NFL: Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks

The NFL, unsurprisingly, returns with excellent ratings

The National Football League returned to our television screens on Thursday, and to the shock of no one, we returned to the National Football League. Seattle’s champion Seahawks casually dominated the Green Bay Packers following their ceremony to celebrate a Super Bowl last night, while the game casually dominated the rest of television in the […]


Fox exec takes shot at Fox Soccer after Simpsons marathon puts FXX on the map

Have you been able to comprehend that the nearly two-week long marathon of The Simpsons has left your TV yet? The show’s 552 episodes and movie were shown around the clock on the year-old FXX network from August 21st through Monday. I probably sat through approximately 100 of them, and that’s a low estimate. Also, I own […]


Euro 2016 Qualifying will be spread across Fox, ESPN networks

Following a couple of months off after a breathtaking World Cup, international soccer begins to ramp up again this week. The U.S. men’s national team began their post-Brazil slate with a game in the Czech Republic (NBCSN televised, while FS2 is airing an England-Norway friendly), and the rest of their year will feature home matches […]


Rogers announces hockey broadcast team with lots of familiar faces from CBC

Rogers, with their multi-billion dollar monopoly on nationally-broadcast NHL action in Canada, has been announcing the broadcast team for their eons of games in pieces throughout the summer. We broke the story that they’d brought over former TSNers Paul Romanuk and Dave Randorf for their play-by-play squad along with lead CBC play-by-play man Jim Hughson. […]


Jon Stewart mocks ESPN’s Michael Sam report

Running out the clock on the news cycle’s reporting on ESPN’s Michael Sam “not showering with other dudes to be respectful” “story” means we’re going to hear from many of the usual parties that comment on such things. Jon Stewart, ever the sports fan that he is, weighed in on the story on last night’s Daily […]


TSN may beat ESPN to The Ocho

We’ve all made jokes in the past about how ESPN will end up emulating the film Dodgeball and launch ESPN 8: The Ocho. Their Canadian counterparts apparently saw it as a challenge. They won’t quite make it to The Ocho, but they’ll come pretty close. Monday morning, TSN launched TSN 3, TSN 4 and TSN 5. That’s […]

NFL: Preseason-San Diego Chargers at San Francisco 49ers

Chargers broadcaster Hank Bauer makes hacky, anti-semitic joke

Look, radio announcers have a much tougher job in some respects than television announcers. You have to paint pictures, you have to fill in every detail, you have to speak for three hours straight with only your partner and commercials to provide respite. Sometimes things get out of hand and weird, but there’s no excuse […]


ESPN, NBA TV will cover much of the FIBA World Cup

The FIBA World Cup has had a lot of buzz for the past few weeks, though largely for the unfortunate reason of Paul George’s injury. That said, the tournament is still likely to be an entertaining appetite whetter for the upcoming NBA season. While many NBA stars (James Harden, Stephen Curry, and the triumphantly returning […]

Sunday Ticket Logo

The NFL and DirecTV are close to a deal for Sunday Ticket

Every few years, cable customers are allowed to feel just a bit melancholy, as the NFL continues to reject their business for the NFL Sunday Ticket product. It appears that will again be the case, as the next negotiations seem to be wrapping up on a long-term deal. The NFL will remain satellite-only. The league and […]


NHL Network puts big US and Canadian markets on schedule

We take more than our few slap shots at the NHL Network here at Awful Announcing, but the one thing the channel is truly good for is a slate of live games that supplements what NBC and NBCSN bring to the table the rest of the week. They also, for the most part, usually provide […]