Shaq brags about bad test scores

Here’s our hero Shaquille O’Neal on Inside the NBA from Monday night, doing a little trivia game. In addition to bragging about going to THREE colleges, Shaq brags about his standardized test scores… a 780 on the SAT and a 22 on the ACT. At the time when Shaq would have been taking the tests, the SAT was out of 1600, and the 15th percentile was 810….so more than 85% of students got higher SAT scores than Shaq. The highest maximum for the ACT was 36, and Shaq’s 22 puts him in the 65th percentile. 

A 780 on the SAT… gee, that really explains a lot. What does it say though about Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley, who lost to O’Neal in the presidential trivia challenge? Well, I guess all it really says is that Shaq knows his presidential history a little better than them both, or that he’s a better guesser. It also says something about Inside the NBA being able to pull off presidential trivia contests on an NBA show and having it be watchable.

[h/t: Larry Brown Sports]

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