Twitter war in the making? Buster Olney blocks Jon Heyman

On Independence Day yesterday, we had the makings of a Twitter war. Carlos Lee was in the process of being traded from the Astros to the Marlins, and ESPN’s Buster Olney got the trade confirmed and reported rather quickly. After Olney had already confirmed the trade and the particulars of it, Jon Heyman of CBS started talking like the trade was new news, talking about the potential deal and the prospects involved… after everything had been confirmed already.

Of course, after numerous people tweeting him and telling him that the deal was already confirmed, Heyman admitted that he had no idea because Olney, the guy who broke the deal and did most of the work on it, had blocked him in the past. The two actually have just a little history with each other.

Heyman essentially shrugged off the blocking (whenever it had occured), saying “stuff happens” to a number of people who had tweeted him about the incident. Of course, Olney completely ignored people tweeting him about blocking Heyman (unless he was responding via DM, which some writers do just to prove a point (or something…) and “keep their feeds clean”).

The ironic part about this is that Heyman blocks people with regularity, mostly people who simply try to correct his facts and opinions. It’s pretty funny that he’s now on the opposite side of the coin, being blocked by a national writer himself.

I’d like to see this “shots fired” incident step up to a war… but I don’t think it will. There could be some fantastic subtle tweets from Olney, though. We’ll see what ends up happening.

Joe Lucia

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