Joe Buck fights back against internet haters

If there is one downside to the internet these days, it's trolling. Social media has made it all the more prolific. Everyone does it, whether intentionally or not. The more high profile the person, the more often they will deal with trolls on the interwebs. We can side step the obvious jealousy issues and just hunker down and accept the fact that this form of "communication" is not going away.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and to freely express them if they so choose. However, it is key to be accurate. You can, for example, hate the things Joe Buck is saying during the Yankees vs. Red Sox game. Just make sure it is, in fact, Buck who is behind the mic.


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On Saturday, Buck was getting ripped left and right for his comments… except they were coming from Fox's Kenny Albert. Buck was assigned to a preseason NFL game on Sunday and therefore not in Boston or a broadcast booth:

Buck certainly wins a point back from the internet with his tweet – it's hard to argue with the man on this one. If people feel THAT negative about an announcer but don't even bother to remember what he sounds like, they should hold off on blasting angry 140-character messages. If you can't tell the difference between Buck and Albert on the air, well… we can't help you.

Also, the man can't win – it appears those who thought he was calling the game were angry no matter what he said: unfortunately a common occurence announcers have to deal with. Too many fans think a certain announcer is biased against their team for no other reason than vast conspiracy theories that aren't worth anything.

Side note: I'd much rather call a Yankees-Red Sox game than a random preseason NFL game, but that's neither here nor there.

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