Chris Kluwe is an NFL punter who is an internet darling for his outspokenness and advocacy for equality.  Skip Bayless is a professional debater who is abhorred by the internet for his outspokenness and least common denominatorizing of sports.  So when Kluwe went on a mini Twitter rant at Skip Bayless for this tweet about the Seahawks winning the AFC this season, the internet world was in celebration mode.

The most amusing aspect in all of this is Bayless not even bothering to delete, correct, or even acknowledge his errant tweet.  He couldn't have just said, "my bad, the whole Seahawks jumping conferences thing a decade ago slipped my mind because I was too busy trying to call Bill Belichick and convince him to start Tim Tebow."  No, that would be human.  Instead Bayless just leaves it there like he's completely shutting off the outside world and starring in his own personal version of Under the Dome where the Seahawks are still in the AFC, LeBron James still doesn't have the clutch gene, and he has the entire supply of natural resources.

Kluwe is correct in his assessment that in the Baylessian corner of ESPN and the sports world, facts don't matter as much as being able to debate a position, as farcical or make-believe as it is.  Skip Bayless probably could make an argument about the Seahawks being better than the Patriots because DEBATE and HOT SPORTS TAKES.

Also, "Skip Bayless or 4chan comment" has the potential to really take off and sweep the land.

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