And you thought it was only athletes who behaved badly on Twitter?  Ha!  Democrat Joe Fitzgibbon represents the 34th district in Washington's House of Representatives.  He's also a moron.

After the Seahawks lost their first home game in almost forever to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 16, Fitzgibbon went to Twitter to reach out to his constituents and let them know that he felt their pain by saying "losing a football game sucks."  That's not too bad, it's nice to know our congressmen and women are normal, everyday people who root for the local team of choice like regular average joes.

But then he just had to go and call Arizona a "desert racist wasteland."  Oops.


Fitzgibbon then tried to clarify the situation by stating that he shouldn't have related the Arizona Cardinals professional football team to the immigration laws of the state.  He didn't apologize for calling an entire state of 6.5 million people a "racist desert wasteland" though.  Joe Fitzgibbon is just too passionate about the issues of our day for his own good, people!


Nothing says happy holidays like some good old fashioned hateful political speak.  Imagine how Fitzgibbon will react if the Seahawks lose in the playoffs to the Panthers or someone, he may want to invade North and South Carolina.

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