If Bo Ryan wanted to make the public think he was an angry ogre living under a bridge in the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin today… job well done sir.  The coach of the Wisconsin Badgers appeared on Mike & Mike this morning and tried to defend himself against criticism for not allowing one of his players, Jared Uthoff, to transfer.  It’s just another example of the backwards, oppressive system of the NCAA – a system where coaches and administrators have all the power over players and a system that produces somone as out of touch with decency and respect for these “student athletes” as Bo Ryan.  In Bo Ryan’s world, Bo Ryan isn’t doing anything wrong.  Ryan’s defense is the classic “everyone else is doing it,” which worked really well for the New Orleans Saints too.

Ryan’s appearance on Mike & Mike, who delivered a hard hitting interview for once (kudos to them) hit the Twitterverse quickly as the sports world watched him self-destruct before our eyes.  Needless to say, Bo Ryan didn’t find any sympathy on Twitter with fans and those who cover college basketball all giving him the business.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

JayBilas Bo Ryan left UW-Milwaukee for Madison after just 2 years. Was his contract up? Was his “commitment” satisfied? Should HE have been blocked?
DanWetzel Bo Ryan’s lack of awareness on the transfer rule just shows the megalomania of NCAA coaches/admins. Always been my point
DickieV Coaches have freedom- go wherever they want-player CAN’T-Jarrod Uthoff Wisconsin an example. Needs release – BO Ryan u r better than that!
jemelehill Bo Ryan said he needs freshman Jarrod Uthoff’s explanation for wanting to transfer because he owes it college basketball fans. Um, OK.
darrenrovell It’s clear Bo Ryan or his SID were not monitoring Twitter. If they were, they would have hung up or changed their tune.
DanWolken Bo Ryan’s excuse is “I don’t know how to deal with transfers” and “I asked colleagues.” Is this good for a $2 million coach to admit?
ESPN_Colin bo ryan is burying himself……live on radio. defensive, small, petty, and lost.
davebiddle Bo Ryan managed to compare a college basketball player wanting to transfer to a soldier in war and a real job in the same breath.

JT_Francis Bo Ryan kicked my grandmother while she was carrying a puppy.
UKyBall Bo Ryan is killing his career. Why would any recruit play for this guy now?
coachjaj Bo Ryan just went from grudging respect to Calipari-esque dislike.
CRM_Stephen Bo Ryan blocked my view at the theater.
Ben_Oehler Did anyone in PR prepare Bo Ryan for this Mike and Mike interview? That did NO favors for him.
Scott_Stump There are graverobbers who haven’t dug holes as fast as the one Bo Ryan has put himself in with his idiotic defense of his actions.
Andy_Staples No, Bo Ryan, you haven’t been unfairly attacked. Ask Derek Dooley and Randy Edsall. We’re going to attack all of you who pull this crap.
Govtcheez I’m happy that Bo Ryan is coming out and actually admitting that college sports is high dollar indentured servitude

Jubanator14 Bo Ryan blocked Hologram Tupac from releasing an album.
IAStew75I Calling Bo Ryan a train wreck is an insult to train wrecks around the world.
StuffyJake76 Bo Ryan is a hypocrite. His student can’t go to another school he would like to go to but he can opt out of his contract and go to Wisconsin
JD31557 Thank you Bo Ryan, signed, Bobby Petrino…
seankent This Bo Ryan guy seems like he sends a lot of emails in ALL CAPS.
johnsears Bo Ryan’s Mom 50 yrs ago. “Bo, if all your friends jump off a bridge R u going to jump?”. Bo’s response, “Yes, if everyone does it I’m in”
TeamBringItNWO After watching the Bo Ryan debate with Mike and Mike, it’s no wonder why Wisconsin is such a great defensive team.
Erik_Sargent How did it take this long for everybody to hate Bo Ryan?
DanBeebe Direct Message to Bo Ryan: If I ever commish again, do you want to be my guy in charge of keeping schools from leaving my conference?

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