AA favorite Hawk Harrelson had some strong words for the Chicago White Sox after they went 63-99 in 2013, their worst record since 1970. The White Sox were a disaster across the board, leading to some fantastic moments from Harrelson in the broadcast booth.

Chuck Garfien of CSN Chicago caught up with Harrelson heading into Spring Training to get his thoughts on last year, and as usual, Harrelson didn't hold back.

"Everything in baseball is contagious. Our attitude last year sucked. That’s the only way to put it," Harrelson said by phone as he prepares for his 55th spring training.


"That was the worst performing team I have ever seen that I have been associated with as a player and as an announcer. The fans saw the same thing that you and I saw every day," he said. "It was the worst season I ever experienced. It was just a nightmare. That’s what it was — just a nightmare."


"Give me some guys who want to win a [bleeping] baseball game. I don’t care what kind of athlete they are. I’m tired of saying, ‘We’ve got the best athlete.’ I’m tired of hearing that. I want some baseball players. Those are guys who want to go out and win a [bleeping] game, and they’re willing to do what it takes to win a game. They’re willing to bust their ass. They’re willing to get 27 outs."

Harrelson is never one to hide his true feelings, and he was clearly perturbed about 2013. Part of me hops the White Sox struggle this year, just so we can see more angry Hawk Harrelson videos.

[CSN Chicago]

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