The very best of Olympic announcers ripping Olympic athletes

This may be my favorite mashup in the history of mashups.  What better way to prepare for Pammies season than by a montage of Olympic announcers bashing athletes from the past two weeks in London.  Nothing says the Olympic spirit and the world's best athletes competing at the highest level than announcers viciously criticizing their performances with quotes taken slightly out of context.  Some of my favorites:

"He looks like somebody kicked his dog."

"The more you Twitter, the worse you run."

"He was nothing special at every level."

"We've had a lot of crying in women's gymnastics and she's been part of that picture."

"It's ok, it's ok… but it's not ok."

As you can imagine, the Czar of Catastrophic Tim Daggett features prominently.  It's a shame we can't take Tim to events outside of gymnastics where he can shred the failings of professional athletes mercilessly like a bloodthirsty great white.

(via marscgm on Youtube)

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