You’ve been sick at home or working from home on a weekday afternoon, indulging in whatever television has to offer at that hour, we all know it isn’t their best day part. You flip around to something you can tolerate, but they’ve gone to commercial. Chances are, it’s for a lawyer or law firm promising they can help you out. Not just in general, but for very specific events that may have occurred — asbestos poisoning, accidents, recalls not being done effectively — that they want to help you and supposedly get you money for.

Well, now we’re starting to see those ads in response to the NFL and NCAA concussion lawsuits. It comes from the Flood Law Group, and it’s kind of stunning to see a commercial that looks very much like a normal law ad relate to the NFL. They even go so far as to declare themselves having a “Football Concussion Hotline.”

One AA staff member confirmed they’d even seen this ad on ESPN during SportsCenter last night, though that could have merely been a local buy and not something national or dealt with at a network level. Still, it’s another very strange turn in the often sad story of athletes dealing with concussions. I imagine this won’t be the last time we see an ad like this.

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