On Friday night in Minnesota, the Chicago White Sox fell 5-4 to the Minnesota Twins after a walk off single by Brian Dozier. In situations like this, you expect Hawk Harrelson to be his usual brooding, miserable self, but that wasn’t totally the case on Friday.

Let’s take this one part at a time, shall we?

First, we have Hawk’s typical depression once Dozier hits the ball into left field.
Next, the silence that we’ve come to expect when he gets pouty over a loss.
Then, his voice jumps up an octave after Dayan Viciedo fires a strike to the plate.
Finally, back to misery after Eduardo Escobar is called safe.

But because it was a close play, a replay review could be on the table. Hawk barely had a chance to get mopey and miserable before Robin Ventura popped out of the dugout to challenge the play. Harrelson and Steve Stone then got some hope in their voices at the possibility of extra innings, but the replay revealed that Escobar was indeed safe and the game was over.

Hawk took the loss well, all things considered. He even gave Escobar credit for his awesome slide! After watching this sequence of events, I think the apocalypse is on the horizon.

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