Tim McCarver begins the call of his last World Series for Fox tonight, ending one of the longest runs in the top broadcast booth for any major professional sport.  Opinions of McCarver aside, it's a great accomplishment and it's worth remembering that at one time he was one of the top analysts in the industry.  To commemorate the occasion, MLB.com released a video looking back at McCarver's work going all the way back to 1985.  Here's a few observations:

1) McCarver has worked with both Joe and Jack Buck in calling the World Series.

2) It's funny to see how not just McCarver has aged, but Joe Buck as well.  The different styles of glasses and hair colors are really the video's highlights.

3) It's been 20 years since Sean McDonough called the World Series on CBS, how is he so underrated now in 2013 and not the top voice for something?

4) McCarver's 2001 call of Luis Gonzalez's World Series winning hit is one of the most prescient moments from an analyst.  Ever.

5) Can anyone bring back the bright blue ABC blazers from 1985?

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