Gregg Doyel leaves CBS for the Indianapolis Star

The arc is an old one in journalism: the hotshot writer for that big local paper gets called up to do national gigs, be they in national writing outlets, sports television or now websites. One popular writer, however, is reversing that arc. Gregg Doyel, CBS’ award-winning lead columnist, is leaving the paper to go to […]


Week 5 NFL Local Ratings Rankings

Welcome to AA’s NFL local ratings rankings. Every week, we’ll take a look at which teams has the highest TV ratings in their local markets, presented 1-32 and with commentary to help provide context, enjoy. Byes: Miami, Oakland 1. Seattle (ESPN) - 45.2 A new #1 in these rankings is even rarer than a change atop the […]

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-New York Rangers at Los Angeles Kings

The return of the NHL announcing schedule

United States Wednesday, October 8 Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins, 7:30 p.m. ET (NBCSN) - Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire San Jose Sharks vs. Los Angeles Kings, 10 p.m. ET (NBCSN) - Dave Strader, Brian Engblom Thursday, October 9 Colorado Avalanche vs. Minnesota Wild, 9 p.m. ET (NBCSN) - John Forslund, Pierre McGuire Saturday, October 11 Pittsburgh […]


NBC will produce NHL Draft coverage for the first time ever

Last night, news broke that TSN hockey insiders Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger would be joining NBC (in addition to staying at TSN) for the upcoming NHL season. McKenzie will make weekly appearances on NBCSN while Dreger will also contribute news and the stuff that’s made both very famous in Canada, and it brings a […]


Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger are coming to NBCSN

One of my main complaints left about NBC’s coverage of the National Hockey League is the seeming lack of commitment to combining journalism with their massive television presence. Sure, the network has ProHockeyTalk, but rarely are writers from the show ever used, and rarely does the show ever really delve into things like trade rumors […]

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NFL Ratings Week 5: Patriots lead to SNF increase

Pregame Fox NFL Sunday - 3.4 The NFL Today - 3.0 Regional Window (Fox) 1. New Orleans (TB vs. NO) - 38.6/64 2. Denver (ARZ vs. DEN) - 38.3/73 3. Buffalo (BUF vs. DET) - 34.6/58 4. Chicago (CHI vs. CAR) - 28.5/57 5. Philadelphia (STL vs. PHI) - 28.5/55 6. Phoenix (ARZ vs. DEN) - 27.7/50 7. Detroit (BUF vs. DET) - 25.5/49 […]

One of the SportsCenter video walls

ESPN audience up six percent in 2014

With a World Cup, BCS title game, NBA Playoffs and Monday Night Football, ESPN should always be having good times in terms of ratings, but 2014 appears to be a better than usual year for The Worldwide Leader. The network has averaged 1.012 million viewers in the past 12 months (October of last year to September […]


Jim Rome has the #1 horse in America

I know very little about horse racing, but I imagine one of the pleasures of it must be how anyone — with the right amount of money and the right people around you — can become an effective horse owner and become a part of that world. It all seems quite democratic. The current number […]


TBS, ESPN draw solid numbers for Wild Card games

Though some complain about its usefulness and wonder if it shouldn’t be a full-fledged series, the fact is that the invention of the Wild Card game has been wildly successful (sorry) for MLB. Adding a do-or-die element, guaranteed, to the MLB Playoffs has provided a buzz and has paid off in the ratings. We start with […]


‘Hockey Night in Canada’ will cut back on Tim Thompson’s montages

Monday afternoon, Rogers presented their massive, expensive new NHL studios to the world. Everyone was impressed by this new combination of hockey and visuals that will hopefully make Hockey Night in Canada all the better. However, one other change was announced that might not make some so thrilled. I think it’s no secret that our site, along […]


Week 4 NFL Local Ratings Rankings

Welcome to AA’s NFL local ratings rankings. Every week, we’ll take a look at which teams has the highest TV ratings in their local markets, presented 1-32 and with commentary to help provide context, enjoy. Week 4 Byes: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Denver, Arizona, St. Louis, Seattle 1. New Orleans (NBC) - 48.9 If you follow these rankings, you […]


CBS Sports Network’s ‘We Need to Talk’ won’t judge success on ratings

We’ve all written a lot about CBS Sports Network’s We Need to Talk without knowing a lot about it, and that’s because of the show’s… I won’t say premise, but casting choices. The fact is, there’s not a lot known about the show besides an interview here or there and some press releases. There would be a […]


NFL Ratings, Week 4: Only SNF sees year-to-year gains

Regional Window (CBS) Blackouts: New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh 1. Buffalo (BUF vs. HOU) - 33.3/62 2. Indianapolis (TEN vs. IND) - 31.8/55 3. Baltimore (CAR vs. BAL) - 29.9/59 4. San Diego (JAX vs. SD) - 29.7/57 5. Houston (BUF vs. HOU) - 27.6/55 6. Charlotte (CAR vs. BAL) - 22.1/44 7. Jacksonville (JAX vs. SD) - 21.7/35 8. Nashville (TEN vs. IND) […]