Video: Dickie V needs a TO baby!

Selection Sunday can be a long day in Bristol with the hours of pre and post bracket coverage.  Dick Vitale was in Greensboro to call the ACC Title game and then appeared later in the evening on ESPN's Bracketology show.  So, we can forgive him for mixing up New Mexico and UNLV after a long day's work. After all, they both play in the Mountain West and if you live east of Denver you probably haven't seen either of them play an entire game this season.  

The gold in this clip though isn't the mix up, it's Dickie V not realizing he was live on the air when it happened (at least he didn't swear like Lawrence Frank or The Rock or Lee Corso so ESPN dodged a bullet there).  Rece Davis finally alerts him to the fact that he's currently live on national television and Vitale asks for a TO BABY!!! before going back into his analysis…

Matt Yoder

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