Just about everyone with access to the internet sent us this video that immediately vaults into the pantheon of sports anchoring fails.  It comes from WMTW in Maine and anchor Meghan Torussen, who is reporting on the ongoing Celtics-Heat game from Sunday night that went into overtime.  It just so happens that the game enters overtime as Torussen’s report begins.  It’s then she breaks the historic news of an NBA playoff game ending in a tie.  No wonder this video has gone viral! 

“I guess the game just ended, it ended in a tie.  This is what my producer is telling me right, woop there ya go, there’s the score.  89-89.  Uhh, went down to the wire, 21 seconds left, ended in a tie.”

Forget for the moment the fact that an NBA playoff game can’t possibly end in a tie, and the fact that either the anchor, producer, or both aren’t aware of this fact.  That’s enough to rocket this clip into the Top 10 Announcing Gaffes of 2012 when December rolls around.  My favorite part of the clip though may actually be the incredible detail the anchor goes into afterwards in describing the “tie” like the game just magically ended with 21 seconds left.  We’re given no players’ names, no details, no stats, no nothing, just that the game ended in a tie… almost as if Bud Selig magically threw his hands into the air and it was so.

[H/T joey_carlson and others]

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