There's viral buzzer beater videos, and then there's HOLY $#!& DID YOU SEE THAT BUZZER BEATER?!?!?! videos.  This falls in the latter category.  It's already traveled around the globe a few million times and landed at the top of SportsCenter.  To get you caught up, New Rochelle beats Mount Vernon in a New York Class AA tournament sectional final on a half court shot from Khalil Edney.  Here's what stands out from the clip:

1) The MSG Varsity announcing crew of Keith Irizarry and Kevin Devaney Jr. did an incredible job with one of the wildest scenes imaginable in a basketball game.  To consider all that happened in those final 3 seconds, and then stay on top of the action, decisions, replays, and madness taking place is a job well done.

2) It's not quite this memorable scene, but you don't see both teams celebrate victory at the end of the game 30 feet away from each other every day.

3) The officials count the basket after a not-so-lengthy discussion and then SPRINT towards the locker room.  Amazingly, without a monitor, they got the call right down to a tenth of a second.

4) Did we learn nothing from Michael Ruffin's boner?

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