This comes from a couple days ago, but there’s nothing quite like a terribly awkward SportsCenter interview to help brighten your morning.

Bram Weinstein interviewed Cleveland Cavaliers #1 pick Andrew Wiggins and there wasn’t just an elephant in the room, it was stampeding all over the place.  To Weinstein’s credit, he asked the questions that needed to be asked about Wiggins’ impending trade to Minnesota for Kevin Love and didn’t dance around the subject.

But the look on Wiggins’ face when Bram asks questions like, “Is there anything you’d like to say to him to maybe suggest that you’d like to stay and be his teammate?” is enough to make any viewer squirm.  Wiggins actually handled the whole thing about as well as any human could have, at least until he mysteriously can’t hear the questions.

Adam Silver has another thing to add to the personal to-do list when it comes to changing the rule about not being allowed to trade draft picks.  Right now Andrew Wiggins exists in his own personal purgatory this month while he parades around in a Cavaliers jersey that’s soon to become a collector’s item.

[H/T Houston Press]

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