Thursday night's Sugar Bowl provided a wealth of entertainment that included a surprising upset, a glut of scoring and big plays, and some epic Alabama fan reaction shots. If you weren't too wiped out by the game and stuck around for the post game show, you were treated to this fun moment as a celebrating Sooner team nearly collapsed the back of the ESPN stage. Luckily disaster was avoided but you can tell the situation jolted everyone on set almost as much as the game itself where it should be noted Mark May predicted a 48-10 final in favor of Alabama, a margin of victory difference of a mere 52 points.

Holtz's reaction is priceless and for such an unexpected occurrence, you have to say that everyone handled it well. The Sooners slinked away discretely, Rece Davis kept the show moving, Holtz high fives a player, and May continues to just be happy he's on the opposite side of Stoops, a position that mirrors their opposing viewpoints on celebrating the SEC

Future victorious teams, take note. Suggested weight limit for an ESPN stage is 3000 pounds. 

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