Presidents Day isn't really one of those widely recognized holidays.  It doesn't quite have the tradition or importance of Christmas Day or Thanksgiving Day, it doesn't have the celebratory aspect of New Year's Day or July 4th, and it sure doesn't have the ginned up commercialization of Valentine's Day.  But that won't stop ESPNU from going all out in commemorating one of our most forgotten holidays!  Just have a look at how ESPNU's Adam Amin and LaPhonso Ellis dressed for tonight's Rutgers-Villanova game… as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Amin jokingly called it the end of his career on his Twitter page… at least I hope he was joking.  It can't be easy to call a game in a powdered wig.

Furthermore, bracketologist Joe Lunardi was working the game… but he appears to be dressed like Ben Franklin, who of course wasn't a president at all.  Is nobody in the costume and makeup department at ESPN aware of their American history?  Or were they trying to hire a stripper instead and Lunardi was there by mistake?

Next I'm hoping Amin and Lunardi bust into the score of the 1776 musical since they're already dressed for the part.

(Pics via bubbaprog)

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