Grantland releases unique video series on Steve Nash


Steve Nash’s NBA career is winding down. At 40, Nash’s best days are most certainly behind him, but he’s still under contract with the Los Angeles Lakers through 2015. When you factor in Nash’s salary for 2014 (a little over $9.3 million) and 2015 (a little over $9.7 million), you can’t help but feel that the end of Nash’s storied career will be an ugly one. 

Grantland has created a special video series exploring Steve Nash’s precarious situation. The series focuses on how Nash is trying to recapture the magic of old and play out his contract to the best of his ability. The first episode was released on February 13th and with it came an article from Bill Simmons

Grantland’s coverage of Nash is outstanding. We’ve grown accustomed to the site churning out articles with varying degrees of success, but this video series is a step in a new and refreshing direction. They’re no stranger to video (Grantland has 561 videos on their YouTube page), but this is new territory. The feature on Nash is a personal look at one of the most familiar names in the NBA at the end of the career. 

Though we’ve only seen one episode, we’re already extremely impressed. Episode 1 is comparable to other behind-the-scenes shows we’ve seen in other mediums such as HBO. The fact this series is housed online is noteworthy and – to be blunt – awesome. 

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