Stephen A. Smith debate

Over a million people embraced debate on Monday across ESPN and FS1

Those who like to pick on ESPN’s First Take and FS1’s Undisputed had a harder time doing that with Monday’s ratings. The combination of a holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) and hot takes on the Dallas Cowboys’ loss led to remarkable ratings for both shows: According to The Wrap, the 283,000 for Undisputed broke […]

Jonah Keri Tim Raines 2

Jonah Keri had a great reaction to Tim Raines making the Hall of Fame

They say there’s no cheering in the press box, but sometimes, it can be absolutely awesome to watch sportswriters celebrate an accomplishment for one of their heroes. That’s certainly the case with CBS/Sports Illustrated writer and Nerdist podcast host Jonah Keri, who’s long been the foremost advocate for Tim Raines’ case for induction into the […]

Herculez Gomez USMNT

Herculez Gomez joins ESPN, announces retirement from professional soccer

ESPN has a new soccer analyst, and he’ll be a familiar face to fans of U.S. soccer. That would be striker Herculez Gomez, who announced Tuesday that he was retiring from professional soccer at 34 and joining ESPN. Gomez recorded six goals in 24 appearances for the U.S. national team from 2007 to 2013, including […]

Paul Finebaum leaves

Paul Finebaum suddenly leaves mid-show, Peter Burns steps in (updated)

The Paul Finebaum Show on ESPN Radio and SEC Network saw something highly unusual Tuesday afternoon, with host Paul Finebaum perhaps seeming ill and cutting off a caller midsentence, then the show going to an extended commercial break and a replay of some of Monday’s content, and then Peter Burns stepping into Finebaum’s chair without […]

DirecTV Now outage MSNBC

Upset DirecTV Now customers denied refunds take their case to the FCC

AT&T’s streaming service DirecTV Now has had plenty of issues in its first few months, from not gaining rights to CBS to not showing local regional sports network games to blacking out NFL games to having major crashes and outages to regular login issues or unavailable channels for many of its users. However, the company […]


Live from the Super Bowl, it’s…NASCAR Race Hub?

Airing studio shows from the Super Bowl’s host city is a time-honored tradition, one that’s been done by everything from radio shows to SportsCenter to Whitlock’s House Party By The Bay. All of those other shows were either football-focused or general sports, though; FS1 is making a different move this year, announcing Monday that one […]

First Take Your Take winners

Meet the fans who will embrace debate on First Take this week

Who’s ready to watch fans debate Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on ESPN’s First Take? The First Take, Your Take contest, which was announced back in October, has revealed its winners, Chrystal Stone of New York City and Mikal Goodman of Miami. They’ll appear on the show Tuesday and Wednesday respectively (Jan. 17 and […]

Meathead Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe blasts DirecTV as “Screwed-Over Rob Lowe”

Rob Lowe has been a prominent DirecTV spokesman, but he’s also a big football fan, and the latter role appears to be taking precedence for him at the moment. Lowe absolutely unleashed on DirecTV in a tweet barrage Saturday: What’s at issue here? It looks like it’s a carriage dispute between DirecTV and multiple Palm […]