as a freshman for college basketball power Ohio University, but I suspect being a past beauty queen and model for Trump had at least as much to do with why she’s a sideline reporter…they’re usually little more than eye-candy without two salient points to rub together.

  • MrBull

    So, there is ‘up roar’ over a ‘live comment’ from a sporting event…remember, there is no script or TelePrompTer for the broadcasters to read off…so sometimes the wording does not come off or out right….
    People need to chill and lay off ‘running to Twitter to pop off’…they are worst then what was said…and they are also hypocrites as they will not ‘pop off on Twitter’ if something far worst is said about say President Trump or the First Lady, which has been….

  • hunger pains

    one of the most pathetic articles I’ve ever read . fuck off