This appears to be the only way to draw Marlins viewers – scantily clad women


It's one of the oldest broadcasting tricks in the book during sports events.  "Randomly" find the attractive young girl in the crowd for your fan reaction shots.  It's hardly ever the portly fella who's probably too old to be wearing a jersey in public, isn't it?  The Florida Marlins and the local Fox Sports broadcast took it one step further by showing these scantily clad dancers around a commercial break.

But keep in mind this isn't just a broadcasting trick and a random stadium shot.  These dancers are actually on the job at a bar in the stadium.  How many times do you think the local Marlins broadcast will resort to these shots during the season?  I'd put it in the low three figures.  When you're the Florida Marlins, you have to pull out all the stops to win back fans and viewers I suppose.  I also think Brent Musburger just applied to be the new Marlins play by play man.

Via Business Insider

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