Marshawn Lynch is one of the more interesting athletes in the NFL today.  But, Lynch isn’t necessarily one of the biggest football stars in the country.  Despite his quirky vices, his past celebrations that are certainly unique, and actual on-field accolades, Lynch isn’t exactly a household name outside of Seattle.  If anything, Lynch is mainly known for this singular TD run against the Saints in the 2011 Playoffs, where America truly learned what “Beastmode” was all about (sorry, Matt).

But now, maybe Lynch is taking a step into a brave new world that few athletes dare to tread… movies.  That’s right, Lynch is looking to make his acting debut in an independent fllm shooting in Seattle.  Local outlet NWCN has the details:

“Lynch signed on to play a role in a movie being filmed in Seattle.  It’s called “Matt’s Chance”.  It’s about a mid-20-something cowboy who’s betrayed by his girlfriend.  It sends him into a downward sprial.  The movie tackles all the things Matt is going through, from the mafia to corrupt bankers to even God himself.”

Not exactly an Oscar worthy premise.  Then again, maybe American movie goers have been looking for a way to jam Westerns, mob movies, Wall Street greed, and religious zeal all in one two hour thrill ride.  The article from NWCN doesn’t exactly say what Lynch’s role in the film will be, but it will probably be somewhere between background extra and headlining star.  And of course, with co-stars like Hollywood legends Lee Majors and Gary Busey, it would be understandable that Lynch would be making a cameo appearance.

Still, all aspiring actors have to start somewhere.  So, props to Lynch for doing more with his offseason than slipping on a pair of dancing shoes.  He may not be the next Jim Brown or Alex Karras, but I could get behind a Beastmode movie franchise if Lynch’s second career takes off.