The Lakers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight to drop their record so far this season to a Sacramento Kings like 9-13.  The continued losing and pressure may be getting to new Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni.  A particular line of questioning about defensive work in practice caused the usually mild mannered coach to lose his lid and tell a yet to be identified reporter "you're starting to piss me off, you're saying something that's not factually correct."

If this were Chelsea FC, Mike D'Antoni would probably be fired tomorrow given the fact LeBron James no longer plays in Cleveland and a loss to the Cavs is rather embarrassing.  But, with the patience of the Lakers organization on display this season, I'd give D'Antoni till at least Friday to get things turned around.

UPDATE: Multiple outlets are saying the reporter in question is T.J. Simers of the LA Times, which would really be no surprise because he has a distinguished history of being an instigator and a troll.  In that case, D'Antoni has our full support.

UPDATE II: @The_Only_Derm sent us this picture of the press conference with Simers standing a couple feet to D'Antoni's right where he was directing his anger.  He also confirmed it was indeed Simers asking the questions you hear in the video.

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