Scott Brown is's Pittsburgh Steelers beat writer.  He made the move to ESPN from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review as part of their initiative to have a dedicated beat writer for every NFL team after covering the Steelers there for six years.  The Steelers blog at looks like most of the other NFL blogs at ESPN – links, mailbags, short columns providing analysis and insights into the team.

In short, there's no sign from looking at the Pittsburgh Steelers blog at ESPN that Scott Brown is a crazy person.

His Twitter page is a different story.

Over the weekend, Brown went psychotic on Twitter, challenging multiple individuals to debates, perhaps in his quest to try out for First Take.  It started with a debate on the Penn State scandal (apparently Brown is an alum) and then turned ugly as Brown berated one follower, going as low as to insult the man's sister.  Brown then turned delusional about his ugly insults and moaned when the people that he continued to belittle blocked him on Twitter and didn't continue the debate.

It's a long one, but get the popcorn and stay with this one till the end.  

Yikes.  That's an ugly, ugly look for anyone who writes for ESPN.  The official decision for this Twitter War is definitely a DQ for Scott Brown.  Not only did he go for the low blows with jabs at sisters, but he continually depended on outside interference from the likes of John Ziegler.  I think I need to take a shower now.  Yeesh.

Brown checked every box for insane mainstream sportswriter rant – massive ego, unnecessary dig at bloggers in basements, bullying people over number of followers on Twitter, Napoleon complex, incessant thirst for debate, delusions of grandeur… IT'S ALL HERE.

It'll be interesting to see what, if anything, ESPN has to say about one of their NFL writers going down in flames like this on Twitter.  

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