Your Week 7 Pammies WInners & Updated Standings!


Week 7's Top 10 and updated standings are after the jump!  Find out who closed ground on the leaders this week and made a huge jump up the standings…

10) "And it certainly, possibly could have been a touchdown." – Mark Jones (via sctvman)

9) "If you have a heart or a pulse stay here folks." – Joe Tessitore (via fauxjustinhunter)

8) "We made something out of nothing." – Chris Fowler on GameDay apologizing for misreporting the BusGate saga. If only First Take producers were listening. (via AA)

7) "If you're a great player, you make the great play." – Matt Millen (via friedrich_mike)


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6) "There's only one football on the field at a time." – Petros Papadakis (via zonazoologist)

5) "The equator and below, the SEC has a clear advantage." – Kirk Herbstreit (via sctvman)

4) "Ride that baby until you have to pull it!" – Joe Tessitore (via AA)

3) "The running game against Florida will be the story. Along with the passing game of course." – Gary Danielson (via tvtime44)

2) "Remember Les Miles is 20-1 after a loss since 2008, so let's see what they do here today." – Gary Danielson. LSU won last week. (via rebeleconprof)

1) "And that is exactly what it looked like to me with Stanford. I don’t know that for a fact, but that looked like a football team that was in midterms.” – Lou Holtz explaining Stanford's loss to Utah, excpet Stanford wasn't in midterms.  Utah was. (via Larry Brown Sports)

Week 7 Standings

1) Matt Millen 52 pts

2) Lou Holtz 37 pts

T3) Mark May 27 pts, Lee Corso 27 pts, 

5) Gary Danielson 22 pts

6) Brent Musburger 17 pts

T7) Jesse Palmer 15 pts, Dan Hicks 15 pts

Others receiving votes: Glen Mason 13 pts, Kirk Herbstreit 13 pts, Don Criqui 10 pts, Rece Davis 9 pts, Joe Tessitore 9 pts, David Pollack 9 pts, Pete Najarian 9 pts, Chris Spielman 9 pts, Tom Hammond 8 pts, Brad Nessler 8 pts,  Beth Mowins 7 pts, Eric Collins 7 pts, Spencer Tillman 7 pts, Brian Jones 6 pts, Ovie Mughelli 6 pts, , Joey Harrington 5 pts, Danny Kanell 5 pts, Petros Papadakis 5 pts, Joey Galloway 4 pts, Ray Bentley 4 pts, Mike Mayock 4 pts, Chuck Long 3 pts, Chris Fowler 3 pts, Justin Kutcher 2 pts, Sean McDonough 2 pts, Aaron Taylor 1 pt, Brian Griese 1 pt, Verne Lundquist 1 pt, Dave Pasch 1 pt, Tim Couch 1 pt, Mark Jones 1 pt.

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