One of my favorite things on Twitter is to see people who still catch up with and follow of FXX’s The League. Though it’s mostly transitioned to an absurdist hangout comedy from its initial pitch of a sitcom about fantasy football fans, there are those who maintain it’s often uncanny how weirdly topical the show can be. There’s a lot of humor to be mind from the insanity of football fans.

That’s what producer Judd Apatow and Oscar-nominated actress Laura Dern are betting on. Dern brought the idea of a comedy “set in the world of obsessive female football fans” to Apatow, who are getting the ball rolling on the comedy. South Park writer Pam Brady will pen the script.

Obviously, we’re years away from actually seeing the results of this film. Regardless, there’s nothing about it that doesn’t seem like a positive collaborative effort. Dern is an incredible actress, Brady wrote for both South Park and Team America: World Police, and Apatow’s produced and directed some of the most-loved comedies of the past decade. There’s also something to be said for the subject matter, if they get it right.

Often on Sundays, I’ll see this weird trend of men (and some women) criticizing other women for… I guess, seemingly not liking football enough, or being around just to impress men? I think that notion is bogus, and I’d love to support a movie that refutes that very argument. Plus, as The League has shown us, insane football fans almost always make for decent comedy.

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