Beware of self-aware branded Twitter accounts.  By now you’ve seen thousands of words and stories on LeBron James and the Cramp Heard Round The World in Game 1 of the NBA Finals.  The first response to seeing someone cramping is to assume they are dehydrated, whether that’s factually correct or not.  And no, like everyone on your Twitter timeline, I’m not going to pretend to have a kinesiology degree.

At the very least though, it is ironic that LeBron James is the most well-known endorser of the sports drink Powerade.  So you can imagine the glee that was felt at their rivals, Gatorade.  Although Gatorade didn’t openly flaunt LeBron’s tight muscles in everyone’s face, they subtly trolled LeBron and Powerade just enough through their replies so everyone could still take notice…

Cheeky stuff, but Gatorade better be careful that this taunting of LeBron and Powerade doesn’t come back to haunt them.  If their spokesman Dwyane Wade cramps up during Game 2, Vitamin Water will have a field day.

UPDATE: Because our world is stupid and can’t take a joke, Gatorade apologized for their tweets while getting in one last heat pun:

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