One of the most laughable elements of the replacement refs drama that plagued the early NFL season was the connection to the Lingerie Football League, that bastion of sporting integrity.  The Lingerie Football League announced some of their castoffs had gone to the NFL as replacement refs to call games to pour a truckload of salt in the NFL's hideous, pus infected wound.  Evidently, those refs have returned to the presitigious LFL.

Sadly, the American Lingerie Football League is on hiatus, but for those of you that yearn for this great sporting theater there is LFL Canada where we find this clip of awful refereeing.  Poor Mark Newlove (if that is his real name) faces the wrong way and gets mocked mercilessly by the announcers for his not-quite-Hochulian physique.

Finally, you may recognize the play by play voice making the jokes in the above clip.  That's former CNN and FSN anchor Van Earl Wright, one of the most notable sports anchors in the last two decades outside Bristol.  Someone come rescue Van Earl Wright from the purgatory of lingerie football!  

(via Off The Bench)

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