Hogan Thiel 2

Tech billionaire Peter Thiel is reportedly funding Hulk Hogan’s Gawker lawsuit

The idea of a shadowy third party funding Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against Gawker was initially called  “rather conspiracy-theory like” by Gawker founder Nick Denton, but now it’s turned into an solid concept that even includes an allegation of the specific person involved; Silicon Valley billionaire and frequent Gawker/Valleywag target Peter Thiel. The concept gained some […]

TPT Budweiser

The Players’ Tribune unveils new Budweiser-sponsored “Studio B”

We’ve seen Derek Jeter’s first-person athlete journalism site The Players’ Tribune finding plenty of success, and it’s recently been boosting its video efforts with partners like AOL. It’s also been ratcheting up its sponsorship, with even events like their coverage of Michigan’s signing day finding significant sponsors. Now, as

Nick Denton

Nick Denton wonders if a third party’s funding Hogan, others suing Gawker

At first glance, the idea that a shadowy third party’s out to destroy Gawker Media by funding lawsuits against the company (including Hulk Hogan’s) seems like quite the conspiracy theory. Even Gawker Media founder Nick Denton thought so at first when it was first suggested years ago, but now, he’s starting to believe differently. As […]

Playmaker Media

NBC moves streaming to “Playmaker Media” division, looks to work with leagues

Streaming has been becoming more important for networks for some time, and now many are looking to capitalize on streaming technology itself. That’s been behind moves like Disney/ESPN eyeing Baseball Advanced Media Tech (which already powers WatchESPN, HBO Go and many other services) and Turner paying nearly $200 million for a majority stake in iStreamPlanet. […]

tom bowles

NASCAR media controversy erupts over Tom Bowles’ Kevin Harvick report

The world of NASCAR saw an interesting media controversy this week, with a wide variety of reporters getting annoyed at owner/editor he and other NASCAR drivers like blasted “the media” for inaccurate reports, which led to reporters like USA Today’s has confirmed on Twitter that Harvick went to him and said the rumors of […]

TheScore eSports

Of theScore’s 230 employees, 45 solely cover eSports

Competitive video gaming coverage has become a big part of the traditional sports media world recently, with Turner creating, covering and broadcasting the ELeague competition (Twitch streaming details for that were announced Friday) and ESPN, Yahoo, and Bleacher Report all launching eSports verticals. Those are all big media companies that have eSports as a small […]

Kristine Leahy

Kristine Leahy: Uber driver tried to break into my house

Fox Sports’ Kristine Leahy apparently has had some bad experiences with Uber. Leahy tweeted Friday about issues she’s having trying to get house keys she left in an Uber back, but it’s the part at the end of her statement that really stands out: “I’ve had an Uber driver try to break into my home […]