PTI is without question one of ESPN's top two or three shows.  If there's one thing we love most about the ESPN staple, it's the commercial cut-ins that find the hosts talking about any number of random topics.  Especially when Tony Kornheiser is actually hosting, this brings an assortment of goodies.  Take this clip from Friday's show when we learn of Uncle Tony's love of LL Bean turtlenecks.  The endearing aspect of this footage is you can actually envision Kornheiser sipping on some tea and flipping through the latest LL Bean catalog instead of staying up past 10 PM to catch the end of the UCLA-Nebraska game.  Then again, that's what makes Kornheiser and PTI what it is.  If there's anyone who can bring turtlenecks back in style (if they ever even went out of style to begin with!) it's Tony Kornheiser… and maybe that guy from the Big Bang Theory.

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