NBA free agency brings out the worst in all of us. Everyone is a source, everyone has sources, and those sources may or may not have heard something secondhand that is most definitely probably happening, maybe. The 2014 case of LeBron James being the worst example of speculative prognostication.

While veteran reporters fully vet their sources and file their reports, cupcake bakeries aren’t tied to such high standards of journalistic ethics. Caroline’s Cupcakes in Jackson Township, Ohio makes a killer red velvet and apparently has people on the inside of LeBron’s camp.


It obviously remains to be seen where LeBron will or will not sign during this term as a free agent, but if he ends up back in Cleveland, remember that Caroline’s Cupcakes had it first. (We’re talking to you, Chris Broussard.) But I’m not sure how many of those Clevelanders still have a Cavaliers No. 23 jersey still hanging in their closet.

Only LeBron knows where he’s going at this point – maybe even he doesn’t know yet – but basically there’s one rule of thumb to follow during these next few weeks of NBA free agency: Just wait until Woj tweets it.


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