Usually, the fancy photoshopped newspaper covers that make news are saved for the New York tabloids.  However, given the heated nature of the Flyers-Penguins series and the ugliness in Game 3, perhaps we were bound to see one of the local papers throw a bomb at the opposition.  Yes, that’s really Sidney Crosby wearing a lion suit and labeled both as “The Cowardly Penguin” and “Sniveling Sidney.”  

I’ll give the photoshopping effort a solid B.  The lion suit is decent, but its Crosby’s goofy smile that completes the ensemble.  (Although, I’m not quite sure why the old, mid-90s Penguins logo is on his helmet.)

Crosby has come under fire from not just Flyers fans, but hockey fans around the country for his antics in the brutal series that the Flyers will look to end in a sweep tonight.  The NHL has to love the attention its playoffs are getting so far, but the violence has reached a new high.  It has to be uneasy for Gary Bettman to see the face of the league, with an awful history of concussions, be at the center of the storm.  Philly fans will be in search of Crosby’s blood in tonight’s Game 4.  My guess is he’ll leave the lion suit at home.

(H/T PensBlog)

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