When the Seattle Seahawks' scheduled Super Bowl Media Day session began, Marshawn Lynch was nowhere to be found. Whether or not the running back would attend was already a subplot heading into the day, as Lynch faced a potential $100,000 fine if he decided not to show up.

Lo and behold, he was there. NFL Network cameras caught him standing off to the side, away from the glare of the media throng. 

As the network's panel debated Lynch's lack of full participation, roving reporter Deion Sanders approached the historically media-shy Lynch and scored an interview.


Lynch began by dropping an S-bomb, for which host Rich Eisen later apologized. But after Deion and Marshawn joked around a bit, it became clear that Lynch didn't want to be there.

DS: "[Are] you kinda shy?

ML: Nah.

DS: You just don't…wanna talk, really?

ML: I'm just 'bout that action, boss.

NFL Network replayed the interview twice within 40 minutes of the live moment and spent much of their coverage debating Lynch's actions after the fact.

Lynch should be commended for showing up and doing something that clearly made him uncomfortable, even if it was done to avoid a hefty fine. As the panel noted, not every NFL player, or human being, is comfortable in that environment.

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