NBPA head Michele Roberts misunderstands media with her comments

We’ve seen plenty of pushback from athletes against the media recently, from Marshawn Lynch to Kevin Durant, and some of that appears to have moved on to at least one key union executive: Michele Roberts, the head of the NBA Players’ Association. However, while both Lynch and Durant made some good points, Roberts seems to […]

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The Top 15 Canadians in American Sports Media

Ed Note: It’s late February.  A bitter cold is sweeping through much of the lower 48.  So what better time to honor the top Canadian imports in American sports media with this polar vortex of a listicle!  It might surprise you to know just how big of an influence and impact our neighbors to the […]


TSN posts most-watched month in five years, even without the NHL

When Rogers outbid TSN for a 12-year national NHL rights package back in December 2013, it was described as “a massive blow” to TSN, and one that seemed likely to dramatically alter the Canadian media landscape, turning Rogers Sportsnet into the behemoth and TSN into the scrappy underdog. Even those of us who were optimistic about TSN’s […]

AUGUSTA, GA - APRIL 01:  Magnolia Lane's 60 magnolia trees and the clubhouse are seen at Augusta National Golf Club before The Masters on April 1, 2012 in Augusta, Georgia.  (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Joe Posnanski opens up about the sad state of journalism in Augusta

Journalism is at the same time an editorial endeavour and a business, and the divide (or lack thereof) between the sides has always been a subject of much debate. This week, Joe Posnanski revealed one time when the business side appears to have trampled the editorial side. In the wake of black golfer Charlie Sifford’s death […]

COLUMBUS, OH - NOVEMBER 1: Head coach Tim Beckman of the Illinois Fighting Illini looks on in the first half of the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium on November 1, 2014 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Illinois coach wants local media to be cheerleaders for bad football program

Coaches in general, and college coaches in particular, often seem to have a poor understanding of the role of the media, but Illinois football coach Tim Beckman seems to understand it even less than most. At his National Signing Day press conference Wednesday, Beckman told the media in attendance they need to be more positive about […]

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The NHL All-Stars somehow found a way to make the All-Star Fantasy Draft entertaining

The typical pattern for a sports broadcast is engaging commentary from announcers and analysts, mixed with often dull-as-dishwater quotes from the athletes and/or coaches themselves when grabbed for an interview during a break in play. That was reversed in Friday night’s NHL All-Star Game Fantasy Draft, though, where the professional broadcasters couldn’t get out of […]


Bleacher Report daily traffic record proof the site is growing up

Back in December, we spotlighted Bleacher Report’s 2014 growth as the third-most notable sports media story of the year, and it looks like the site’s dramatic growth is continuing. Turner announced this week that B/R pulled in 8.8 million unique visitors Monday, a single-day record. Monday also saw the site receive over 12.7 million total visits, […]


The year’s 10 most notable sports media stories

2014 was a big year in sports media circles, with a whole host of major stories. However, some of the highest-profile ones may wind up not leading to large changes, and some that didn’t get a massive amount of play at the time may wind up having huge implications for media consumers down the road. […]


Why the ombudsman’s role should grow throughout sports

ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte filed the final column of his 18-month tenure Wednesday, evaluating the network’s journalistic strengths and weaknesses and offering suggestions on how they could improve. His piece is well worth a read, and his suggestions should be considered by Bristol’s higher-ups, but a potentially even more important decision facing them is where […]


ESPN ombudsman exposes jarring beliefs about conflicts of interest inside Bristol

During his tenure as ESPN ombudsman, Robert Lipsyte has done a phenomenal job of pushing into some of the most controversial areas of the network (something sadly neglected by some previous ombudsmen: still waiting on that Craig James post, Poynter!). He’s looked at thorny issues such as Chris Broussard and Jason Collins, inconsistent discipline and […]


Does ESPN have a double standard with Skip Bayless and Bill Simmons?

It’s no secret that ESPN’s internal discipline has often been inconsistent; they even admit that, with vice-president Patrick Steigman (Bristol’s director of digital and print media) telling ombudsman Robert Lipsyte in September, “We don’t treat everyone the same but we treat everyone fairly.” Still, this week has set up a double standard that seems farfetched even […]